Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sarah Palin's Troopergate questions

The Troopergate investigation by the Personnel Board appears to have been incomplete. They have not addressed some aspects of the case, such as the unlawful access to Mike Wooten's confidential personnel file. I found an article that outlines the change of tactics when the confidentiality of Wooten's file became an issue.

Sarah Palin claims right to see all state files

Palin’s new position was summed up in a letter from Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg.

“It does not violate the State Personnel Act for Department of Administration Staff to provide confidential personnel information to the governor or her staff — or for the governor or her staff to receive that information — in the course and scope of their official duties.”

This legal analysis appears to be an attempt to provide Palin and her staffers with legal cover for allegedly disseminating confidential information about Wooten in a campaign to get him fired.

Sarah Palin’s new defense line became necessary when it emerged that an earlier claim that Wooten’s personnel file was public record through his divorce case with Palin’s sister turned out to be untrue.

Sarah Palin issued a statement suggesting that she had obtained information about Wooten’s personnel file through the discovery process related to the divorce/custody battle with her sister, which was posted in her Governor's website.

“Any information regarding personnel records came from the trooper himself,” Palin said.

Later Palin’s office removed Wooten’s release form from her official website without explanation. The governor's office refused to comment.

However, the removal roughly coincided with the attorney general’s letter, suggesting that the Palin administration may have realized that Wooten’s records were never part of the public record in the divorce case, leaving the governor and her husband with some legal exposure.

Attorney General Colberg then issued his opinion that the source of Sarah Palin’s knowledge about Wooten’s personnel record was irrelevant because she had the right to look into anything she wanted with regards to a state employee.

Wooten’s personnel file was never introduced as evidence in the divorce/custody case because he entered into a settlement agreement with his ex-wife over custody of their young children, according to Sarah Palin’s sister’s attorney, Roberta Erwin.

The clerk at the courthouse in Anchorage confirmed that the contents of the Wooten divorce case contain none of Wooten’s personnel, medical or financial records.

However, three weeks after Wooten signed that release form for the discovery – even though the information was not in the public record – Sarah Palin’s director of state boards and commissions, Frank Bailey, telephoned police Lt. Rodney Dial and wanted to know why Wooten hadn’t been fired. Bailey outlined disparaging details about Wooten’s finances and personal behavior that appear to have come from his personnel file. Bailey said he had gotten the information from Todd Palin, the governor’s husband.

Sarah Palin had stated her husband Todd had the information because Wooten had signed a release placing his entire personnel file in the public domain.


I doubt that the Governor and her staff actually have unlimited legal access to state employees' confidential personnel files, but even if they do, Todd Palin doesn't! If Sarah Palin allowed her husband access to Wooten's file, she is in trouble. The illegal release of a state employee’s personal details is a misdemeanour in Alaska. According to Alaska law ANY public official convicted of this misdemeanour AUTOMATICALLY FORFEITS THEIR OFFICE.

As usual, I raise some questions.

Who can charge Sarah Palin with this? Is it always up to the Personnel Board, whose members are appointed by the Governor, to investigate these matters?

Why does Sarah Palin always have unlimited wriggle room to escape a proper investigation into anything?

Who can hold this woman accountable for her actions?

Full article here.
State of Alaska Confidentiality of Information Acknowledgment. pdf
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crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Troopergate, a Ginormas can or worms!
First are you familiar with Alaskan's for Truth? They have a website and many Alaskans plus us from the lower 48 wrote to the Leg. and Senator's about it(Troopergate). Because it was stonewalled by RNC/John McCain lawyers and several Leg and Senators during the campaign Branchflower report barely came out and found her guilty. At the last minute her Own Personnel board 'handpicked' by her said she wasn't. Well after the campaign AFT& people from the lower 48 wrote emailed the leg... and with the exception of a couple of Leg were total blown off by them. There were Highly unprofessional emails from rep "too much holiday cheer" Doogan and Sen. Dyson, who called it a "witch hunt". Kim Elton was one who said he would enforce troopergate which is why C4P says his appointment to the Obama cabinet was a reward! (as if!)there were a couple more, and Les Gara went on a local radio show to say that it would really have to go to the AG Talis colberg, who(conveniently) recently resigned(or been thrown under the bus!) and failed to enforce the supoena's that had been issued anyway! GINO/dud went through Wooten files illegally, they found out he was on workers comp and "dud" stalked him with a camera until he caught him snowmobiling!They had also hired a PI to get 'stuff' on him! Also there is a discrepancy between Wooten's testimony and GINO's which has never been (In the personell inquiry) questioned...ie perjury.
A few weeks ago the senate decided to sweep it 'under the rug', In exchange they cited dud(and the rest of her staff) in contempt for not showing up for his supoena but would do nothing legally about it. It is rumored that certain senators made a deal with GINO to get certain things funded in their jurisdictions.
All in all after writing emails and noticing pretty much NO ONE wants to hold her accountable, I forward her "gates" now the the FBI and CREW b/c It's like a corrupt nest of insects up there and the whole ball of wax needs to go.
First off Gino.
I'm condensing this a lot sorry..... but you can read Halcro/ PA blog etc.
Early in GINO's career as Mayor she spent 50K illegally redecorating her office in Wasilla.These funds were supposed to be used for road improvements etc. When confronted by a council member, she responded "I'm the mayor I can do what I want until the courts tell me different"
So.....? That pretty much says it all! Hoping the FEDS will swoop down on her. I'm sure its only a matter of time which could be why she is laying low now.

Elizabeth said...

"Who can hold this woman accountable for her actions?"

I'm wondering the same thing! It seems like there are so many ways to bust her, but if no one with authority is willing to step up, what can we do?

Trust me, if there were a petition to remove her from office, my signature would be first one on it.

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing that with all of Palin's "gates" no one seems to care about the wrong-doing. (Reminds me of a recent law-breaking administration that recently suffered big losses in the election). When Sarah's Troopergate was first revealed, I also learned that Todd was a sort of co-govenor, maintaining a desk and phone in her office, threatening people, and being cc'd on State emails. Sounds highly irregular to me. The fact that parts of her new beautiful house seem to look much like the new beautiful sports arena built at the same time doesn't bother people either, in fact, normal building codes and accountability seems to have been suspended then, too. With her attitude of "I'm the mayor I can do what I want" it's no wonder that she can tell a whopper of a Giving Birth Story and no one (MSM) questions it either. Please keep up the "Gates" Regina, Truth & Justice need you, Regina!

teal said...

...remember, all it takes in ONE leak, and the roof is torn off the sucka.

I agree, her end is coming soon and very soon!

regina said...

I'll keep digging and you all keep your fingers crossed!


mdlw56 said...

I remember reading about the lady in charge of Wooten's workman's comp case. I think the Palins obtained his workman's comp file. And Palin said it was because they thought he was faking. He filed an appeal, eventually won. I read it early last Fall. The lady tried to back track, but if I remember correctly, she said she sent the file over. Why would a governor be involved in a workman's comp case, governor or not?