Friday, 20 March 2009

Flying babies

Woman gives birth in airplane toilet - then leaves the baby aboard.

A woman has given birth to her baby in a toilet on an airplane - and then left the child behind in the rubbish bin when she disembarked.

Pacific Blue crew are mystified at how the birth took place unnoticed, the Chief Officer's Network reported.

The flight is only three and a half hours long - meaning that for a passenger to go missing for a long time could reasonably be expected to be noticed.

Pacific Blue said the woman's visa form was being examined to see how she boarded the plane at such an advanced stage of her pregnancy.

The airline states that passengers who are more than 36 weeks pregnant must have medical clearance to fly.

News agency New Zealand Press Association quoted an unnamed Auckland Airport staffer saying it was not known if other passengers and crew on the Pacific Blue flight from Samoa noticed the woman was in labour.

Our Sarah is not the only one to go unnoticed boarding a plane when heavily pregnant. But she wouldn't have left her prop behind...

Full story: Daily Mail, UK


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