Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sexy Sarah

Sarah Palin was voted 24th sexiest female politician.

UPDATE: I switched the photo with the one from the last post because I think she looks much sexier in this one. No?

Story in the Daily Mail, UK


Lady Rose said...


I don't find her sexy at all - she ooozes slime, so what if she wears red high heels

LisanTX said...

Tammy Faye Bakker, is that you???

Those tatoo'd lips are getting hard and cruel. The angular (fake?) eyebrows frame mean eyes that show no soul-light. (remember the saying: the eyes are the window to the soul)

I think a poll ranking the sexiness of politicians is awful--it is sexist, it objectifies women, and perpetuates the demeaning stereotype that women are most valuable for being a sex object, not for their ability to think or lead people.

I also think that SP uses her looks and "charm" to achieve her goals. She has no substantative experience or morals and falls back on trying to charm/bluff her way through.

I saw a video of her in 1995 giving a short interview at the finish line of that year's Iron Dog. Her wiles are obvious on this clip. It is difficult to imagine that the woman in this clip is now a governor!!!

at 1:04 minutes she bounces onto the scene, chewing gum while giving the interview---

regina said...

Lisan TX,

I agree with you about these stupid polls. While they look at the packaging they ignore what can or cannot be achieved. In Sarah Palin's case, very little. But she's still a dangerous, callous politician.

I saw the clip of her chewing gum like a pretty cow. The fact that today she's the governor of Alaska defies all logic!


KaJo said...

Regina, regarding Sarah Palin's obsession with her appearance:

There's a picture on "Sarah Palin's Deceptions" Flickr photostream that shows Sarah Palin and her adult siblings and parents all together -- if you look at all the family members closely, who stands out as "not like the others"?

Yeah, Sarah. None of the others have her jawline, her hair color, her propensity for wild and crazy clothing (of course there's more than just this picture as proof) -- it makes you wonder if she's some kind of "changeling".


Def: Changeling (from Wikipedia)
"A Changeling is a creature found in Western European folklore and folk religion, it is typically described as being the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child.

Changelings would be identified by voracious appetite, malicious temper, difficulty in movement, and other unpleasant traits...Changelings usually can be identified by a greenish tint to their skin."
[covered most of the time by heavy pancake makeup]

"Changelings are picky eaters unless offered something they like...Compared to other children, Changelings tend to be extremely eccentric in personality and in clothing choices. As young adults, their strange traits will become harder and harder to conceal."

Well, about the appetite...she could be at least HALF a changeling...

mdlw56 said...

Wow...24th, huh? What a blow to ol' GINO!!!

Karen said...

Agree with the sexist statements above.
That said, I think people still had her $30,000-make-up face from last years RNC convention in their minds when they voted for her. If they looked at her haggard looks lately, they would not with an open mind be able to vote for her at all!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMG! Got a laugh from that pic!
I think her eyebrows are tattooed too!
A "changling" lol! Yes I think so :)

SoCalWolfGal said...

I will agree with the Changeling analogy:) I am sure she is more upset at being 24th in this poll as opposed to all the ethics charges. She has to be idolized and adored, which is a real shame for a woman her age. Yes, she is still attractive in a very crass sort of way, but what is she going to do 20 years from now when she is approaching 70? I know, maybe she should take up reading and finally get back to Couric!

Anonymous said...

I think that the picture that Regina chose to accompany a previous post, Sarah Palin's Posturings says it all. It's going to take more than a $30,000.make up artist to work with a face that's four years older. The fake eyebrown don't work, and the lines on her face are hard. Four years is a long time.

Anonymous said...

She has a hard mean face!

Emily said...

@crystalwolf: I hear Palin's lip-liner is tattooed on-- talk about your pitbull with lipstick!

million$peach said...

she's a mean spirited bitch, and meanness is not sexy. whiny is not sexy. She needs to get off her arrogant high horse.