Thursday, 27 August 2009

Looking into Sarah Palin's mirror

This landed on my comments box:

Lambie has left a new comment on your post "Sarah Palin's ineptitude":

"Franklin Graham's circus" ?? Look in the mirror, Regina. What did you or your crowd DO about the plight of people caught for six weeks in the energy crisis in western Alaska? You blog while people starve. Some people carp, and some people act. If Franklin Graham taking action to deliver food and supplies was a circus, then I say less blogging and more circuses.

Dear Lambie,

The bloggers collected thousands of dollars and organized food and supplies boxes to be sent to more than one village, the ones actually affected by the energy crisis, not the two villages where people were amused and very surprised to see Sarah Palin arriving with the Evangelical circus, bearing boxes of food, pamphlets and some cookies. They were grateful, but didn't need them. What Sarah Palin achieved with her photo-op trip was to insult a village elder from Emmonak, one of the villages facing hardship.

None of the bloggers involved in the appeal went to the villages for a photo-op, they just helped publicize the villagers plight and made sure they received the help they needed some 6 weeks before Sarah Palin and attending circus made any effort to help at all.

We forged lasting friendships with some Alaska Natives and have started another appeal on behalf of a dear friend who lost her husband recently. She has one little daughter and is due to have another baby in November, facing a very bleak winter without her beloved husband as she's unable to hunt or earn enough money to heat her house or feed her children.

We blog for a reason, a very good reason. We were the first ones to turn the attention of the rest of the world to the crisis in Western Alaska and we haven't stopped after a photo-op. Donations poured in during those 6 weeks from all over the world and we will continue to be vocal about the problems the villagers face each winter, about all the issues that affect their livelihoods, such as the salmon by-catch by industrial trawlers from out of state that ruined the villagers ability to fish and sustain the local fisheries.

Unlike Franklin Graham's circus, we didn't flood the villages with Evangelical propaganda, our help had no strings attached. We respect the villagers religion and traditions, they don't have to worship at our altar. We helped people out of human solidarity and don't need temples built or any recognition or grovelling gratitude.

The villagers don't know our faces or our names, we don't need the publicity, we have no hidden agenda. We preserved the dignity of a very proud people because we didn't demand any public show of gratitude, we accepted their friendship instead.

Yes, Lambie, I look in the mirror. What I see is a face that doesn't need to be photographed, a name that doesn't need broadcasting. I am but one of the thousands of people from all over the world who look in the mirror and like what they see and only wish they could do more. We sent what we could to people thousands of miles away from our heated, comfortable homes.

I don't know what Sarah Palin sees when she looks into her mirror... but I guess it's not pretty.

How about you, Lambie? Where did you send YOUR money? SarahPac? The Alaska Fund Trust? The Samaritan Purse?

If you did, go and have a look in the mirror. You will see the face of a sucker.


Anonymous said...

Lambie, you're an idiot.

Excellent response, Regina.

Dianne said...

Beautiful response, Reg. I was among those sending donations when Sarah was doing nothing.

Lambie, I agree with Reg. If you gave any $ to $P, when you look in the mirror you see a great big Blow-Pop looking back.

get real said...

You want to know who the MOST ignorant people are on planet Earth?

Palin supporters.

Absolutely and positively. Education, heard of it?

Anonymous said...

Robert Stacy McCain, the right-wing blogger who currently attempts to blackmail Audrey at Palindeceptions and demands from her to shut down her blog (otherwise he has threatened to publish some kind of inconvenient information about Audrey), has co-authored a book about "Sex, Crime and Corruption in the Democratic Party" together with a woman called Lynn Vincent.

Amazon link:

And who is Lynn Vincent?

Nobody else than the author who was recently picked to write Sarah Palin's multi-million biography!

I smell a rat here.

Anonymous said...

Excellent response.

nswfm CA said...

A sucker without critical thinking skills, one who is intellectually dishonest and can't even do some basic research. Well done, Regina.

midnightcajun said...

To follow on from anonymous above,Robert Stacy McCain used to work for the Reverend Moon's paper, The Washington Times. Moon, incidently, is a member of the Council on National Policy, a wingnut group that wants to turn the U.S. into a theocracy. Another prominent member of the CNP (along with LeHaye and Oliver North) is Graham. The Council also has close ties to Scientology. I've heard of six degrees of separation, but this is getting to be a closed circle.

Anonymous said...

Why are they so keen to shut up Audrey?

One has to wonder.

Anonymous said...

@20:05. ITA. They (Stacy McCain, Lynn Vincent, et al) are confirming Audrey's validity. They are not very bright.

I wonder if Lynn Vincent's book on Sarah will include a chapter on rehab/nips and tucks?

RunninL8 said...

I love how these Palin lovers just cherry pick their info-like they cherry pick from their bible.

Cutting response, Reg. great job!

FEDUP!!! said...

Great response, Regina!

Lambchop: We as bloggers - collectively and individually - helped those bush-country villages way before they were on the radar of $arahcuda.
We, individually and collectively, sent money and food to the villages w/o knowing the people personally. We saw a need, brought to us by a village elder and broadcast by bloggers. We went ahead and emptied our cupboards to send their contents up to Alaska - often at quite high costs to ourselves. We went and raided our bank accounts/piggybanks and sent checks up to the different viallges to help with their outrageous fuel bills that were imposed on them, thanks to your dearest leader, $arah and her idols, the oil companies.

We did not go out into the limelight and broadcast what we did.
We do not expect any cudos from anyone.
The knowledge that we helped some people in dire need is enough of thanks to us.
What have YOU done, Lambchop? I guess you sent YOUR money to $arah - who already is rolling in $$$ and is trying to squeeze more out of you and yours, so she can keep on dining on lobster and Champagne in exclusive NYC restaurants, and so she can afford a face lift, paid by your willing and misguided donation to her PAC or trust fund (whose trustee can do with it whatever she wants to, besides giving part of it to $arah and her family).

Anonymous said...

Lambie, you are both bitter and wrong.
As a blog reader from Canada, I could not take advantage of the special US mail rates to send food as many hundreds of the other blog community did, but I did donate early.
Nick Tucker, the Emmonak elder, wrote a letter January 10 asking for help on behalf of the village people. The Bristol Bay Times printed it and it was picked up January 12 by the Progressive Alaska Blog and all the others. Within a week, donations and food parcels began to flow in from the readers of these blogs.
Sarah Palin’s much publicized visit was made on February 20, to a village not as much in trouble, using the Samaritan’s Purse planes to deliver food, much of which I think was collected in Alaska cities by a mix of religious and secular food drives. The airlift was worth doing, but so late that adults going without food so their children might eat could have died.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Sarah and Saint Frankie showed up... was the BLOGGERS brought attention to the situation.

The bloggers did more and sent more than Sarah and her Jesus freak Franklin.

Lambie... go pull your head out of your ass

Regina... good response.. it should have been much harsher in tone.. Lambie is an idiot

Anonymous said...

Regina.....BRAVO to your wonderful response to the whack-a-doodle Lambie. Geez.......people spouting off without having the facts. We need to remain vigilant against nutjobs like this to EDUCATE them.

As for them trying to shut Audrey up......we all know why...she is telling the TRUTH and the truth would be devastating to the Quitter Queen. I am reading more and more about incest being involved regarding that first baby. If that is wonder they want to silence Audrey.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Lambie, thank you for your are a fine example of palin followers "Idiots" "incapable of critical thinking" wingnuts, and just plain stupid...Regina was Far too nice to you..!

Midnightcajun: according to Leah Burton's "Theopalinism" book CNP Chose palin and told mccain SHE would be his VP! It is a very RICH group of religious wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

Lambie, you sound as ignorant as your buddy Sarah Palin. You Palin followers are completely brain dead -- Just like Palin is brain dead.

what up? said...

So did Stinky McCain win?
What happened to Patrick and the Truther Team?
Audrey will blog no more?

That will be an interesting story. I hope they don't act as shadowy as the Palins.

AlaskaGal said...

Well, I'll be damnedied Lambie. Evidently you are not from Alaska or familiar with Alaska bloggers. The bloggers helped the people in the villages long before Palin ever thought of it. When the photo op with the Prevo/Graham circus came to town, then Palin jumped on the circus plane to have her picture taken. "Wow! Another photo up for cutsie little ol' me!" It was not out of the goodness of her heart to help people in villages, it was, "What's in it for me?" So, come back and comment again when you know what you're talking about. Otherwise, fall in line with all the other Palin pawns and throw your hard earned money and your support down a bottomless pit.

basheert said...

Hey add me in this group ok Lambie-pie! We live in the great SW (that would be go south and west to the bottom of the map) and we sent donations WAY before SP figured out the villagers were in trouble so she made cookies.

Say all you want, she is a useless pile of dog manure who doesn't give a damn if people starve or drown.

Let me guess, you sent your money to her?

Stupid move Lambie-pie - then again, most people who have their heads up their asses are pretty stupid and you sure fit that bill.

Please feel free to drop in any time and lie through your teeth ok then sweetie?

Patrick said...

@what up?

Stinky McCain will never win. He doesn't realise yet that Audrey is just one of many Trig Truthers, and even if Audrey would stop blogging, it won't change a thing.

Since she started blogging in September 2008, Audrey has managed to educate lots of people about babygate and brought this highly important issue into the spotlight which otherwise probably would have been forgotten. The achievements of Audrey are invaluable. And I do hope that Audrey will not be intimidated by McCain or anyone else.

And stinky McCain doesn't really care too much for facts. A few days ago, he invented a bogus charge against me and wrote a long blog about it (this guy is truly nuts!), and I did my best to use this opportunity in order to explain some aspects of the "case" which the Trig Truthers have against Sarah Palin.

The truth is that babygate is real. We are not loonies. During the investigation, the PD team has received a solid amount of inside evidence from Alaska. In my opinion it would be a mistake if the details of this inside information are held back forever. We did not just interpret pictures. We are in contact with some very knowledgable people in Alaska.

One of the biggest problems seems to be that nobody wants to go on the record in public, although we know that there are several people in Alaska outside the Palin family who know the truth or vital parts of it.

All the inside information I have seen for myself clearly points to Bristol as the mother of Trig. I will go so far to call it a fact that Bristol was several months pregnant in December 2007/January 2008. I have mentioned this several times before. I begged van Flea to sue me. Nothing happened. And nothing will ever happen. I believe that the ONLY reason why Sarah is not letting her lawyers loose and why she is not showing the birth certificate is the fact that she is not the biological mother of Trig.

However, we are all not professionals. "Citizen journalism" can never be perfect. Fortunately, some bloggers who are investigating babygate have realised by now that information has to be carefully checked before it's being published, because some sources who are talking to you and who you trust might not always tell you the truth, but might tell you what they want you to believe - especially if the "source" comes from a "party of interest" and could have his own hidden agenda. Believe me, I know very well what I am talking about here.

So I can very well understand that some people here who are watching from the sidelines might shake their heads in disbelief why babygate hasn't been revealed in public yet, although so many facts are already out in the open - even without the inside information being published.

OK, after so many boring explanations, I have actually some new information for you, which has NEVER been published so far.

We discovered already quite a while ago that Bristol Palin was a member of the audience during the MTV-show "TRL", which was filmed and broadcast on 8th October 2007, when Jennifer Lopez was the guest in this show - it was during her trip to New York, when Sarah took Bristol with her (originally on the taxpayers expense, maybe that's one of the trips where Sarah has paid the money back, I am not sure).

It's almost a miracle that nobody else has discovered it so far - see these pictures:

(it's definitely 2007, not 2008 - there are mistakes in some of the captions) you can see, Bristol looks not exactly "small sized" - in accordance with the pictures from 14th September 2007, which I assume most of you have seen.

These ones:

Please look also at this video from the event, which we fortunately have, although only in bad quality - look at exactly 1:37 and 1:43:

That's when Bristol is standing up.

Not exactly small sized, as I said.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the food Alaskans need. The laws are not protecting the Alaskan citizens or the land. Alaska is abundant in food substance and heating oil. Shameful.

What happened reflects SP's religious teachings. Take over and starve til people move or profess their way.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, nasty McCain cannot fight the truth and either can Sarah.

Do you know anything about who the father is??

What is really sad is that Bristol is living a huge lie. She and her children will never have a normal life because of this. Sarah cared more about her poltical ambition and money than her daughter or grandchildren. That is what is so sad. If any incest is involved, forcing your daughter to lie and stay silent is emotionally abusive. That is not protecting your daughter, not at all. Incest continues in families because of this kind of secrecy. So sad.

Is Trig getting the therapy and treatment he should be getting?

If Stacey and McCain are blackmailing anyone ,that speaks volumes about the truth. Such stupid men with a stupid sick woman $carah behind them. Scarah will do or say anything for the dollar, won't she. Even sacrifice the emotional well being of her family.

Kyra said...

I'm from California, but have supported the Alaska bloggers by linking from my blog, writing articles about national issues I care about and that I think deserve attention, and am extremely grateful for Regina, AKM, Shannyn, Gryphen, Celtic Diva, and others for keeping the spotlight on SP as she is obviously not going away.

In addition to the situation in Emmonak, it was the bloggers and volunteers with trucks (thanks Hope!) and donations from all over the country who helped out after the ice disaster in Eagle, not SP or the state. I could go on and on with Alaska issues that have been dealt with because of attention brought by bloggers.

All I'm able to contribute right now is my voice, and it's fading, but when we join together, we move mountains. Be careful when you attack. Bloggers do their homework and their research and on the progressive side at least, we have facts on our side.

jo said...

I think the $650,000 of found money for the homeless after $P left office also speaks volumes about her character. What you do to the least of them is how you treat Jesus. Mathew 25:31-46

Kyra said...


This triggered a post (rant), so if anyone is interested, it's here.

I did name it "Let's Attack the Messenger: Rock On Regina" :-) although it's about GOP tactics in general coming from a blogger perspective and thank you so much Lambie for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

If you truly were unaware of all these things that the bloggers organized and did, then I can see where you are coming from. Now that you know, however, you owe Regina and everyone who helped an apology for your comments. I don't know if you were just trying to be magnanimous about Palin's efforts or you are a true Palin follower. If it is the latter, you most definitely have been taken for a sucker.

Patrick said...

I have now added annotations to the video I mentioned above - it's now easier to figure out where and when Bristol Palin appears.

Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, those pictures are dynamite! Bristol looks chunkier than Sarah ever did. Her midsection shows one of two things: two many ice cream and cookie treats- or- maybe the rumors about Trig being hers are true. That, or Bristol is one of the few people who displays wild weight fluctuations. Iremember other pictures of her where she is really thin. Wow, great work!

Helen said...

Well, where's Lambie now?

Lambie - while this is an overwhelming response, you are welcome to come back, and admit that now that you've gotten more of the facts you understand that you didn't have the whole picture.

It would be the right thing to do.

Patrick said...

Anon 2:38

Yes, I fully agree!

It's worth to look again also on the comparison between June 10, 2007 and September 14, 2007 - the change in Bristol Palin's body size (who used to be a very active, sporty girl!) is more than obvious in these pictures. And I know that it WASN'T COOKIES AND ICE CREAM.


These pictures here:

the problem child said...

Thanks, Lambie. I donated on the first day this travesty came to light. When did you make a contribution? To anything worthwhile?

basheert said...


We're waiting here - to hear from you how much you donated to the Native American causes?


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, I am so elated to see the 10/8/07 NYC pictures of Bristol! Hmmm, now Bristol is wearing a black skirt with a white overblouse, looking a bit thicker in the middle than the 9/14/07 First Family Photo where she was wearing a dress. Is there any way to change the contrast of the white blouse?

The video also has a pretty good view of Brisol from 3:05-3:10.

When you say “we discovered already quite a while ago that Bristol Palin was a member of the audience during the MTV-show’TRL’…” I do have a question – How long ago was “quite a while ago” and what was the purpose of holding on to these pictures until now?

Anonymous said...

What I sent to Emmonak:
soup mixes
chili mix
pasta and sauce
baby items
drink mixes
macaroni and cheese

What I sent to Sarah:
One cent, representing exactly what I think her contributions to this country (and starving, freezing Alaskans) were worth.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, thanks for calling out Lambie. Well done!

Helen said...

Memo to Lambie:

Unlike the websites that you are used to, here you can't get away with being uninformed about issues by using a cute name.

Do some further reading and research please! If you have time to write a complaining email, you have time to google and read a bit further first.

GinaM said...

This slipped past us...this is for you Kajo :). Sean Corkerham has a post dated 08/25/09 titled: "Palin's Yankee Tickets: $4250.00" The Yankees tickets were for Palin, her husband, Todd, and daughter Willow.

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

I believe I have found a photo that hasn't yet been associated with Palin's deception. Here is the link to AOC April 2008 newsletter that shows Sarah 5 DAYS before the Andrea Gusty photo. scroll down to page 13

The bottom right photo with her holding the plaque is the money shot (vertical zipper= no baby bump).

Please delete this comment if you were already aware of this photo.

Have a good night

KK said...

Hi, Melissa--Here is a link to a post at the PD blog where this photo was discussed. It was actually determined to be from 2/2008. It is a telling pic, even so:

regina said...

****8 PLEASE NOTE****

Let's not increase the traffic to certain nasty blogs by posting their links.

We know they're researching some of us and being very unpleasant with it. But we don't want to give them extra readers, do we?



Virginia Voter said...

Patrick rocks! Anyway, funny coincidence re Bristol's appearance on TRL...Jennifer Lopez was also still hiding her pregnancy with her twins at exactly the same time. Notice how J Lo gingerly walks down the steps in those high heeled boots.

Funny how we never saw Sarah or Bristol walking down steps or ON ICE that cautiously.

Shimmy said...

You think kleptomania makes Sarah Palin delirious? She rummaged under the bed while you were gone and stripped a rusty oboe just to teach you a lesson.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Virginia Voter, thanks for saving me the time to look up J Lo. I noticed the way she descended the steps and the curious outfit she wore.
That show was on Monday 10-8-07, do you happen to know what time they do the show?
Sarah and Bristol were in NYC 10/7-10/11 (5 days, 4 nights). The link to the article that I had saved no longer works.

Patrick said...

PCG, Virginia Voter and others:

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback! To answer the questions, the MTV "appearance" was discovered by a member of the PD team already a while ago - the starting point was a rather cryptic remark in Sarah's official schedule for 2007.

As far as we know, this MTV show was taped and broadcast on the same day (8th October 2007).

As you will probably all have noted, this "appearance" on the MTV show was never mentioned ANYWHERE by Sarah or Bristol - and it certainly would have looked a bit odd, as the trip to New York was originally financed by the Alaskan taxpayer.

And I am sure that Sarah didn't want to draw any attention to Bristol's general appearance in October 2007 - because it is obvious that the belly was growing (and if you are a right-winger, dream on and believe that cookies and ice-cream were the cause).

For the same reason, the "lost" official "First Family Christmas Portrait" which was taken on 14th September 2007 was basically never used in public (with only one known exception), nor published on the official website - to find it, it was necessary to take a really "deep dive" into the "inner core of the internet" - a dedicated member of the PD team finally found it after a lot of research in a database to which the access is very restricted - it was really pretty well hidden from public view.

In case somebody doesn't know which picture I am talking about:

This MTV material wasn't published so far because we tried to get hold of a better copy of the video clip (unsuccessfully!), and then people were occupied with other issues. But now it was about time that people get to see this material, because as PCG rightly says, it connects nicely with the pictures taken on September 14, 2007.

It's further proof that very, very strongly points to Bristol, who was a very sportive and active girl and then suddenly "ballooned" in the summer (!) of 2007.

If anybody has good connections to MTV, please give me or Regina a shout! I still would love to get hold of the original high-quality tape. Before it mysteriously disappears... ;-)

comeonpeople said...

Well written level headed repsonse to a pathetic accusation. Nice rebuttal.

sandra said...

Lambie may have realized his/her error by now. I hope that will mean some contributions to the funds this winter when the villagers will certainly have problems again.

I think for some people it is difficult to imagine that people will make donations because they want to. I was telling a woman about sending the food last winter, and she wanted to know what church group I was working through. She could not understand that I was concerned about hungry people.

KaJo said...

GinaM said @ 28 August 2009 05:27 ...This slipped past us...this is for you Kajo :). Sean Corkerham has a post dated 08/25/09 titled: "Palin's Yankee Tickets: $4250.00" The Yankees tickets were for Palin, her husband, Todd, and daughter Willow. Here is the link:

Thanks, Gina, but you know, you have to take ANYTHING that the Palins say with a grain of salt... maybe a "dose of salts"...

I don't know who they think they're kidding. There's no way in h3ll the value of 3 behind-home-plate-dugout-to-dugout tickets in the 2nd row are only $1,417 apiece. I believe the Palins have reason to fudge on that amount anyway -- but $4,250 is danged close to what I'd expect TWO tickets to be valued at.

Only 6 weeks before the Palins (all TWO of them, in my opinion) attended that game at Yankee Stadium, the NY Times had an article about the cost of tickets at the new ballpark, which had just opened.

Here's a quote about the pertinent seats, behind home plate, those "owned" by Rudy Giuliani (courtesy of The OTHER Boss, George Steinbrenner, I believe they were "comp" tickets):

"...the front rows of Sections 17B to 22, which bends from dugout to dugout behind home plate and includes the 100 most expensive seats in the ballpark. They range in price from $2,500 to $2,625, and the Yankees have had to spend money advertising their availability."

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Thank you Regina - I'm sorry I missed this yesterday, but what a fun find this rainy afternoon when I needed a boost in mood.

Lambie the moron - it's good practice to do a little research before spitting out an accusation on a detail oriented & well researched blog! Lambie - you seem to come from that group who would rather continue to build your paper house no matter how hard the rain is coming down. Good luck with that, eh?

It filled me with gratitude when Regina reminded me of all the efforts by folks near and far to bring their compassion and interest to the story of our very ignored, and misaligned Rural Alaska neighbors.

We have a chance to do this right in Alaska, to get to know and respect our Alaska Natives and others who are truly living and breathing "The Great Land" every day. There is much to learn, much to tell!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick I need to go back and check out that vid of Bristol...however it will just validate what I know...When the whole brohaha came out, I saw a comment in the SF chronicle from a person Mt. cat, he said he had a friend in wasilla, a lawyer, who he had just recently visited, and that, the lawyer said, it was "common knowledge in wasilla that Bristol was pregnant not Sarah"
I had posted on Palin's deceptions but no one picked up on that.