Saturday, 14 March 2009

Stop Sarah Palin!

Our friend AKM, of Mudflats fame, has a very important article on the Huffington Post. I made a small contribution to the topic a couple of days ago, with "Sarah Palin's Board of Game", but I couldn't hope to be as eloquent as AKM...

The important thing is for all of us to get behind this issue. There's a state-led open season on Alaska's wildlife. Wolves and black bears will be slaughtered by the thousands, we can't afford to sit back and watch it happen.

Please read AKM's article and send the link to all wildlife organisations and every media outlet you can access.

Sarah Palin and her bloodthirsty Board of Game can't be allowed to get away with it!

A few handy links to get you started:

Eye on Palin, Care2, WWF, Wolf Song of Alaska,,,,,,,,,,,,,



crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Regina, you need to add your blog about the BOG!
Everyone needs to SCREAM about this!
Stop GINO, STop kill baby kill!

AKMuckraker said...

Thanks for the nice writeup Regina! And thank you for addressing this topic. I really enjoy your blog and added you to my blogroll. Keep up the excellent work!

regina said...

My pleasure, AKM.

I came into this blogging thing very green, but the more I find out about what goes on in Alaska, the more I want to stop Sarah Palin!

I'm honoured to be part of this community of bloggers.