Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sarah Palin's baby story

August 2006

NEW ORLEANS - Rep. Bobby Jindal barely had time to call 911 when his wife woke with labor pains Tuesday. Minutes later, he helped deliver his own son.

Slade Ryan Jindal arrived before the ambulance did at about 3:25 a.m. Jindal, coached over the phone by a nurse at the doctor's office, put the baby in the arms of his wife, Supriya, and tied off the umbilical cord with a shoestring.

"We certainly didn't expect this," the Louisiana Republican said later Tuesday. "We thought we had more time than we did."

Supriya Jindal had been to the hospital twice in the last week with pains thought to be contractions, her husband said. She was at the doctor's office as recently as Monday and was told there were no signs the baby would be coming as soon as it did, he said.

"We were very fortunate. There were no complications," said Bobby Jindal.

April 2008

Sarah Palin: And, uh, he wasn’t due for 4 or 5 weeks later and um, while I was at energy conference I felt perfectly fine but uh, had thought maybe a few things were starting to progress a little bit that perhaps there was an idea there that he might come early.


Reporter: So did your water break?

Sarah Palin: Well that was again if, if I must get personal, technical about this at the same time, um, it was one, it was a sign that I knew, um, could lead to uh, labor being uh kind of kicked in there was any kind of, um, amniotic leaking, amniotic fluid leaking, so when, when that happened we decided OK let’s call her (Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson).


Reporter: And did -- This was something else I think I heard your father say I just wanted to clarify. Did you have to hide your pregnancy because you were so far along?

Palin: Well, you know I never felt nor do some people say I ever looked like I was that far along, um, so no purposeful way or need to hide that I was pregnant. Um, some, I know that some airlines would have uh, some hesitancy on letting maybe a nine month pregnant person get on board but it wasn’t nine months so, um, it was…

Reporter: And you didn’t tell them you were feeling something when you came back on the plane?

Palin: No need to because I wasn’t feeling at all like I was in labor in fact, you know I wasn’t one or maybe two contractions an hour that felt just like Braxton Hicks which I’d been having for months. That doesn’t constitute labor, so…

I emphasized a few lines because they are contradictory. Either there were signs of labour or there weren't. You can't have both in the same account. A woman cannot decide whether she's in labour or not without being personally examined by a doctor. Telephone examinations are not acceptable when a woman is leaking amniotic fluid.

Taking two separate flights with at least a two hour stopover plus a 45 minute drive while in labour/not in labour, leaking/not leaking doesn't sound very believable.

Jindal's baby arrival.
Sarah Palin's own account of Trig's arrival.



midnightcajun said...

And there's even a photo of Jindal's wife in a hospital bed holding her newborn--which actually looks like a newborn, too. Also.

Ratfish said...

Palin has never explained why she would get on two flights- 1-12 hours with the stopover, then drive to Mat-su Hospital, bypassing medical facilities in both Dallas and Anchorage with first class neonatal ICU units. In stead she risks the life of her baby- and maybe those of fellow passengers if an emergency landing had been necessary, for ....what??

Also, she has never answered one simple question: When there were rumors that she was not Trig's mother, why did she announce to the world that her 17 year old daughter was pregnant- completely humiliating her in public- instead of just trotting out her own medical team who could say- "We delivered Palin's baby at a certain time and place.

That one still has a lot of people puzzled.

FW said...

Palin's recounting of Trig's birth reads like an episode of Beavis and Butthead (OK, I am dating myself, but google it if you've never seen it), um, yeah, uh.. uh..I was in labor, uh, but I didn't look pregnant, so um, uh, I never told anyone, uh....

Not that I'm a fan of Bobby Brady Jindal, but mad props to him for delivering the baby, also, too!

regina said...


Now that you mention it, yes, She's VERY Beavis and Butthead!

My boys used to watch it, um, yeah, er, also, uh, too...

Mr. 9 Percent said...

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I know that you are up to speed on all of Alaskan politics because you know all about Trig!

You really cover the important issues here ... you are almost as good as MSNBC

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Doubting Thomas said...

I have a new theory....
We know Track was hanging out at the Johnston house a lot (possibly why he was sent to Michigan to play "hockey" and part of why he joined the military). We know it was Track who was partying a lot and Track was the one that introduced Bristol and Levi.

"What if"....
Track was messing around with Sade Johnston...Mercede is younger than Bristol...

"What if" Mercede got pregnant by Track, and the Johnston family threatened the Palins with a charge of Rape (statutory or otherwise), and Sarah "made a deal", she would take the baby and give the Johnston's a pay off (why the comments about "some people making money off us" by Bristol). a picture of Mercede looking pregnant Summer of '07.

"What if" it was not discovered the baby was DS until it was born (shortly before Sarah said she was pregnant).
"What if" The back up plan to Sarah playing off being pregnant did not work was hiding Bristol (1. to keep her from Levi and 2. a "shiny" to dangle if Sarah could not pull off being pregnant)
"What if" Bristol's pay off was getting Levi...

The Johnston's would get money (look at Levi's new truck), some sort of protection for Mama Johnston (she was not charged during the time Sarah was running for VP).

I have not quite worked out what Sade would get (maybe that trip to Florida & Disney World), but it seems she is not happy, and is testing the Palin's by talking about Levi and Bristol. (I do think Bristol did get pregnant by Levi during her "back up plan seclusion" and the Baby was born Feb 25th (not Dec 29th). Maybe Mercedes thought Track was going to marry her (why she was calling Sarah Mommy-in-Law in her myspace photo's

I think Trig was not supposed to be announced until April 20th (Tracks Birthday) but someone threatened to squeal unless they got (more money maybe?) so Sarah had to rush home, make up the wild ride story to claim Trig.

I think Sarah is convinced the world has bought her being pregnant with Trig, and Bristol having Tripp in Dec and is reneging on what ever deal she made with the Johnston's. After all, who is going to believe that "drug dealing, trailer court trash family", and as an added incentive to stay in line, we will not let you see either baby.

Track is also barely literate
As well as an Oxycontin-snorting, womanizing, kleptomaniac!
Track has a well known temper too

If anyone can translate this for me, feel free to comment. This is a statement of a spokesperson of the Governor about Track's decision to enlist. "Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said. " What would one have to say except that they were proud of the decision?

regina said...

Doubting Thomas,

Some of the links are not working. The one about Track being illiterate is actually a satire site. He didn't write that.