Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sarah Palin's comic sells out

From UK's Guardian:

Sarah Palin, it turns out, remains extremely popular in the US – at least among readers of comics. A graphic biography of the Alaskan governor was released in the US yesterday and has been flying off the shelves, with its publisher already rushing back to press for a second printing.

Telling Palin's life story – from PTA president to her surprise nomination as John McCain's running mate, to the pair's failed bid for the White House – the 32-page comic is an "even-handed perspective" of Palin's accomplishments, according to its publisher, Bluewater Productions.

I suppose it sold out because her supporters cope a lot better with the comic format. It's only 32 pages long and if they can't follow the words, they can look at the pictures...

Guardian UK


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