Friday, 28 August 2009

Oh, Bristol...

Here are some photos and a video, courtesy of our friend Patrick. The links were posted on a previous thread, but I thought it would be a good idea to have the whole thing as a post so you could see everything from the comfort of your palingates armchair.

Bristol in December 2006, June 2007, September 2007, October 2007, April 2008 and May 2009
(click on photos to enlarge)

I don't think Bristol is naturally "tubby". In December 2006, June 2007 and May 2009 she looks quite slender. The same can't be said of her appearance in September and October 2007. Unfortunately, there are no photos of Bristol between from October 2007 until April 25, 2008. Coincidence?

There's one little coincidence I can point out: J-Lo was pregnant with her twins on the MTV video. She disguised it well, with her large zebra striped outfit, but she went down the steps very gingerly, unlike Sarah Palin and Bristol when they were respectively "pregnant" with Trig and Tripp...

There are loads more photos here.



Anonymous said...

The peeps here probably venture over to Palin's Deceptions
There is a photo of bristol a few days before the RNC (where she was rather prego looking) ..
the photo is her getting off a bus with a hoodie..
People commented she had stuff stuffed in her pockets
She does.. I saw a larger photo of it here

The orange rag thing sticking out of her pocket.. perhaps makes that tummy?
But then the tummy action in the hooding is hanging over her jeans

If these tighty jeans are maternity they would hold her belly up... if she just has them unbuttoned at the top well maybe..but thats not like a prego belly.. it hangs there like fatty skin and shes not fat in this photo

A new prego bump sits alot higher it does NOT sag ever

and why the rags in the pocket? im guessing burping rags? since she is holding something like that in her other hand?
OK then where's her belly?

The Palin crew is such an ODD bunch!
cept the little guys of course

Anonymous said...

From what I know about L-Jo, she gave birth to those twins in Feb 2008...and the link says that that those pictures at MTV were from October 2007.

Anonymous said... bad...I meant J-Lo...sorry! I think that Bristol's trip to New York in 2007 with her mommy included this little MTV thing. I guess I don't understand why the comment section says that the MTV pictures are from 2008...that would have been during the election when she was preggo with "TRIPP". For the record, if this is October 2007...I do NOT think that Bristol Palin looks pregnant with "TRIG", she looks like a girl enjoying her trip to NYC. J-Lo gave birth in February 2008 with twins and "TRIG" was "reported" being born in April 2008.

Patrick said...

Sorry guys, I mixed up 2008 and 2007 in my previous comment (now deleted)!

Yes, this show was taped and broadcast on October 8, 2007.

Great post, Regina, I love the photo-comparison!

I have collected the press-photos of this event which show Bristol Palin in this album on flickr:

lydia said...

Bristol, standing up at 1:37 in the video - wow, that does it for me. No doubt in my mind any longer that Bristol is pregnant and is the mom of Trig. I have to wonder why, though, all the cover-up and deception. It would have been so much easier, and much more acceptable if Sarah had just said "Bristol made a mistake, we stand by her, and Todd and I will adopt her baby." I do not get WHY SP thought lying and covering up was the way to go. She could have been a hero for helping out her daughter by adopting Trig. What a loon SP is. I feel very bad for Bristol right now - young girls make mistakes, but few are punished with having a mother that will throw them under the bus to advance a politicl career.

Duncan said...

Good job Patrick, and thanks for posting this Regina.

Virginia Voter said...

This will send the Palinistas over the edge...I just want it to get out that Bristol got to go to TRL when she was supposed to be travelling on official Alaska state business.What a joke.

Thanks for posting Regina. By clicking on the JLO pic, you can clearly see that it is Bristol Palin, no one can deny it.

Daisydem said...

There has been some speculation that the trip to NYC in October 2007 could figure into babygate. It certainly seems to be a key ingredient. Thank you for finding/sharing. The dates of the MTV trailer can be confirmed by googling Jennifer Lopez and MTV; also the dates her twins were born and first presented to the world in pics.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Bristol is "TriggyBear's" mommy!

comeonpeople said...

Well anonymous, I DO think Bristol is "TriggyBear's" mommy.Sarah Palin certainly isn't Trig's birth mother that is fo' sho'

lol word verification: porkin

Anonymous said...

Prove it...that Bristol is "trig"'s mommy? Can you? Good luck!!! Rove tactic's WOW...they are really good!

Anonymous said...

This is what I've been waiting for...REGINA...if you have what it takes...GO regards to BABYGATE!!! It isn't Bristol...that is the whole scam!!! They can prove it WRONG!!!

sandra said...

What's with all the comments from Anonymous about Bristol. Anonymous, at least identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Who is it then?? It sure looks like Bristol. I think you are a Palin supporter and afraid of the truth.
The truth is Sarah is NOT the birthmother of Trig. There were rumors in 2007 in Wasilla even then an she was pulled out of school

Common Sense said...

The truth is Bristol is Trig's mom? Right? She's his caretaker. Everyone in Wasilla, AK, and Anchorage, AK, knows that?

Patrick said...

From the information we have received from knowledgable people on the ground in Alaska it is clear that a number of people outside the Palin family knew about Bristol's pregnancy already in December 2007. And I am talking about people in the "higher circles of society" here, not about the gossipy neighbour next door.

Daisydem said...

Anonymous has had his/her buttons pushed this time for sure. It is about time. One year to the date! Thank you Patrick, Regina, and Audrey. Yo! Let's rock the boat.

NakedTruth said...

Patrick! You've been holding out. This is a great find! Yes, Bristol is pregnant in this video IMO. I always thought that Sarah took Bristol on this NY trip to consider getting her an abortion but it was too late for an early term abortion or Bristol just changed her mind. I just can't believe she allowed her to go on TRL. Bristol is a naturally thin girl and the sudden weight gain is just not normal for an active teenager. Look at how thin she is now after just giving birth to Tripp. People forget that Bristol was home schooled during the school year of 2007/08. Why? According to Levi, he was home schooled with her at the Palin's residence. But Levi continued to play hockey and Bristol discontinued sports. Why? Bristol wouldn't have been pregnant with Tripp at this time. She should have been in school. The rumor in Wasilla was that Bristol was pregnant and her looking pregnant and getting home schooled makes these rumors even more believable if you ask me. I think Sarah faking the pregnancy had everything to do with Trig being born with DS. Levi and Bristol wanted a 'perfect' baby for Levi to go huntin' with and they did not want the responsibility of a DS baby. In their minds Sarah and Todd did them a favor and Trig would get the medical benefits he needed. I really don't see Levi ever coming clean about this but his guilt made him begin to volunteer to teach special needs children hockey after Trig's birth and Bristol is Trig's caregiver anyway.

Patrick said...

Up until this time, nobody seems to be willing to go on the record regarding the parentage of Trig. This is a major problem we have to overcome. But everyone should keep the pressure up and should continue until the truth is revealed. I am sure that this MTV stuff won't be the last revelation!

And I personally don't expect much from the major Vanity Fair interview that Levi Johnston has conducted and which will apparently hit the newsstands on 5th September. But we will see.

Anonymous said...

Yes...prove that Bristol is MOMMY to "trig"...good luck! I know that SP is NOT the birthmother of keep trying to slam ME!

spit it out said...

Hey Anonymous,

If you know something (as you're implying), spit it out and give us some evidence.

This baiting game is a tad childish.

Common Sense said...

@0:34, I totaly agree with you! SP is not the birthmother of Trig....

FEDUP!!! said...

One reason of the cover up IMHO is that IF Bristol REALLY is Trig's mom, that means she was SIXTEEN, or even FIFTEEN when she became pregnant.
Even Alaska must have some type of statutory rape laws, and 15 or 16 definitely would fall into that!
Potentially the Palins would have come into hot water from authorities that $arah could not/did not control at that time.

Anonymous said...

a look back (wink, wink)

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for Bristol. What a thing to live with your whole life. Anonymous nobody gets what you are trying to say. Either tell us what you mean or go away. So childish!!

Patrick, is there any talk in Wasilla about who Trigs father is? And who is Bristol dating now?

I feel sorry for all the Palin Lisa. Something is not right in that family. Maybe Sarah finally realizes that and will now spend more time parenting. One can hope.

Anonymous said...

Larry Persily is a former Alaska journalist and former staffer to three governors (including Palin). He is currently a legislative aide in Juneau.

comeonpeople said...

Hey anonymous. What everyone here knows also is that Sarah is not Trig's birthnother. Finding and revealing who is the Real birthmother is and that Sarah perpetrated a fraud is our goal. If you can help us out here then by all means do it. Bristol, with all the circumstantial evidence surrounding her physical appearance, her absence from school, and her loving caretaking of Trig make her the obvious suspect. But, hey, you will be a hero if you know who really is the mom. LET IT RIP!!!!!!!And you will be a hero to many a person!!!!

KK said...

Something else to think about...

There's evidence that Bristol, while she was in Juneau in the spring of 2007, had a boyfriend...someone that most likely was not Levi, and someone who definitely was not Johnny C.

Karen said...

The real issue, who is Trig's FATHER? Many photos point to Bristol being pregnant with Trig. What was the scandal, that provoked Sarah to fake the pregnancy?

There are no facts supporting Levi as the father of Trig. Just because he lovingly kissed Trig on the head at the RNC? No real evidence whatsoever. I've read about Wasilla, & it seems like a trashy place indeed, with regard to moral standards.

Patrick said...

I have never heard any "hard facts" about the identity of the father of Trig. We can only guess. And there seem to be quite a number of possible candidates, if I might say so. LJ, or JC, or DK, or others...all is possible.

Anonymous said...


comeonpeople said...

TP??= Track or Todd or toilet paper?
CathyBJ does specialize in sex abuse. Maybe thats why Track got sent to war- boffing his kid sister??

Patrick said...

I have some news:

A member of the PD team just sent me the copy of Sarah Palin's official schedule from 8th October 2007 - this was once obtained through a FOIA request.

The entry there is actually very interesting. It is not "cryptic", as I said in an earlier comment, but in fact very clear.

The entry reads:

"2.00 PM - Bristol attend MTV's Total Request Live Show Taping - Guest is Jennifer Lopez (Dress: Very Posh - (evening wear))"

See for yourself:

Now: What interests me in particular is the mentioning of the dress code. I realise that one could argue endlessly about it, but one fact is clear to me: Bristol was definitely not wearing "very posh evening wear". And far from being a fashion expert, I doubt very much that she would have been able to "fit" into a narrow posh evening dress on that day.

KK said...

I've never come across anything indicating the TP angles have validity. Granted, though, anything along those lines would be hidden to the utmost if true. But my bet is that that is not the right path. Just IMHO.

What I have seen points to a known mother. I can't say the same evidence exists for the father, so I can see why the speculation exists. Maybe that's been the holdup in a forthcoming book from Levi...half the story isn't good enough...

Anonymous said...

Although I do think the Palins are hiding something, I do not think that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy. My reasoning is this: she is too selfish and amibitious to do such a generous thing; adopt a special needs grandchild. I don't think she wanted the responsibility of a baby. I think she accidently got pregnant, had a hard time dealing with it, and therefore acted strangely with regard to not revealing the pregnancy and taking a chance while flying back from Texas.

KK said...

So true!! I always thought her choice of outfit was so inappropriate.

Jokes can be made about Alaska not being the epicenter of fashion, but teens are teens! And she's a cute girl...there is no way this would have been her first choice of what to wear.

GinaM said...

OT but I am about to explode. I was over at See4Pee. Normally I don't comment over there but this just sent me over the edge. There is an article comparing MLK to Sarah Palin!!! So I posted this:

GinaM said...
I'm sure this comment will be deleted but I'm going to say it anyway. Adrienne that was the most disgusting thing you have ever written. To compare MLK to Sarah Palin has made me absolutely speechless. MLK marched and took beatings just so that African Americans could EAT in ALL WHITE diners not to mention the intergration of schools.

What has Sarah Palin done for ANYBODY other than herself to advance African American's cause? She wouldn't even sign the JuneTeenth Proclamation. Please don't give me that crap about "it was a clerical error".

Adrienne you are not a "sellout". You are totally misguided and blinded by a person who is not who you believe her to be. Sister you need help. I will keep you in my prayers.

August 28, 2009 7:58 PM

Anonymous said...

$arah got in over her head. She might do well in a ceremonial role, like the queen of england or beauty contest winner. But in a policy role one has to be somewhat articulate, able to speak, write, answer questions, ask questions, etc. I think that to avoid these palinesque dramas in the future, we have got to learn more about our candidates than we do from tv/radio commercials and sound bites. If the candidates have to engage the people directly, then the people won't be so easily bamboozled.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has a right to an opinion. If they are trying to bait, ignore it.
They are not here to give up any information.
What are the odds they would have anything?

It's all about distraction.

Who is Trigs father? And who is Bristol dating now? Where is the evidence about the boy or man in Juneau?
One night stands must be a dime a dozen in Wasilla. Who is DK? I don't think Levi is going to reveal much.

I haven't heard that he is going for a DNA test for the baby he claims. CathyBJ does specialize in drug abuse, domestic violence and incest. Those are all running rampant in a small bedroom community. The bigger the problem the more silence. If your family and friends have the same problem it is less likely you will talk about someone else in the group. When these things are generational the less people talk. Groups like that will protect each other. The church is a big part of it all. Think about Warren Jeffs and the men or women who have a spell on a community.

The less time spent on Sarah guessing games the better. The more attention on Bristol will determine to all she gave birth. There is fraud that people are perpetrating. They are all guilty of something.
Sarah solicits money as the mother of five. Has she ever proved she is the mother of five?

Patrick said...


being a great admirer of MLK myself, I can fully understand your anger.

The Peelanders are out of their fricken minds. This Adrienne woman is nuts. They are a cult, nothing else.

Karen said...

Personally, I don't feel Sarah would have faked her pregnancy, unless there was something terribly scandalous to hide. Come on, she had recently been sworn in as governor & moved to Juneau.

Endless possibilities, but TP angles would certainly inspire desperation.

MaryG. said...

Wow! Amazing job here at Palingates. It's great to have this video clip available.

GinaM said...

Thanks Patrick,

You are right, they are definetly a cult. Even one of there own said they could come across as crazy for comparing MLK to the Quitter. Ugh...I'm still fuming.

Anonymous said...

Until I see proof other wise , and I'll eat my hat , Trig is Bristol's !!

Anonymous said...

Karen, 29 August 2009 02:50 "she had recently been sworn in as governor & moved to Juneau."

I think that is not true - she stayed in her home in Wasilla and charged the citizens of Alaska a per diem charge for that...

NakedTruth said...

I will entertain the possibility that Bristol is Trig's birth mother but someone other than Levi could be Trig's father. I still think it's odd though that Levi was home schooled with Bristol during 2007/08 school year which is when she would have been pregnant with Trig (during the time also of the TRL shoot). Is it possible that Levi was told that he was the father but he really wasn't? But Levi being the father was better than the alternative, like Todd, Track or some non-related older man? They needed Levi to think he was the father? I still find it strange that Bristol looks so much like Levi's mother, Sherry. What's the possible connection here?

KK said...

@Anon 2:26...

The source for that particular piece of info re: Bristol's Juneau boyfriend was (and is) public, but it's a catch-22...if revealed, it may disappear. It's been saved for posterity, should that occur, along with some other stuff from that source.

And that's what those who'd like to crush this story out like a used-up cig apparently haven't understood's not like one or two people are making things up out of thin air. There's been many of us researching behind-the-scenes, to be sure--but add to that all the knowledge amassed by the intelligent bloggers and commenters...this story is not going away until it's seen through.

sandra said...

I hope we can get away from Bristol's life. Whatever happened, she was not of majority age.

The important thing is the lies of Sarah Palin who was elected as governor of a state and nominated as the Vice-President of the United States.

That Mrs. Palin could lie about something as basic as being pregnant is the primary reason she should not have any political influence in the future.

We should leave the family alone and let them deal with it.

NakedTruth said...

I know two wrongs don't make a right but have anybody thought about how cruel the right (Republicans) would be if they thought that Hillary Clinton had faked a pregnancy for a teenage Chelsey? Do you think they would have left the Clinton family alone? Hell no! and that's why we should not let this die. This fraud needs to be exposed.

GinaM said...

Sandra I understand what you are saying about Bristol. But has it ever occured to you that maybe Bristol HOPES this story finally breaks. Who knows maybe she would publicly like to acknowledge her (alleged) child. Maybe she doesn't want Trig to grow up not knowing who his real mother is.

Sarah has a NPD. Can you imagine living with a mother like Sarah?
Dsyfunctional kids eventually grow up and realize what was done to them. I feel sorry for Bristol.

Karen said...

Thanks to Anon for mentioning where Sarah lived, it sure seems she was in Juneau as little as possible. Probably you are right about her living in Wasilla.

Nevertheless, she must have been busy & important as Governor, what an ego trip. Hard to believe she would pull a stunt like faking pregnancy & risk being found out.

Even if it was for health insurance because of the Down's, it would be fine, legal & altruistic to adopt. Nothing makes sense to me, unless significant scandal led to this incredible hoax.

Karen said...

To Naked Truth: With your comment, I believe it is definately possible, that Levi was led to feel he was the father of Trig. What better way to cover up the less kosher truth?

To me, Bristol looks like Todd & Sarah, her face has some of the Eskimo traits from Todd, along with the beauty of Sarah. Personally, I would discount any coincidental resemblance to Sherry.

No lie, my WV is "inces", let our imaginations run wild with that.

Anonymous said...

It could be that Levi thinks he is the father of Trig, and Tripp for that matter, but he is not. Who were the known choices for Trig? LJ, JC and DK? Was DK a possible father for Tripp? I can see why they would take LJ over JC. JC is always high, he has a serious problem. If he was anyplace else he would be arrested. He can't stay away from young girls. No one in Wasilla thinks anything of it.

The Juneau bf would be Tripp's father? I don't know if the fathers will be known. As I understand she is promiscuous. That is sad since it can indicate incest, other problems also.

I think the church plays more into this and until we know more it's hard to say what exactly is going on.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense, that there must be some really awful ICK-factor surrounding the true parentage of Trig, to cause Sarah to fake the pregnancy.

So...what would be really ICKY?

--an unwed teen pregnancy at the age of 15-16? (Bristol + Levi or some other boy she dated)

--same pregnancy, with bio-father who is older/totally inappropriate and unacceptable by anyone's moral standards? (Bristol + a blood relative or older family friend/teacher/minister)

which possibility is the biggest ICK? More likely to be a reason for Sarah to fake the pregnancy and claim Trig as her own?


Anonymous said...

You have a right to your opinion but it's obvious to many that Sarah is not the birth mother. She politically runs on a family values platform, she is for abstinence only education and she is pro life!! Do you think she would risk the public finding out her 15 year old was pregant!?
One story is Sarah planned this to protect herself politically and didn't even tell Bristol her plans! I mean what a great way to show your base how devoted you are-keeping a Downs baby! Talk about selfish! Sarah didn't even think about the effect on Trig or Bristol or the rest of her family. That is the ultimate in selfishness and the true story must come out. I don't think Bristol herself will be able to hide it forever. I really feel for that kid. With proper parenting, supervision, encouragement and above all birth control counseling maybe she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. Some kids do what they want with all that but Levi said he stayed at the Palun house two times and they have dated for several years. So who knows.
Those of you in Wasilla should do the right thing and speak up!! Keeping secrets does not help protect these kids and what horrible morals it is teaching them!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor is incest is involved. It's a sin to protect the abuser and not get him or her counseling. I agree. Terrible morals. Not the Christianity I know. Forgiveness yes,but hiding and covering up to protect an image? Very very selfish and sinful. And those that protect the lie are just as guilty.

Kelly said...

"It makes sense, that there must be some really awful ICK-factor surrounding the true parentage of Trig, to cause Sarah to fake the pregnancy."

No, no, no.... Sarah Palin wants people to think Trig is hers to appeal to her base. She uses him as PROOF POSITIVE that she is totally 100% anti-abortion.

sandra said...

Have to wonder if the vendetta on Wooten was more than meets the eye. Don't like the implications, but maybe that would explain a lot.

GinaM said...

Personally speaking The Quitter and I are the same age...My youngest daughter is 8, same age as Piper. My husband and I have been married 22 years. I have 4 kids. The oldest was 16, my other two kids were 10 and 2 when my youngest was born. The first thing I asked the doctor was how soon could I get a "Tubal Ligation" after giving birth. Eight weeks later I was having out patient surgery getting my tubes BURNED not tied. I wanted to be sure.

I think when you are 37 you are done having kids. I think Piper was a OOpsy baby(that's what we call our youngest) :)

I really think The Quitter had a tubal after she had Piper. That's why we didn't get to see her medical records. Not to mention all the other unknown stuff she probably had in her medical records. Again this IMHO.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh man, I hope I am not too late to enter into this thread!!!
Part 1:
Let me first say that IF Sarah had acted like a normal human being, she would have welcomed her FIRST grandson, Trig, like a loving grandmother. If so, the father of Trig would never have become a matter of national, and international, speculation. It would have remained a private family matter.

BUT, Sarah is not a normal human being - certainly not normal, and she doesn’t act very human. Sarah is concerned with only one thing, her image. If there is any threat to her image, she panics or attacks. In the case of Bristol’s first pregnancy with Trig, she panicked. What would be such an extreme threat to her image, you ask? That Bristol was pregnant? Well, yes that is distressing if your 16 year old got pregnant, but so distressing as to fake a pregnancy? No. But if you learn who got her pregnant? Apparently, yes, if you are a brainwashed political dominionist who has aspirations for a high national office.

Enter the appearance of Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who specializes in child sexual abuse, i.e. incest.

In cases of child sexual abuse/incest, the abuser is not allowed to remain living under the same roof as the victim. I find it more than curious the following statement from an official State of Alaska press release by Sharon Leighow regarding Track’s enlistment in the U.S. Army on 9-11-07:
“Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.”

Track flew to Juneau on 9-14-07 for the official First Family photo, and left the same day. It was only later that Sarah and Todd, mostly Todd, expressed they were proud of their son’s enlistment. And remember, Track had a hockey “career ending” shoulder injury in March 2007 and returned to Wasilla to graduate with his senior class. Apparently hockey must be much tougher than Army basic training. Huh??

Another curiosity: Track graduates from basic training in Ft. Benning, Georgia on Thursday 1-17-08. Sarah made a big deal about making the 1-15-08 State of the State address earlier in the day than usual so that she could catch a flight to attend Track’s graduation in Georgia. Wow, a perfect photo opportunity for Gov. Sarah, with the troops no less! However, there are no photos of Sarah and her family at Track’s graduation at Ft. Benning, Georgia. None. Zip. Nada. No news articles. There is absolutely nothing about the First Family of Alaska attending Track’s graduation. Did they actually go?

On SATURDAY, 1-19-08, there is finally a court hearing on Bristol’s minor speeding charge from 8-6-07 after several continuances. Do people in Alaska go to court on Saturdays?? If so, that would be the first court system I ever heard of that holds court on weekends for the convenience of their citizens (or is that just for pregnant daughters of Governors?).

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Part 2:
Thus far, the simple fact was that Bristol was pregnant. When did Sarah’s panic begin? IMO, the panic began when Trig was born in mid to late January 2008 at 35 weeks gestation, low birth weight, with a hole in his heart, jaundice and he had Down Syndrome. Sarah’s plan to fake the pregnancy was hatched during the weekend beginning Friday 2-15-08, the mysterious American Heart Association luncheon for which there are no pictures of Sarah or the three daughters who supposedly were to attend with her. No one from the AHA luncheon will come forward to say anything. No pictures of Bristol at the Iron Dog that weekend. Piper’s airfare was refunded because she “drove with friends” from Fairbanks to Wasilla, which is nearly a 7 hour car trip. Sarah began wearing the long scarves immediately after that strange weekend. The first picture was 2-19-08.

Why has there been no speculation about Track? Because the subject of incest has been forbidden. PD would not permit even a respectful hint even though Palin’s bizarre flat-tummy pregnancy hoax and a DS baby practically spells incest in neon lights. It is an ugly subject. But the mixture of kids, drugs and alcohol equals total lack of judgment and morals, and the consequences are to be expected, especially with kids who have been denied any knowledge of birth control. By not discussing the possibility of incest is to not face reality. Everyone pretends that incest never happens and ignore the fact that mentally retarded children can result from consanguinity. What must all the young victims of incest feel when their plight is ignored and people look the other way because it is too icky to even think that it could happen.

None of this speculation would have transpired if Sarah Palin’s political ambitions had not trumped her role as a supportive mother of a victimized pregnant teenage daughter and accept her first grandson. And yes, I do believe that Sarah got the idea to fake a pregnancy from watching the episodes of Desperate Housewives that had aired in the fall of 2007.

GinaM said...

Wow...Pro Choice Grandma...Wow. Track...ICK indeed. Remember the book, later made into a (terrible) movie, "Flowers in the Attic"? The book was big in the 80's, it was by V.C. Andrews. She had a whole series with the brother and sister. And don't forget(SPOILER ALERT) the mom and dad in the story were also brother and sister. ICK indeed.

trish in SW FL said...

GinaM, I remember that entire series...probably still have those old paperbacks from back in the 80s.

ICK is right!

wv is traph
that's just wierd!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense and if true, is very sad. Some other Alaskan blogs don't allow discussion of incest and that just is more hidinng of this huge problem in certain comminuted. Lying,being quiet it hurts the victim. It's wrong to cover up incest-it leads ro the same problem repeating itself in the next generation. These are all proven facts.

trish in SW FL said...

Incest is one of those horrible things that is so ICKY that even in these 'enlightened' times, nobody wants to talk about it, hear or read about it, let alone, admit that it has happened in their own family.

The silence enables, and allows it to continue, on to future generations.

Really sad!wv: questshu....
could that be questions? shhhhh!

GinaM said...

Remember there was specualtion that Bristol was in NYC for genetic testing and didn't Mercede say that Bristol shouted at Levi that she wish he wasn't the father. Could they also tested Bristol to see who the baby's father was...Levi or Track?

Kelly said...

Bristol's MySpace comments:

Therese said...

Pro-Choice Grandma, those are some very important details. Thank you for your detailed post.

regarding Track’s enlistment in the U.S. Army on 9-11-07:
“Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.”

Extremely strange.

Molly said...

On the Track angle:

OK, so, if Levi is made to think he is the father, and mum's the word on who the "real" father is, then there would be no "ick" factor to fake a pregnancy over, right? Presumably, she is 'dating' quite a lot, so it would be easy for someone else to be claimed as the father.

OTOH, it would kinda explain the total disappearance of Track. We seem to know so much about every other member of that family, and there Track stands in the family photos with that big grin. And if it wasn't an enlistment to cover up for his alleged involvement in the school bus tire slashings, then what else could cause the press release to claim privacy for the decision?

So, I could go either way, I guess. Maybe they both attended some big drinking party and were so drunk they didn't know whom they were ........... Ick.

GINA, YES, I am also, too, the same age as you and SP, but have looked at the spacing of her children and thought, gee, Piper was already the 'bonus' child in that family. It would totally make sense that either she or Todd got snipped after Piper.

KAREN...another evidence that Levi is Trig's father is the photo that appeared much after the "Triggybear" series of Mercede's on myspace....during the Tyra Banks interview (of all things) showing obviously from the same series of photos, one of Levi lovingly cradling baby Trig while Mercede stands behind them and has arms around her brother. He looks like the Dad holding his baby. Sadie looks like the aunt. IMVHO.

Karen said...

Pro-Choice Grandma: Thank you for all your comments. I have felt frustrated at PD, where the subject of incest is not allowed. As you said, this is simply not facing reality. And we are only suggesting it as a valid possibility, to explain Sarah's motivation for faking pregnancy.

Celia Harrison said...

sandra said...
Have to wonder if the vendetta on Wooten was more than meets the eye. Don't like the implications, but maybe that would explain a lot

Interesting theory, I have thought incest might be a possiblity in this family, but this had not occured to me. I always thought there was something we did not know behind the way they went after Wooten. We will never know most of the truth behind all of this.

Karen said...

To Molly: Thanks & yes, I agree that Levi cradles Trig lovingly in those newborn pictures. And that Mercede "Triggybear" comment, makes her seem like an aunt. Or maybe she was just led to believe that, at the time.

I don't know the truth, but just feel there must be scandalous factors, for Sarah to have stuffed pillows in her tummy. Can anyone imagine doing that themselves? It would make me feel totally crazy, trying to pull that off, & almost humorous as well.

It seems the main focus for so long has been, who's the mother? I don't believe Sarah gave birth, & the evidence points to Bristol. It seems wise to consider who the father might be.

If TP, I believe genetic factors, as Pro-Choice Grandma mentioned, could lead to chromosome abnormalities such as Downs. If Todd, the baby would be 3/4 the dad & 1/4 Bristol, very wierd to imagine.

Anonymous said...

The above scenario (regarding TP as possible father) is what I have been leaning towards for quite some time.

I entertained the notion it might be Todd but he appeared with Bristol on The Today Show and she was calm as can be. I don't think she would have been if he was the father.

As for Levi cradling the child and the famous kiss at the RNC ... perhaps he's been led to believe Trig is his. I do not put anything past Ms. $arah.

So this leaves the other TP, who was conveniently shipped out and never heard from again. (Relatively speaking.)

Some time ago, there was a post left down-thread on Gryphen's site. It talked about drugs and parties in Wasilla and more-than-hinted about this last angle. It was an "aha" moment for me. Since this subject was not allowed to be discussed at PD, I guess whatever initial thoughts I may have had upon learning of this hoax came rushing back when I read that comment. I started connecting all the dots ... CBJ's specialty and lack of medical records, enlisted in the army, etc.

So, in essence, I agree with PCG. And I also don't think it is a coincidence that she announced her "pregnancy" the day AFTER McCain won the nomination. Plenty of time to hatch the DS-Baby-would-be-fabulous-for-my-political-career idea, since he was born sometime in January (IMHO).

CC----for some reason I cannot sign in.

Anonymous said...

sorry all, i am about as anti-sp as they come and i KNOW she didn't birth trig but to even go there with your "ick" theories is really just sick and twisted. yes, there is evidence to support that sp did not birth trig but NO evidence to support incest. Seriously, you guys are starting to sound as crazy as the peezoo folk with all that talk. incest is a serious, serious matter and i hate that you're even speculating about it with NO evidence. for the sake of my stomach, and until there is evidence, PLEASE drop it. geez, you even have multiple suspects for who the "abuser" might be. Please just drop it.

Anonymous said...

and to whomever said that down syndrome is caused by incest--would LOVE to see you back that up with some evidence cuz it just ain't true!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

To Anon @ 8/29/09 at 14:56, here is one site:

And here are some definitions for you (don’t feel embarrassed, I had to look these up to understand the above medical site):

coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic

1. Relationship by blood or by a common ancestor.
2. A close affinity or connection.

n. A chromosome that is not a sex chromosome.
autosomal adj.

Dysmorphic feature is a medical term referring to a difference of body structure that is suggestive of a congenital disorder, genetic syndrome, or birth defect. A dysmorphic feature can be a minor and isolated birth defect (e.g., clinodactyly, not accompanied by other features or problems. Alternatively it can be one of a combination of features signaling a serious multi-system syndrome (e.g., the epicanthal folds of Down's syndrome).
epicanthal fold, epicanthic fold, or epicanthus is a skin fold of the upper eyelid (from the nose to the inner side of the eyebrow) covering the inner corner (medial canthus) of the human eye.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

From the video of Sarah Palin’s State of the State address on 1-15-08 at 25:01, Sarah said she visited a child sexual assault clinic in Providence last week and heard about horrible child sexual abuse.

I googled Providence Alaska child sexual assault clinic and you probably already know this, but in case you missed it, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is the Medical Director of the Alaska CARES Team. I was just looking to see if their facility provides housing for pregnant teens.
“Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, Medical Director:
Dr. Baldwin-Johnson oversees the medical aspects of Alaska CARES. She is a family physician with Providence Matanuska Health Care Associates. In 2002, she was named Family Physician of the Year by the American Academy of Family Physicians.”
(At this site, one of the topics is Grandparents raising Grandchildren and Soothing a Crying Infant, but the “downloaded free” link no longer works.). This site lists under Other Resources: Children’s Advocacy.

And the Children’s Advocacy link led me to The Children’s Place CAC in Wasilla and I went to this site:
The last paragraph on the page says: “DID YOU KNOW . . . 85% of sexual abusers are related to or known to the child WHICH MEANS THAT MOST CHILDREN ARE SEXUALLY ABUSED BY SOMEONE THEY KNOW AND TRUST !!”

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08, the day AFTER McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. She had been toying with the idea to fake the pregnancy since 2-19-08 when she began wearing the scarves. But when McCain won the nomination, she had to make a decision whether to launch the hoax or scuttle the idea. Stupidly, she decided to go for launch.

NakedTruth said...

PCG, you have excellent points and although I would hate to think incest was involved, I agree that this could be the case.

I get the vibe that Bristol is just really not that into Levi. I think that she and Sarah used Levi to cover-up something bigger. I do think that Levi is the father of Tripp though. Just found it odd that Bristol would tell Levi that she wished he wasn't the father of Tripp. Why make that statement? Makes me wonder what alternative would she want for Tripp's father if it was not Levi. Just a strange choice of words by Bristol IMO.

CBJ's involvement is very telling if you ask me. I think her silence is the 'silence of protection' but protection of whom?

There is a picture of Bristol in 2006 in a green sweater. I think it was dated October 2006. She has a 'baby bump' in this photo as well. But then there is the picture of Bristol at Sarah's inauguration in Dec. 2006 and her stomach is flat with no sign of a bump. It makes me wonder if Bristol had been pregnant before Trig. We do know from her myspace comments that she could have been having sex as early as Spring 2007 and also in her comments on myspace she stated that Sarah asked or accused her of being pregnant. Odd thing to say to your teenage daughter if you didn't think she was having sex. And why would she bring up pregnancy? Had it happened before?

Track was sent to Michigan to play hockey. He came back to graduate from Wasilla High in 2007 after an injury. In the Spring of 2007, Bristol complained on her myspace that Sarah was making her go to school in Juneau. She also stated that Track told Sarah that she was a drunk or something like that. It does appear to be some evidence that Sarah wanted to keep Bristol away from Track.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the whole incest speculation...

There was a post on another blog that was removed because they don't allow that sort of discussion.. as someone mentioned

I actually found it interesting as I had the same weird feeling when I first heard him say it

When Sarah Palin's dad commented about how all kids lose their underwear (in regards to SP's wardrobe drama)

I fortunately never had anything happen directly to me growing up, but I have been around situations like that.. and conversations.. and they always are bizarre. Of all the clothing items to bring up.. "kids losing their underwear" is just creepy.... socks, lost a shoe, getting stains on their clothes..
And, I'm sorry, but he himself seems creepy to me. That grin and he kindof leers..
ANY ways..

and incest is VERY common in highly religious settings... no, no not just thinking of the cults.
I attended a Holiness church with a few friends of mine who left all of the sudden. They sat me down and said there were too many cover ups and things going on that is just not normal. There was a high rate of incest.

I don't think the whole deception topic should focus on this.. but the story is so odd.. might as well take each angle and really dig in.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

IMHO, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson (CBJ) did NOT know about Sarah’s fake pregnancy plan until AFTER Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08, coinkydinky the day AFTER John McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. I believe CBJ’s silence speaks volumes.

I used to believe that CBJ was complicit in the conspiracy to fake the pregnancy. But that was when we were confused about the smokescreen “birth” date of 4-18-08. From more information that has come to light in the past few months, we now have even stronger reason to believe that Trig was born to Bristol sometime in January 2008. Sarah began to wear her long scarves on 2-19-08, AFTER the mysterious 2-15-08 weekend.
I now believe that CBJ must have been stunned when Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08.
I went back to review Audrey’s information about CBJ:

Look at the whole scenario again, but this time, consider that CBJ was NOT part of the planning, but instead was unwillingly made a party by Sarah. Now read the Dallas Morning News report again:
“Around 4 a.m. on the day of her presentation, Palin stirred in her hotel room to an unusual sensation. She guessed she was leaking amniotic fluid, she told The Anchorage Daily News. She woke her husband and called her doctor back home. Go ahead and give the speech, said the doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, WHO DECLINED TO COMMENT FOR THIS ARTICLE.” (my emphasis added)

CBJ’s silence has been deafening, as well as another time when she brought an attorney with her when she was to be interviewed.

Now realizing that Trig was born much earlier than when Sarah announced her pregnancy, the CBJ letter presented in the last hours before Election Day is even more suspicious, if in fact it was written by CBJ. I do believe that CBJ’s good reputation was thrown under the bus by Sarah Palin, but CBJ can’t say anything to defend herself because of HIPPA. Read the discrepancies about CBJ’s letter on Palin’s Deceptions “The Purloined Letter” at:

And finally, we are to blindly accept Sarah’s word that she is Trig’s mother???

Sarah Palin: What I've Learned
July 5, 2009, 10:55 AM
By Ryan D'Agostino
Originally published in the March 2009 issue

“I'll tell you, yesterday the Anchorage Daily News, they called again to ask — double-, triple-, quadruple-check — who is Trig's real mom. And I said, Come on, are you kidding me? We're gonna answer this? Do you not believe me or my doctor? And they said, No, it's been quite cryptic the way that my son's birth has been discussed. And I thought, Okay, more indication of continued problems in the world of journalism.”

Patrick said...

It's good to see that so many people are contributing to this important discussion here.

Some points I would like to make:

1. My personal guess at this point is that Levi is the father of Trig. We have the picture of Levi cradling Trig just in the same way as he later did with Tripp, and I do not want to hide that their are indications (more than just rumor) that the Johnstons might have made a deal with the Palins that they would keep quiet about Trig.

2. I have never seen any hard evidence for the incest theory, but this definitely is a valid topic for discussion, and I don't see why it should be disallowed. Censoring topics certainly serves no purpose. I would like to add that we also have never seen hard evidence which points AGAINST the incest theory. There is no reason at this point to disallow a discussion about it.

3. In my opinion, the main motivation for almost everything Sarah did and does is MONEY. We will explore this angle in more depth at a later point.

NakedTruth said...

I do believe that everything Sarah does benefits Sarah in one way or another. I keep wondering why it was so important to her to provide a parental consent bill for underage girls pursuing the option of abortion. Makes me wonder if someone close to her aborted a pregnancy without a parent's knowledge. Most non-parental consent laws for underage pregnancies usually are in place to protect the childs rights to a choice even when a family member is involved which is usually the case with incest. But I guess this does make sense that Sarah would support a parental consent law considering that she feels that abortion should be illegal even in the case of incest.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, if Levi had been led to believe he was Trig's father, of course he would hold Trig tenderly and kiss his head at the RNC. Levi was a scapegoat, and at the time not clever enough to know he had been duped. Maybe he should have done the granny finger counting before he agreed to any deal to keep quiet about Trig.

NakedTruth said...

And yes, Patrick, I'm with you. I tend to believe that Levi is the father of Tripp and Trig but must admit that I get a very bad vibe when I see Bristol's reaction to Levi. Like I say I just think that he is more into her than she is into him. And because of this I think Levi could have been easily convinced that he was the father of Trig. For Mercede to say that Bristol told Levi not to speak to her for an entire summer and Levi obliged is just crazy to me. Also, Sarah helped sell it by allowing Levi to practically live with them while Bristol was pregnant with Trig (remember the home schooling in 07/08). Levi could have been the better option and Sarah and Bristol needed to make it work.

Hate to say it but I have seen and experienced much more scandalous plots than this and it is very possible.

NakedTruth said...

Hey just thought of something else. Remember Levi said that when he and Bristol told the Palin's they were pregnant that the Palin's told them that they needed to marry. I think this was for the Trig pregnancy. There has been some speculations that Bristol and Levi could have already gotten married. I know in some states if two people are married and the wife gets pregnant or is pregnant the law automatically states that the child has to be the husbands, regardless of DNA. Is this the case in Alaska? Do you think Sarah could have forced the two to get married knowing that the baby could not have been Levi's but marriage would make it the case? Also this would make sense if the baby was born with DS and Levi as one of the parents signed over his parental rights along with some detailed confidentiality agreement to Todd and Sarah.

I am sort of in the group that thinks that Bristol and Levi were married. Him wearing a ring and the Bristol tattoo on his finger is just a little much for me. Also this could be why Sarah allowed Levi to live in her home. I can see Bristol and Levi getting married in Sarah's Wasilla church and her stating that God join marriages not legal documents. Probably never actually received a marriage license from the state. Oh yea, did they ever find out who set fire to Sarah's Wasilla church? I bet lots of documents got burned up in that fire.

Anonymous said...

14:55____The ICK factor for incest is huge. I know a little about an ICK factor in a church where young boys, sometimes girls, were used for sex for decades, if not centuries. The ICK factor is the best thing the tyrants had going to keep victims quiet and to keep the sexual abuse a way of life. It was when people could finally discuss the unthinkable that this started to change in favor of the victims. It was decades before anything came out, but it did happen. Victims have more recourse now.

Whatever the problems of the P clan, the kids live in a poisoned environment and will benefit from the truth. Whether it is the ICK and ignoring what happens to victims in SP's initiative for parental consent for abortions or it is ICK about facing the remaining problem of a church and the rural villages. Or the ICK of what could be going on in one family. Enough people need to get over the ICK and care about the victims first.

Thank heavens people did not quit when SP gave the proof and evidence that Bristol could not have given birth to Trig. The evidence that SP was Trig's birth mother.

Who cares if some think others are crazy? Incest victims are familiar with other victims. It may not be absolute evidence but these crimes are not resolved. The possibility of incest deserves consideration. It is ridiculous to leave out this possible explanation when trying to comprehend the heart of a matter.

Patrick said...


I think you could be onto something there with your comment about a possible marriage between Levi and Bristol.

And I would like to add, that when I looked at the Mercede "Triggybear" pictures yesterday again, it just struck me.

Why the heck should Mercede have chosen the captions

"My Sister IN-LAW, Oooh how I love her"


"Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself"


"Family Love"

if Levi and Bristol were not actually married? It just would make no sense.

These pictures:

Unfortunately, nobody has ever asked Mercede this question, and I doubt that she would give a reply.

So far, Levi and Mercede have NEVER spoken about Trig in public. And I am not too hopeful that this will change with the new Vanity Fair interview.

Patrick said...

I am just furious that the MSM in Alaska has completely failed in respect to babygate. Even when the ADN investigated the persistent pregnancy rumors in autumn 2008, the ADN then finally backed off and didn't write ANYTHING. I later read on Progressive Alaska that Sarah Palin apparently threatened to sue the ADN if the wrote anything about babygate, but I don't know for certain if this is true.

Here is a "summary" of this "incident" on a right-wing website:

The current problem is that the Alaskans and their media now seem to have lost interest in Sarah's scandals. They are just happy that they are finally got rid of her. However, the rest of the USA certainly won't share those feelings of relief especially now where the female Darth Vader aka "Miss Death Panel" is about to be unleased nationally.

Alaskans have a responsibility here. The ADN should finally do its duty and report the story. Otherwise they should maybe give their Pulitzer-Prices back, because they clearly don't deserve them any more.

Patrick said...

..."unleashed nationally"...


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick @ 17:36, I was always baffled at all the discussion about the captions “Mommy Inlaw, My Sister in-law”, etc. Whether or not Bristol and Levi were secretly married, the fact that Bristol had a baby and Levi believed he was the father was enough to refer to each other as “in-laws”. Merecedes believed Levi was Trig’s father, therefore the reference to the Palins as in-laws. (Or in this case, out-laws!) When a girl becomes engaged, or earlier when there is a “steady” relationship, I think every girl practices writing “ Mrs. What’s His Name” or in Bristol’s case, “Mrs. Levi Johnston”. They think of each others’ family as future in-laws. But a baby pretty much seals the deal, when they do believe they are related through that baby, whether by official marriage or not.

As Governor of Alaska, could Sarah officiate a marriage between Bristol and Levi? The fact that even Sarah made reference to a wedding ring stuck on Levi’s thumb makes you wonder.

regina said...


She officiated a marriage when she was mayor:

Officiated a marriage in the aisle of Wal-Mart
Much of Wasilla has given way to strip malls & subdivisions. Palin knows this is the heart of her town. In 1999, when Wal-Mart was the place to shop in Wasilla, a couple who worked there decided to get married in the aisles of the store. Shoppers convened, and tour-bus passengers stopped and gawked. Palin, who was then mayor of the 5,000 or so residents of the town, officiated. Later, she told a reporter that she had to hold back tears. “It was so sweet,” she said. “It was so Wasilla.”

Karen said...

Thanks for all the discussion about Levi, & whether he is Trig's father or not. I feel he could easily have been duped. Sarah seems mainly concerned with herself, & YES money as well, that's for sure.

So tired today, but feel it's wise to explore various options for the father of Trig. Just fail to see personally, how Levi being the father, would inspire desperation for Sarah to fake pregnancy.

I agree that CBJ was not privy to Sarah decision to fake, seeing how Trig must have been born much earlier than originally stated. It must have put her in an awkward & unfair situation IMO.

Bristol's second pregnancy was seemingy announced with joy at the RNC. Compare that with the desperate act of faking pregnancy just months earlier. I mean, that takes something critical, resorting to that stunt while serving as Governor, especially.

Please lets not lose these lines of thinking, since other posts have been added. Thanks to all.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick I've been having a time getting to the teamtruther site.
has the website changed?
I think the truth of what was said by Sadie, Triggy bear, and Mommy in law. I believe Sarah was going to adopt the baby out but couldn't when she found out Trig had down's syndrome. So she adopted him. Maybe so Trig could get specialized medical care he needed.
As previous said, I have heard Bristol was pregnant not Sarah, from a commenter who had visited a lawyer in Wasilla.
Patrick can you post the new address for Team truther? I am currenting following your Palin deceives on my computer.
Also THANKS Regina for allowing the Babygate many site are censoring! Its terrible. Thank you for being true to finding the truth, and Patrick too!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, also there was this woman posting early on mudflats Last year claiming to be from wasilla, I thought I saved it but I couldn't find it...she claimed Levi and Bristol WERE Married.
Maybe Birth certificates are hidden in AK but marriage certs????

Patrick said...


Thanks for the information!

Regarding Team Truther: You will have to send all inquiries regarding TT to Audrey and Morgan. Kathleen and I left the PD team 2 months ago, and since then we were also not moderators on TT any more and had no influence on what is happening there. We don't know if and when TT will go online again.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick thanks for that! I thought something wrong with my 'puter.
Are you guys going to have a blog?
Your info is way to important,not to?
I am so grateful to Regina to let you post here. I know your are on twitter, how 'bout facebook?
I can't believe you found that video of Bristol on MTV. Wow.
What a find.

Patrick said...

Crystalwolf, thanks for your kind words, but the credit here for the MTV discovery goes to several people, it was a joint effort.

Karen said...

To Regina: Thank you for allowing discussion without censorship, much appreciated.

To Patrick: I used to read PD, but got tired of the pace. Thanks for your help here & please continue.

GinaM said...

Hey Crystal and Patrick...this was posted on Audrey's blog about Team Truther.

From the Moderator regarding Team Truther:

We've had a handful of comments from people who used the Team Truther forum, which is currently in maintenance mode.

We built the forum on a software package that while having a lot of great features also had some really serious bugs. A number of the members were frustrated with the glitches and complained. There were security issues with the forum and only after it was up and running did we realize that there was no way to moderate comments should it be necessary. So if someone fell under suspicion of being a troll the only way to deal with it was to delete them, which is unfortunate.

We are currently putting together a new forum on a different software platform that is more reliable. We will let you know as soon as we have it up and running and appreciate your patience as we make the transition from the old forum to the new.


August 21, 2009 7:54 AM

Anonymous said...

I think that it is interesting when people "pick" on the minority in regard to babygate...because if you haven't lived in "true" small town America and been "related" to nearly everyone in don't know the secrets that can be hidden away for all of time. I'm from that situation...not Wasilla...far smaller...more like Wasilla was when "papa" Heath brought his family there. I would like to see people not be so determined that their "theory" is correct...when we welcome "ALL"...sometimes in it...we find the truth. Please think about it and don't "scare" people off of the decision...YOU NEVER KNOW!!!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 5:43, could you please clarify. I don't understand who you mean by "minority".

GinaM said...

Hey Anon @ this a game of CLUE? Hmm...let's see...

"pick" - Todd said "no Fish Pickers"

"true" - not sure about that one..have to come back to that

"related" - Todd again or Track?

"papa" - Uh oh Todd again

"theory" - hmm..not sure about this one too...have to come back to that one too

"ALL" - um...okay I got nothin for this one either

"scare" - Bristol/ Sarah(scared)??

LisanTX said...

Anon @ 5:43, I'm intrigued by your use of "papa" Heath. Tell us more....

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Karen, I still read PD all the time, but it is frustrating that they are so slow to update comments. There is so much information to be found there, but difficult to locate.

Anonymous said...

I've given up on palindeception.

We're lucky if Audrey posts once per week.

We're even luckier if comments get approved within 24 hours.

Why isn't PD a group blog? I'm not demanding Audrey post something every day, but there are certainly enough willing and able contributors who could make sure something new and fresh appeared daily.

And what's going on with Team Truther? Days passed after TT went "dark" before Morgan revealed what was going on. That's not a good way to treat 200 or so loyal members. And yet no schedule for its resumption has been announced, after even more days have gone by with TT still in "maintenance mode."

Patrick, who seemed to be the driving force behind TT, ceased being a TT moderator, along with Kathleen, and things then went to pot. Why am I not surprised?

I'm glad that the community at palingates has picked up the slack.

Thanks, Regina, for hosting this forum!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:25

Try not to be to hard on Audrey at PD. There are some behind the scene stuff going on that I'm sure she is trying to work out.

Maybe these links can help.

FYI...those two crazy websites that went after Gryphen are now trying to "out" Audrey @ Palindeception.
Here are their links:

25 August 2009 05:56

Regina I know you didn't want us to post these links but I hope you can make an exception.

Thank you for letting us continue.

Oh wv is...incesse

jo said...

Don't you guys know this rumor was put to rest a long time ago, because SP said so, and she has never been caught in a lie.

NakedTruth said...

Anon. @5:43 is speaking in codes like that person on PD back in late 2008. Remember 'Fly on the Wall' kept telling us that the truth is in the relationship between the Palins and the Johnstons. Anon. @5:43 appears to be saying some of the same things.

If I had to guess what this person is saying I would say that he/she is telling us to pick the possibility that the true theory is that ALL (Heaths/Johnstons/Palins?) are related through Papa Heath. I am from a really small town in Alabama and I have witnessed some really strange relationships so I am open to the possibility that there is really more to this story than we will ever know. I just guessing here though. I still think that Sherry and Bristol look a lot alike.

And I ask the same question as PGC 'what is the minority, Anon. 5:43?'.

NakedTruth said...

Another thought... I remember growing up in my small town being told to never marry anyone from my town because they could be an unknowing relative. I was also brought up to think that having a baby by a close relative (parents, siblings, 1st/2nd cousins, aunts, uncles) could result in a 'retarded' child. Yea, this is what we were taught but we still found that it happened and some of the babies from these relationships were born with 'special needs'. If I recall correctly, this often happened.

CC said...

NakedTruth, I do remember the coded fly on the way comments ...

" people "pick" on the minority in regard to babygate..."

Hmmm.... could "minority" be code for the minors in this saga? Could it be pointing us towards the adults ... something from way back when papa Heath arrived in Wasilla, as you mentioned (NakedTruth)?

CC said...

oops ...Fly on the wall

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Maybe we all need to go back and review all the PD chapters and comments now that we are sure Bristol had Trig in January 2008. (At least, I am sure). I realized in March that Trig was born much earlier than 4-18-08. But I did not discover PD until January or a little earlier. The false birth date of 4-18-08 caused a great deal of confusion. With a fresh eye, we might pick up something we overlooked or it did not compute at the time.

ella said...

re the use of "minority" in post 5:43 - I immediately took it to mean people whose opinions are in the minority vs people whose opinions are in the majority.
Just thought I would share my reaction to the word.
i.e. "A majority of Anericans still believe Sarag gave birth to Trig, whereas a minority of the American population believes she did not."
Count me in the minority - the majority is merely uninformed.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Ella, the majority of the American population has not even heard about the fake pregnancy! The MSM has not put anything on the news or in print about it. I had hoped when Pat Buchanan accidently slipped and outed Bristol on Hardball, the MSM would take the opportunity to finally bring it to light.

But no. Even trying to post comments on Huffington Post is extremely difficult. You have to whittle your comment down to almost nothing.

MSM has to know about it, and I believe the reason they have not gone there is because they also know it has the ICK factor. In essence, MSM has given Sarah a free pass for her incredibly bizarre hoax, and few people know it. This is one of the biggest lies, if not THE biggest lie, in American politics and she gets away with it! I am a big fan of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, but I am very disappointed that they have not exposed Sarah’s fake pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I took the comment to mean "minority": as in those who believe that Bristol is NOT Trig's birthmother. I read the comments by "Fly on the Wall", they were only in the PD comment section for 1 day. Why were they only on for 1 day? Maybe they were moderated out? There was some good discussion that day though. Why is it that when people in late December of 2008 were talking about "Where's Tripp" and there was much discussion about Track Palin being the father. Then all of a sudden: comments from the Johnston family came out, statements from SP came out, etc. Does make a person wonder about the "fuss" all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to "Fly on the Wall"'s comments on PD...

GinaM said...

Pro-Choice...two people come to mind about your question about why Keith or Rachel hasn't said anything about Babygate. Connie Chung and Dan Rather.

ella said...

ProChoiceGrandma said...
"Ella, the majority of the American population has not even heard about the fake pregnancy! The MSM has not put anything on the news or in print about it."

EXACTLY - that is why I said that the majority is uniformed.
MSM will not "go there" YET. The recent video of a PG Bristol in NY might help. I hope that Andrew Sullivan posts that video (he has been the most visible person to stay on this story). Drip drip drip - we will get there.

GinaM said...

Hmmm....have been hanging out at PD for the last couple of hours looking for "Fly on the Wall" comments. WHEW...551 comments on that thread. Anyway this is what I found and it's EXTREMELY interesting in light of us talking about the ICK factor.

Fly on the Wall said...

To Alex: Yes, thank you! Some good old fashioned common sense! It is also not so far fetched of a conspiracy theory to assume that it might not be Sherry Johnston but Mercedes “Sadie” Johnston! Can you imagine how mad SP was when she found out about the MySpace page? She might have put the pictures up on MySpace to show them to Track Palin because he wanted to SEE a picture of his son (or officially adopted brother).

LisanTX said...

More thoughts on post by Anon. @5:43:

when anon. mentioned "papa" Heath, here is what I thought of:

"Papa" Pilgrim is the name a high profile psychopath in Alaska called himself (real name was Robert Hale). He raped his oldest daughter over several years and abused and terrorized his 4th wife and 15 kids. They lived in a remote area in Alaska and the terror went on for years before it was discovered. He died in 2008 at age 67.

ADN article----

Hmm, more potential puzzle pieces.

GinaM said...

LisanTX...thanks for that "Papa" Pilgrim link. What a horrible man. I did notice this comment:

They described his angry outbursts, his drinking, his "corrections" on the whipping barrel, and his teaching that it was OK to steal, poach game and lie to authorities.

OK to steal, poach game and lie to authorities. Sounds like Papa Heath teaching his daughter Lil Sarah...

trish in SW FL said...

Patrick--thanks for the explanation of what's happening w/the Truthers site. All I knew was I suddenly couldn't get there anymore, and then I saw Morgan's 'maintenance' post at PD.

Regina, thanks so much for allowing the discussion of the ICKY possibilities--that is totally not allowed anywhere else I know of. As much as I am sickened by the ICK thoughts, I think it's important to consider and discuss it--and HOPE that is not the Truth.

Something else I remember that seemed a bit strange--back in late December, there was a "Maternity Nurse from Wasilla" who showed up on Mudflats with the news of TriPP's birth. Anyone else remember that? I can't remember if s/he ever came back in or not? Might have been one of SP's minions?

I remember there was some doubt as to whether the "Maternity Nurse" was correct, or just trolling. Seems that person had an IP from NY?
Shortly after the "Nurse" made the birth announcement, it came out in one of the celeb rags (People??) and ADN.

I still think Trig was born much earlier than Apr 18th...and TriPP may or may not have arrived late December. Either way, it seems obvious that Bristol is most likely the birth Mom to BOTH babies. No freakin way that Scarah birthed Trig.

Anonymous said...

It's late, and I am getting ready to go to bed, too tired to look up how old Sherry Johnston is. But I was thinking that she was a few years younger than Sarah. Maybe 42 years old? In other words, she was potentially born after the Heath's had moved to Alaska if she is under 45 years old.

Did the Heath's settle in the Wasilla area right off? And was that where Papa Heath was teaching? And was Sherry born in the Wasilla area?

If Sherry was born in the area after the Heath's moved there, the possibility could exist that Sherry could be a half-sister to Sarah and Aunt to Bristol, Bristol all along never knowing it. Some recent research showed as many of 25% of children were not fathered by the husband/"official" father.

Maybe a young Papa Heath was a coach way back when and was overly close to one of the athletes, resulting in a baby who might have ended up raised by the mother and some other "father"?

If this were the case it could be a secret to many, but it's also possible that a few within the Heath family might know the truth. SP might know and not like it at all that Daddy has another girl out there, even if virtually nobody else knows.

A family member of mine recently found out she had a half sister she had never known about, a later child that her father had after abandoning his "first" family. The younger half sister had hardly any family left and wanted to make contact, but my family member wanted nothing to do with her.

I also found out recently that a different family member had a baby at around age 18 many years ago and put the baby up for adoption. Her children she had later on after she got married have no idea. She would like to find the adopted out child, many years later, but her husband opposes this so I don't know if it will ever happen.

Both of these two stories came to my ears only recently, after the oldest generation in the family had all died off. The family members revealing these secrets of their own(and some of this is STILL being kept largely secret in our family) are all over 60 years of age.

The point is that there wasn't even anything really ICK about either of these two situations and still secrets were kept for many years. But eventually the truth came out.

Anyway, recent discussions about Bristol's resemblance to Sherry got me thinking about whether there is any possibility Papa Heath could be Sherry's father.

I was also reminded of how people have commented on how there are a few "look alike" cousins to the Palin girls who show up in photos from time to time. Makes a person realize that there could be cousins of the girls out there both known and unknown... Maybe Levi and Bristol are cousins and don't know it...

NakedTruth said...

Anon.@ 10:22, I think there is a connection between Sherry and the Palins or the Heaths. Papa Heath is a very powerful man in Wasilla and has been for many years. He is a very creepy guy to me and since he was a high school teacher that's creeps me out even more. I know here in my state (down South) we hear about a male teacher going with a student almost once a month and that's only the ones we hear about.

Take a look again at Sherry's recent mugshot. Bristol looks just like her. Also to me Sherry looks a lot like one of Sarah's sister's that I once saw in a photo. I think it's the one with the 'special needs' son that lives in Anchorage. Papa Heath just might have been a 'rolling stone'.

So if Sherry is Sarah's half-sister, then Levi and Bristol could be 1st cousins. To be honest I would hope this is the case instead of the Track/Bristol scenario. I still think that Trig being born with DS was enough to make Bristol and Levi freak out and Sarah to fake the pregnancy for good healthcare for Trig and of course, for her own political benefit of giving birth knowingly to a DS child. I don't think it necessarily has to be an incest scandal. But who knows with this disfunctional family. I won't rule anything out.

Anonymous said...

NakedTruth, this is Anon@10:22. I just wanted to say that your scenario is pretty much along the line of what I have been thinking.

Also, in most cases, if a minor on a health insurance policy has a pregnancy, the pregnancy care is not covered. Usually pregnancy and the baby's care are covered only for the primary and/or spouse, not for a dependent.

Even if the pregnant dependent then goes and gets her own health insurance, the pregnancy will be a "pre-existing condition", and so any health problems present at the birth of the baby will also be considered pre-existing conditions and so that care will also not be covered.

Now it seemed to me that some time ago some laws made it so adopted newborn infants would be covered the same as if they were born to the adoptive mother. In other words, a woman who is a primary or a spouse on a policy would be able to get an adopted baby covered. Any insurance experts here who can say for sure if that is the case?

Because that rule might just be on a state by state basis, and even if it is the case everywhere it would require correct paperwork in place ie some place there would have to be records of the adoption. Of course all that would be private with the privacy laws regarding medical records and adoptions. But if it is true, it would make give even more incentive for SP to officially become the mother of Trig.

The other thing I was thinking is that I have read that Down's syndrome is associated not just with maternal age, but with PATERNAL age as well. I am not sure if there are enough studies to consider that a fact yet. But makes me wonder about a possible older FATHER being the one who contributed the genes for the Downs Syndrome, with Bristol still the mother. If anybody knows more about PATERNAL age contributing to Downs, it would be interesting to know.

Eileen said...

Came here from PD to see the MTV Bristol video. Read comments, mature discussion of Palin gore and ick. Didn't know it was taboo over at PD and honestly it stinks to have to think of it.
A factor folks are avoiding and I will bring it out since I live in roadless AK village and white mom of Native Alaskan, enrolled tribal member young son, live within a extended Athabascan family...
And that is the high rates of rape, incest, dom. violence, pre-teen sex, alcohol, family dsyfunction throughout much of AK. I love Alaska but let us be real here.
And yes, within Native communities. Various socio-economic, political, western culture impacts etc are unfortunate factors as we all know.
Which brings us up to the unknowns of Todd's upbringing, his interaction with family members as he grew up in various AK locations...Get it? What about his male family members in the Anchorage area who has contact with family? Todd's influences on Track?
Related point to think about is any connection Todd has to Native reporter Andrea Gutsy who had the only 'closing argument' photo of Palin posing in that giganto pregnancy prop belly. What a scoop for this young reporter, eh? Why was she picked?

Sometimes a first time visitor on a float trip would make a is awfully pretty here...and I couldn't help but think: Yeah, and it is pretty AWFUL too.
In the bush you stay strong, keep a set moral code for yourself and children that need to be nurtured and know that raising them to walk their talk is the most important thing.
Until recently,I was a foster parent via Tribal Court for a 3 month old relative until he was almost 4 years old. Success story and now with his dad doing well.
Teens can manage to get into all kinds of trouble and have challenges and temptations, bad influences now that I never had to encounter. When this hoax bursts open-it could be any number of (icky) deceptions revealed.Wasilla is not much different from life bush teens have. good comments, Patrick, PCG and TT.