Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Make up your mind, Sarah Palin.

$arah Palin's quitspeech in Fairbanks on July 26:

It is because I love Alaska this much, sir (at heckler) that I feel it is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics as usual, lame duck session in one’s last year in office. How does that benefit you? No, with this decision now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, for truth. And I have never felt like you need a title to do that.

Meg Stapleton, Facebook on August 1:

Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

Thomas Van Flein, August 1:

Does she need a title or not?

Come on, $arah, either you fight for the truth as plain $arah Palin, no titles, or you should have thought twice before giving up the title of governor. You quit. No more governor, ok?

On the other hand, the person you keep referring to by his surname alone does have a title and a proper job. He's the President.


ohmygod said...

Holy cow, Palin is a hypocrite!

I cannot believe it. Say it isn't so. My world is crashing down around me. Don't know if I can go on any longer...



basheert said...

Whoa Regina - typo in your heading! Should be make up youR mind!

Yeah well, she never has, why should she start now?

How long will she be quiet before she stirs the hornet's nest again? Her minions are getting restless.

Dianne said...

So, she leaves the job but refuses to give up the title. Isn't that kind of like getting a divorce but still saying you're married? Oh - perhaps that is in the plan also, too.

Anonymous said...

She cannot make up her mind. She does not have a mind. She runs on instinct and other people's money.

regina said...

Thanks Basheert!

Doing too many things at once.

My son is a fitness enthusiast and never stops eating, so I'm cooking, entertaining, blogging. Something is bound to go wrong. I hope our dinner turns out ok...

We've managed to go to the beach today. That was lovely.


midnightcajun said...

Her constant confusion of "office" with "title" was funny enough. But now that's she's clinging to the title it is truly hilarious. Or it would be if she wasn't so obnoxiously nasty.

Emily said...

I think Palin's still using the title of "governor" because her job has become what she always wanted it to be: just that, a title, with none of those pesky responsibilities attached. She wears it like a "Miss Wasilla" beauty-queen sash, and hopes to gain another one reading "President".

(Hope dinner's all right, too, by the way.)

regina said...


Dinner was good, a tweaked recipe for cassoulet. Everybody enjoyed it. They're now watching "Ugly Betty" on full stomachs.


trev said...

Hmm, can someone file an ethics complaint about Palin using the title 'Governor'?
Her reaction would be hilarious.

lisabeth said...

Trev, she is allowed to use it apparently so that's not a great idea(IMO anyhow-sorry) but ....she still is a huge hypocrite for using it! She mentioned it a few times-that she didn't need a title.

She is unbelievably disrespectful to President Obama and to our federal government. I guess some people just hate our government. I don't, I appreciate all that they try to do. What I hate are greedy unethical politicians and Sarah is one of the worst! It's sad and pathetic that the people giving her money don't realize it.

basheert said...

I grew up believing what goes around, comes around.

I keep hoping I see it soon.

This trainwreck needs to get hauled away and tossed in the trash heap where it belongs.

CC from far away said...

Regina, mmmm cassoulet...I'm sure it was delish.

Yes indeed, Basheert ... karma is a boomerang and I cannot wait for it to return with a vengeance and take her and all her bots out!!!

Gee... I sound so bitter.. *smile*

Helen said...

C'mon, you are asking the improbable - how can the mindless make one up?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see O'Reilly? MURDOCH! faux news. Gryphen's picture and discussing a lawsuit. That's not the bad part. There are to be other pod casts of Reihl saying outrageous things. They must still be in e-mail communications. This is serious and sickening.

How old is Murdoch's wife? This is just confusing but what's being thrown out there is awful. I haven't heard the pod cast but that is where the dirt is said to be.

Anonymous said...

Sarahs behind it. They have no case!!! None!
It isn't serious -they want to shut people up and that is more illegal then anything Gryphen said!
Plus if there is a lawsuit Sarah will be deposed and have to prove Trig is hers. There is no case and stop trying to shut down bloggers!

Anonymous said...


The tv part is their typical destroy whoever.

Did you hear what they are saying on the pod cast? What people are saying about it is devious. It is serious. I don't have Gryphen's email, I suppose his a lawyer is on this. That needs to be downloaded in case they later loose it.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen is smart. This is all about money. Many others have said worse (much worse) and there has been no lawsuit. And there won't be now. The thingbis Gryphen is telling the truth ! She has no case! She is having these guys be the bullies just like she did with Todd and Wooten.Sarah thinks she is so clever but she isn't. She is becoming very obvious in her abuse of others! And she is a nobody now, not a governor. You are going to see more and more Crazy Palin stories coming out now people do not feel threatened. Her lawyer is an ambulance chaser if he sues Gryphen after the thousands of much worse things were said and by the MSM!!
Murdoch just doesn't want his investment ruined. Those guys are easily tied to Murdoch and they are stupid and making mistakes.They are going overboard and saying things that can be disproven and what they write about our president is far worse than anything Gryphen said. If you want to help report the unAmerican words of McCain and Diehl to the FBI. They are very focused on right wing extremism that could lead to violence. Making up out of the blue that someone is a pedophile with the malicious intent of effecting their work is illegal-it is not free speech. Also save their twitters in a screenshot, podcasts and posts and send to Gryphen .

basheert said...

I'm guessing that Gryphen is "on" this - there are many of us doing just what you suggested.

You all DO realize that SP wants to shut YOU up too? This is all a tactic by the right wing crazies to make an example and get a legal ruling to SHUT people up.

But why is there no case? Why is there no lawsuit?

If SP is truly "in the right" and it's about Gryphen's post, what is the point of threatening Gryphen's life in a schoolyard?

Because he said she and Todd was "split"?

Sorry, last time I heard, advocating mob violence and murder because of a rumor of a divorce seems a bit harsh even in our society. And so far Gryphen has chosen to stand his ground.

Tactics people.

This is what you see. It's not going to work because if Gryphen caves, the whole blogosphere loses the right of Political Free Speech under the Constitution.

On the other hand, killing someone is still illegal and advocating someone being killed has been proven to be a rabid right wing tactic.

Be careful out there. This isn't just debate and arguing. These people are seriously going to turn into killers. And the politicians will pay the price for whipping all this up.

Tabloids, blogs - what's the difference? If it's not true, you ignore it and it goes away and generally if it's a lie, readers also leave.

SP is really a dangerous psychopath. She makes Hitler look sane.