Monday, 9 March 2009

Sarah Palin supports Special Olympics

Sarah Palin read the autocue with her usual competence, while acting like a loving parent. The gist of this heartfelt message was:

"I totally support the Special Olympics, because now I have somebody in my family who can totally benefit from being a part of them."

Does that mean that if there wasn't someone with special needs in her family Sarah Palin wouldn't support the Special Olympics?

Last year she cut the budget for children with special needs in half.

Let's rephrase it then. If Sarah didn't have this handy political prop in her family in the form of Trig, she wouldn't even acknowledge the existence of the Special Olympics...


Anonymous said...

And now for some good news.

I have searched the winter olympics site. The games ended on February 13th and it appears that Sarah's video was not used in any of the promotions made by the official body. I think that she made the video as a fluff self promotion piece and it was decided that they would not use it because of her cut to the Alaskan Legislative approved grant to the Alaska Special Olympics body. I know that this is supposition but I like to think that they had the balls to tell her "Thanks but no thanks" for her video contribution.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Yes... I feel for poor Trig, whomever his real mom is, being dragged allover the country when he should of been getting/starting therapy. She used him and Piper as props.
So I wonder if she will restore funding this year for special needs, kid?
Does anyone know if he is in fact getting the therapy he needs? Or just being babysat by Britta Hanson, her assistant? (her ex-lovers father& Track's GF)

Me said...

I doubted the identity of the birth mom at first- but realized the main reason I doubted it was because of the bizarre stories around Trig's birth.
I think the truth is that Sarah hid the pregnancy from most and didn't share info about him being special needs because she kept hoping that God would "not allow that to happen to her". I think that is one of the reasons she risked her full term fetus by flying from Tx to Ak during labor.

Unlike other expectant moms knowing they were carrying a special needs fetus- being nervous but going out of their way to provide the best care possible to minimize the risks and needs of their soon to be little one----Sarah seems to have gone out of her way to not protect her unborn fetus!

Ella said...

I read that the Special Olympics did NOT use the Palin video - speculation is that, since Palin cut funding for the Special Olympics the previous year (prior to HER having a special needs child) - they said "thanks but no thanks" to her little video/publicity ploy.

Jill said...

crystalwolf aka caligrl

Trig must have some kind of therapy. Did he ever cry or show any discomfort when all the lights, cameras and action were on him? Whether or not it is the therapy he needs is questionable. It works for Sarah.

I can see why Special Olympics refused this video. They are wise to her ways and as cute as Trig is, this is obviously too staged. Piper is adorable, why would they have her glued to Trig the whole time? Could Sarah have handled this production without Piper's frozen attention to Trig? What is with that?

mdlw56 said...

Palin knew about Trig before she slashed the Special Olympics budget. She visited the center unexpectedly on December 19, 2007. And I think it is really strange that Providence had a therapy center in Wasilla and recently closed the center. There were folks on waiting lists, so that was very strange.

My eyes teared and I smiled the first time I saw this clip...Trig actually patted his hands together by himself.

Anonymous said...

As a mom of a son w/ Down syndrome I think it's wonderful that so many people get to see Trig. So many of these babies are being aborted that soon people won't be familiar with the condition. BTW, should the Special Olympics be funded with taxpayers money???