Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sarah Palin is pure entertainment

In the photos above, we have Megan Fox in various tongue poses. $arah Palin's tongue also had a few outings, as we can see below.

Twitter, Facebook, People and Esquire magazines, Runners World, prank calls, interviews, word salad, assorted photos - you name it - $arah Palin never fails to provide us with great entertainment!



Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin - the face of CRAZY in the 21st century.

I don't know what she actually "is," but I know she's not a professional politician. Nor a Journalist. Nor a true Christian.

Anonymous said...

Regina, you did it again, thank you!bik

Anonymous said...

sorry, i don't know where the bik came from^

basheert said...

I disagree - I don't think she is funny, amusing or entertainment.

I think she is psychotic, dangerous and violent. The thought of her anywhere near American politics should scare everyone with even half a brain.

It was entertainment.

It is now becoming distracting.

Virginia Voter said...

She is a true fame whore, just like all the other tabloid queens like the Gosselins and Octomom...who use their children for personal gain.

Welcome to the dregs of society Sarah

basheert said...

OK I must admit - I copied this from IM because I believe ProChoiceGrandma needs some good vibes - she took the chance and copied this from the Peeing in the Sea people - just to show the level of illiteracy that is juju and others (thanks PCG - you made e laugh!)

"Here is a sampling of the below sea-level brain power of some $arah Palin’s C4P ardent fans. H/T to Patrick for capturing this for posterity, one of the funniest yet! For those of you new here at Immoral Minority, “juju” is a frequent troll, but always worth a laugh:

juju, July 24, 2009 11:51 PM
Did you read that report by Daly??
"Several longtime picnic-goers said this year's picnic crowd dwarfed last year's."
I wonder if this is a true statement
or just the usual reporting where the reporter can't help trying to put something in the report that is negative.

tuffy, July 24, 2009 11:57 PM
I think that means it was much larger than last years.

TommyReport, July 24, 2009 11:58 PM
"Dwarfed" means a lot larger.

juju, July 25, 2009 12:06 AM
Oh..guess I am stupid. I thought it meant the crowd was smaller. Just shows you a person is never to old to learn something new. Like dwarf meaning small.

Lakerfanalways, July 25, 2009 12:20 AM
Wait a second, dwarfed, small"

Anonymous said...

C4p = Really Dumb Club.

Can you imagine giving your $$ to Sarah Palin in 2009? These people ACTUALLY DO.

basheert said...

The Van Flea letter is simply a threat - in order to sue for libel you have to prove that what Gryphen posted was not right and he knew it and that he did it to defame her.

It will also generate tons of money for $arah$leazy - she has been ATTACKED AGAIN and WE MUST SEND MONEY.

Dumb does not begin to describe these individuals.

Anonymous said...

anyone who blabs about her famous glasses because of eye issues.. just needs to look at photo 2 (one of many i've seen)

Is there not a bigger wrinkly bulge of upper eye droop going on here?
Glasses hide the wrinkles.

In photos of her in her 30's no specs...

Now if she would take off her glasses and wig.. even with the fake chicklet teeth.. mmm hmmm frightening

Yes I am a petty little thing... :D

OH one more tidbitty.. team sarah photos have some in hi res.. i blew one up and those little whisker hairs were there! Newsweek wasn't photoshopped to add them

regina said...


These "just for fun" posts serve to remind us that she's incompetent for higher office (or any public office). She's dangerous, but we can't forget how ridiculous she really is.

People started to ridicule GWB after he was president. If we start to ricule $P now, perhaps the voting public won't make the same mistake again...


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Basheert, but the kudos goes to Patrick. He had posted it on TT. After reading all the crazies posting at Gryphen's, it reminded me of Patrick's post and how fitting to re-post it there for everyone to see the rampant ignorance of C4Pers. Glad to share, that's all!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Patrick, Regina, basheert, PCG, etc., THANK YOU. My family doesn't understand why I "still" care about $P. "Because... she's... dangerous...!" I bellow.

Mr. B actually asked me for a one-minute precis of where she is and why we should care. Just in case it comes up at work, say. When I described the AFT to him, and how $P refused to give back the swag, his brow contracted sharply. I know that look, you betcha. (Sorry.)

I then remind them that as a child, I saw Nixon and Reagan slink away, defeated and angry, only to stage Voldemortian returns "greater and more terrible than before." Because $P is dumber than both of them put together. Because she appeals to a new, feisty dumb corner of the base.

It's a sad and terrible thing to be right about something that you can SEE coming.

Anonymous said...

MrsTB - You nailed it - and I do think it important to illustrate what a farce this woman is as a candidate or leader of anything. She has in ignorant and dangerous following. When she stops attempting to gain influence over my country and its laws and how we live I will stop paying attention to her.

I am still astounded that the powers that be did not stop that debate with Biden when she made a mockery of the process by refusing to even attempt to answer the questions. And when much of the MSM analysis afterward was that she held her own - on what planet?

So yes, I think we have to maintain vigilance and essentially hoist her on her own petard.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out what Sarah gains by getting rid of Todd. He has appeared as a faithful puppy, following her around, smiling adoringly at her-- if any one would get fed it, I'd bet on Todd.

Financially, this is going to cost her alot of money. Todd is in a position to bargain for half of that book deal and any future earnings.

One question to ask is whether Sarah has someone else waiting in the wings. Someone giving her political advice, offering to guide her career in the right direction. The only single one in her fan club appears to be Ziegler, what a catch.

I can pretend that Rupert is giving her some advice. This is a pretend conversation, based only on imagination: "Listen, Sarah, I'll make the book deal even more money. Wave some at Todd and you can be rid of him and go on to bigger things." (Too bad that Rupert is married; what a catch).

I just don't get it. Todd flew in to be by her side at the hastily called resignation speech. Did something blow up in the last couple of weeks? Or, can we believe the rumors that this was falling apart more than a year ago, and it got put on hold with the possibility of being VP out there. Sarah may have stars in her eyes, dreaming of her new radio, TV, book career, the lecture circuit for hundreds of thousands per appearance, but every decision that she makes appears be even more disastrous than the previous one.

Virginia Voter said...

Mrs. TB & Bree...agreed. When Sarah's disciples say we are "afraid" of her they are right. We are afraid Sarah will keep on getting propped up by the GOP spin machine who exalted Nixon, Reagan, and GW Bush to power as "puppet presidents" for their neocon agenda. Bush made a mess of our economy, international relations, and our image abroad that will take years, not months to undo. He brought us into a war of choice which has cost billions of dollars and tens of thousands of innocent lives.Sarah would be 10 times worse than Bush, because she doesn't even have half the intellectual capacity (which isn't much).

Sarah can serve up her own special stew of racial hatred, end of times, creationist,global warming denying, real America vs fake America crap on Fox News, write a book, and gallop off into the Montana wilderness with millions of dollars for all I care. But she can never and will never hold any type of elected office. After Bush, we can't afford to get fooled again.

Emily said...

You forgot one small-but-good instance of funny-- click my name for the image.

True, Palin is dangerous, but I think treating her as a laughingstock(she sure does deserve it) takes away some of her sinister power. Not to mention the "laugh to keep from crying factor", and the fact that she's just so bizarrely over-the-top that laughter seems the only sane response.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Palin crazies comments today have me itching
Here are some real beauties..

AND yes! she is sinister, her followers are really nutcases. Throw in religion .. yikes I can see one of them showing up on someone's porch with a shotgun. the meantime here:

Granny shouldn't hold her head like this.. gravity is taking it's toll

Did her buttox get chopped off?

Oh Sarah Dee.. has cellulite?

AHH the knees!

Der's the pinup girl without the fancy lighting
(not so dainty without the 9inch heels)

ok my evil streak is quelched

Anonymous said...

oops some tiny urls didnt work.. i tried


Anonymous said...

sorry! last then i go for good

Patrick said...

Thanks everybody for giving me all the unexpected kudos and h/t today, I really appreciate it. I just try to do my best, like many other people who spend a lot of time and effort on exposing Sarah Palin, and I would especially like to thank Regina again for running this excellent blog, and I know that she won't rest until the ugly truth about Sarah Palin has been finally revealed.

LisanTX said...

Anon., above, gave some great links to the outtakes from the running magazine photos of Palin. Here is a funny one--1) look at all the fake hair 2) real runners run with their hair down, you betcha, 3) I could go on but check them out. Regina, you can find some funny ones for a post. Check out 201 and on.

couldn't resist, here is another funny one

LisanTX said...

Regina, Here is a picture that I hadn't seen until now. This view is very revealing:

242 and 243 are very similar

Anonymous said...

LisanTX the ones of Bristol
She is 5 months along I am supposing
Here is a 17 year old with a normal prego body.. she was a skinny, athletic teen ..but the body still did its natural thing

and then you go Granny Pants after being stretched out 4 times
Her body is so darn tight her body doesn't show?

and the runner photo, first one
Think ole Sarah was hopin' for a nice cleavage shot.. all you saw was a sunken in chest.. probably was like OH POO! scratch that one!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure what would upset Sarah so much that she would banish Todd to the couch, drive off from the picnic without him and maybe be talking divorce (ok, let's just say splitsville).

Here's a crazy idea. Please weigh in if you think that there might be even a shred of believable truth in it. It just came to me like a shot out of the blue.

What if Todd has gotten someone pregnant, and she is keeping the baby, maybe even trying to cash in. With Sarah busy either governing, tweeting, speaking, trying to progress her political career, a guy can get lonely. An affair could be easily overlooked, but if that good women didn't believe in terminating a pregnancy, there's going to be a big issue down the road. She might even be the kind to talk. Sarah has been so busy crafting her image and trying to sort out her daughter's soap opera that this surprise hit her hard.

It has been suggested at another website devoted to the premise that Sarah was not pregnant with Trig that there was a possibility that Sarah was covering for a child that Todd might have fathered, a child that turned out to have DS, a big surprise to one and all. It came around the time that McCain became the Republican presidential candidate, and having a special needs kid would enhance Palin's image and solve the Todd problem. I think that this theory is a very long shot; most of the betting seems to be on Bristol & Levi as Trig's parents, but there is enough mystery in that story that we can't say for sure

So, if you have an opinion about this guess (it doesn't even rise to the level of rumor), go ahead and write in. No trolls, please, you guys need to come to terms with the reality that Sarah is not going to be the next great star; she can hardly handle her own life right now.

Emily said...

Regarding the possibility that Todd was having an affair(and regardless of Trig's parentage), there's another factor which I think might be involved in the alleged divorce. Now, take this with a grain of salt: according to the National Examiner tabloid newspaper(which linked it to her resignation, though this rumor's been around since last year), Sarah's having an affair with someone named Brad Hanson. If Sarah was really hiking the Appalachian Trail-- and again, I have no idea if there's any truth to that claim-- then both her resignation and this divorce make sense.

Melissa said...

Can anyone tell what she's holding in the last jogging shot of hers...where she is standing next to the flag? Are they binoculars?

Anonymous said...


Those are her ubitquitous blackberries.


Eileen said...

I want us to find out the name of the happy go lucky funny fellow who worked at the turkey farm and kept turning and grinning and showing the soon to be headless turkeys to camera. He is an unsung hero in calling to attention how lame a choice Palin was and how oblivious she is to how she comes off.
Body Language experts-doesn't sticking your tongue out a bit show deceit/lies?
Keith Johnston-Levi's dad-how does he figure in all this... relationship with Bristol? How come he is so lowkey yet his marriage broke up at significant time etc?

Eileen said...

I want us to find out the name of the happy go lucky funny fellow who worked at the turkey farm and kept turning and grinning and showing the soon to be headless turkeys to camera. He is an unsung hero in calling to attention how lame a choice Palin was and how oblivious she is to how she comes off.
Body Language experts-doesn't sticking your tongue out a bit show deceit/lies?
Keith Johnston-Levi's dad-how does he figure in all this... relationship with Bristol? How come he is so lowkey yet his marriage broke up at significant time etc?