Sunday, 9 August 2009

Healthcare reform and more

You can make a difference. Visit to participate in the campaigns, help raise funds and publicize their efforts.


Drew said...

Just say No =

Stuck on Stupid!

Anonymous said...

I have donated to MoveOn for this important cause specifically. Thanks for drawing attention to it.

basheert said...

We have also donated. It is now ratcheting up - in TN the tea-baggers are showing upy P ARMED. I believe it will take American citizens being shot and killed at democratic townhall meetings before the Republicans even bother to address this issue.

There is violence and bloodshed coming down the line, being advocated by princess stupid. She WANTS people killed and if she cannot do it through medicaid, she will do it through armed insurrection to those who disagree with her boneheaded ideas. She thinks if she kills enough voters she'll be popular (see Joseph McCarthy and how great that worked for HIM).

The Republicans are doomed. If the idiots start killing people, the GOPers are political poison. They already have dimwits like Glenn Beck advocating poisoning Nancy Pelosi.

What is wrong with these people?

Not sure, but I do know that when the killing and bloodshed starts, the very FIRST to apologize will be the ReThugs who are advocating this violence.

And SP is at the head of the pack.

The GOP will deeply and eternally regret making this moron their official mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

The rightwing terrorists already did murder two people this summer (Tiller and Jones), and the GOP has done nothing to quiet the rage. In fact, they have done the opposite: they have inflamed it.

This is who the GOP is today.

basheert said...

Of course they have - as a political party they are dead. Their only appeal is to the deranged and the mentally well as the elderly whom everyone preys upon.

We are now in a civil war - be careful out there friends. McCarthy has risen from his filthy grave.

jo said...

$P will never say she is sorry, she never does anything wrong.