Friday, 27 March 2009

Sarah Palin v Alaska Legislature

Relations between Gov. Sarah Palin and top Republican legislators are deteriorating as battles over acceptance of federal stimulus money grow.

Senate President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, called Sarah Palin’s statements “absolutely false” that legislators would not meet with her to discuss acceptance of stimulus money.

Legislators have expressed frustration that they could not find out from Palin’s staff about her goals for the stimulus money.

Palin said she “has made her position clear on stimulus funds.”

She left Juneau in the midst of the stimulus debate, but said it was legislative leaders who canceled a meeting with her.

“Governor Sarah Palin was scheduled to participate telephonically in a meeting with legislative leadership today when legislative leaders canceled the meeting to host their own press conference,” Palin said in a press release.

Stevens said that was not true. “I am sorry the governor put this out,” he said.

Palin’s legislative liaison, Jerry Gallagher, declined to comment.

Stevens said Gallagher said Palin declined to meet with them, but instead offered to have staff available instead.

That wasn’t acceptable to legislators, who have been meeting regularly with the governor’s staff.

Palin’s staff, Stevens said, “apparently often have trouble answering questions or making decisions or letting us know the intentions of the administration.”

Oh dear, things are hotting up in Juneau!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she had to run home to hide another baby,

wes_ben said...

Is telephonically even a real word?? I can't find it in Websters. If it were a word, it would have been used in the '50's or '60's. "via conference call" might have been more appropriate. I'm thinking they need the stimulus money for education more than they know!

mdlw56 said...

Methinks Mt. Redoubt is not the only thing rumbling...

Daisydem said...

I am just worried that she lied about the legislatures calling off a meeting with her when in fact it was she who nixed it because someone said faux news (Fox News) is in Alaska again. Is GVS there again ... coming to the aid of her best friend? Is there a total meltdown? Please say it is so.

Dianne said...

OMG - yes, Daisydem. Faux news is in Alaska again. GVS and the hubby, me wonders? A big ole SarahPAC meeting and blessings by Scientology? My mind races with the thoughts of another grand, unstaged interview with SOMEONE!!! Whoever it is, SP will have to be on camera.

million$peach said...

Regina, don't know if you knew this, but Palin's legislative liaison/scheduler quit just a few weeks before this leg. session was to begin.

I thought that was weird. I didn't catch anything about Palin making a new appointment?

More importantly, the last liaison sited her reason for leaving is because she wanted to spend more time with her son who is graduating this spring.

Didn't sound right to me. I'm not sure if she'd talk openly or not.

Palin's been through quite a bit of staff turnover and the only one I've heard say anything about the real why is the Native board advisor who couldn't get a meeting with Palin after 10 months or so of trying to do her job.

I can't think of her name, but she recommend to Palin to appoint a Native and actually I think it is required? Anyway, then Palin appoints this guy friend that seems to have very questionable conflicts of interest.

And has Palin ever met with the Native Board face to face? I think she sent a video last fall for the annual meeting, while on the campaign trail with McCain, hows that for doing her job as AK gov.

million$peach said...

somebody needs to tail Faux news and report what they're doing.