Monday, 16 March 2009

Sarah Palin, star of GOP dinner

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at a dinner sponsored by the House and Senate Republican campaign committees.

Palin, the party's 2008 nominee for vice president, will address the annual Senate-House Dinner June 8 at the Washington Convention Center.

Are the children invited?

Article about announcement.



Anonymous said...

This pretty much says where the Republican Party is right now. Is she the best that they can do? They obviously intend to swing far right-- you need more votes than your base, folks, but I shouldn't say anything more and spoil your brilliant choice.

FW said...

Awesome choice...the GOP is serving up some Palinese word salad for the first course!

april said...

didn't you mean to say "Is the first family invited?"

regina said...

Oops, april, I forgot they were renamed First Family! LOL


Greg said...

I see the usual 4 person Palin Derangement Syndrome support group is here.

The reason she's going to be their keynote speaker is that her SarahPAC is cutting deep into the RNC fundraising effort.

It should be noted that the Indiana pro-life event usually draws 2,000 people have now sold out, and they are adding an overflow venue which will seat 2,500 more.

You PDS sufferers are in for lots of nightmares, and headaches in the coming years.

Get your prescriptions filled.


Dianne said...

Yes, take the first family. Take the extended family. Take the neighbors. The Republicans are just doing better and better. Can't wait until 2012. Let's have a big shout out for a Palin/Schock team on the Republican ticket. He might not be old enough but he's certainly fits the full-of-himself criteria that suits SP to a T. Go Repugs!!! Oh, but then again, that might not suit the Christian right.

regina said...

Hey Greg,

My post was tongue-in-cheek. If you want to read a bit more, go to the Mudflats and comment there. I dare you!

Greg said...

I've commented on Mudflats before, no big deal. Anywhere were there are a group of PDS sufferers is fun to comment on. I've read your stuff before, and its the usual PDS stuff.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Well Frankly I would rather have the fanciful "PDS" then ASSHAT syndrone.
And GREG this is how you spell Where.
Tsk,Tsk, home schooled kids.
Oh and you are delusional if you think ScarahPac is outdoing the RNC!

Anonymous said...

Let's have fun and talk a little politics with Greg. For example, Indiana-- didn't their electoral votes go to Obama, the Democratic candidate in the last election? How many years has it been since Indiana voted for the Democrat?

Sarah Palin, money, no money, word salad or the oratory prowess of Sarah Bernhardt, the Democrats would love to run against her again-- she did so well for them in 2008-- more representatives, more senators, and of course the presidency. So, please, bring her on! And please,Joe the Plumber,too!

And the ridiculous phrase, Palin Derangement Syndrome, doesn't that come from Michelle Malkin-- or is she just one of your group who uses it to some purpose? All of this sounds like the extreme end, the shrill voices, with whom do they resonate?

Ennealogic said...

Hey Greg... I'd like to see your excuses for the abysmal prison system in Alaska, or the horrible suffering by indigenous Alaskans and the Governor's response of "Let them leave the villages and go get jobs on the slope!" or your explanation for why the Governor only was pregnant for one month or her comeback for why she really didn't break ethics rules in Troopergate, or why she LIED when she implied that she refused earmark money for that "bridge to nowhere," when in fact, the funds still went to Alaska.

You have a mighty row to hoe, friend, if you want to convince anyone who thinks, sees, and processes information that Ms GINO is anything but a fraud and a liar.

Good luck and all.

Professor said...

Hey, Greg. If you think it's a good thing that Palin does a "fundraiser for the fundies," after she has already given a Pro-Choice judge a slot in AK this year, well, then, that's your choice not to have a SHRED of ideological consistency left, isn't it? As a liberal, I hope Palin takes all of your money, and keeps assigning Pro-Choice judges. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

"...SarahPAC is cutting deep into the RNC fundraising effort."

I sent them a penny, which is about what I think Sarah Palin is worth as a politician (if you round up). You think that helped?

KaJo said...

My guess is that BOTH SarahPAC and the RNC fundraising effort aren't doing as well as the Repubs have in previous years, if TeamSarah's 66,666 members are "cutting deep into the RNC fundraising effort".

I think it's marvelous that so many Palin supporters are pissin' away their hard-earned "wealth" sending it to SarahPAC.

When all of Palin's "-Gates" are properly investigated and a significant number of them are found to be indictable, she won't have a political career.

I hope all you Palinistas don't mind Sarah using your PAC money to pay her defense lawyers...

(my word verif is "balpol" == bawling politician?)

Anonymous said...

It would seem that yesterday, Greg was a little hyper-excited when he told us that Sarah "is going to be their keynote speaker." Seem that, according to her spokesman (doesn't she ever talk herself, unless to call up People or ABC?), according to her spokesman "Palin doesn't know anything about it."

Add the Pipeline Fiasco (detailed here at Palingates, and soon to be the Cover Story at Conde Nast's April Portfolio). Add Palin's declining approval ratings in the State of Alaska(The Mudflats). Mix in the current Baby Business and the troubles with teen-aged love, and it's hard to see that she's the hyper-darling of the GOP right now.

And my word approval really is really "hyper" what are the chances?