Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sarah Palin's cornerstones

After so many heavy topics it's time for a bit of comic relief.

This is the reply Edward Leigh received to his invitation to Sarah Palin to address the Cornerstone Group at one of their forthcoming dinners in London:


Dear Mr Leigh,

Thank you for your very kind letter of November 27, 2008, inviting me to dinner at the House of Commons. While it is not possible at this time to take advantage of your kind invitation to dine with the Cornerstone Group of Conservative MPs in the House of Commons, I thank you for the invitation.

Please feel free to remain in contact with my office. I have asked our Office of International Trade to be available to answer any questions you may have about Alaska.

Again, thank you for your invitation. God bless.


Sarah Palin, Governor


We stand for - the Monarchy; traditional marriage; family and community duties; proper pride in our nation’s distinctive qualities; quality of life over soulless utility; social responsibility over personal selfishness; social justice as civic duty; no state dependency; compassion for those in need; reducing government waste; lower taxation and deregulation; our ancient liberties against politically correct censorship; commitment to our democratically elected parliament.

How does Sarah fit in with these principles and values?

Monarchy - Oh, yes, she's the Queen of Alaska.

Traditional marriage - Yes, definitely!

Family and community duties - Please! Sarah threw Bristol under the bus, loves to parade Trig like a prop, her children don't go to school very much... so, no on that one. As for community duty, no, not really. She doesn't think very highly of community organisers.

Proper pride in the nation's distinctive qualities - As far as Alaska is concerned, no. Her record regarding Alaskan Natives and preserving the beauty and integrity of the state is not good at all.

Quality of life over soulless utility - Is oil a soulless utility? Errr... yes. Does safeguarding the subsistence lifestyle enhance the quality of life in rural Alaska? Yes. Does she do anything towards it? No. In that case, the answer to this one is a big, fat NO.

Social responsibilty over personal selfishness - Another big no no. What Sarah wants, Sarah gets. Not too hot on social responsibility, or any responsibility, when we think about it.

Social justice as civic duty - Say what??? No, she's not familiar with the concept.

No state dependency - A yes, at last!

Compassion for those in need - Does Emmonak ring a bell?

Reducing government waste - Tricky one. Per diem, children's travel expenses...

Lower taxation and deregulation - Yes, yes, yes!

Ancient liberties against politically correct censorship - A mixed bag, this one.

Commitment to our democratically elected parliament - In Sarah's case it should read democratically elected president. The answer is no.

They disagree more than they agree on these basic issues.

Maybe that's why she declined their kind invitation. Another reason could be her inability to speak English. Perhaps they refused to foot the bill for an interpreter at the dinner.


Lady Rose said...

Plus, they probably wouldn't pay to have her family come along so she said no

Anonymous said...

LMAO, I found your blog named on conservatives4palin.

Mark Dent at ADN Promoting "Trig Truth" Blog
Back in January, when the Anchorage Daily News was smacked down by Governor Palin for lending credence to wacky Trig Palin conspiracy theories, ADN executive editor Pat Dougherty told the Governor that his paper had "no further interest" in the story.

Apparently Mark Dent at the ADN, who puts together the paper's "Alaska Newsreader", didn't get the memo. Dent's schtick is searching for deranged nutroots blogs that criticize Palin, consolidating the links into handy lists, and blasting those links out to Palin detractors. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen the Newsreader link to a pro-Palin blog.

However, Dent has outdone himself today. In today's version (cached copy here), Dent includes a roundup of leftwing vitriol over Palin's mild comment regarding Obama stooge/Tasergate hit man Kim Elton's patronage appointment to Washington. In the process, he provides a link to the toxic blog "Palingates". That blog, run by someone who lives in France of all places, is known for such things as rampant promotion of Trig Truth and giving out the Governor's home address in Wasilla - while encouraging people to send her hate mail.

Don't forget the MSM meme that Governor Palin is supposedly "misstating facts" when she complains about this Truther nonsense. When the ADN, a "respectable" news organization, links to nutroot conspiracy blogs, Palin is right to criticize. Can you imagine the ADN or any other respectable news organization linking to a crazy Obama birth certificate truther blog -- even if the link is to a post that does not specifically have to do with the birth certificate nonsense? Of course not.

I encourage anyone interested to write Mark Dent and his editor, Pat Dougherty, to complain about this nonsense.

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