Saturday, 29 August 2009

Will Sarah Palin show up this time?

Economic Club announces 2009-10 speakers

The worlds of politics, sports and journalism will come to Lake Michigan College beginning next month as former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former First Lady Laura Bush, Michigan State University head basketball Coach Tom Izzo and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman address The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan.

In announcing its 2009-10 speakers lineup Friday, the club offered the teaser that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin might speak to the club.

Palin, who recently resigned as Alaska's governor, has not begun accepting speaking invitations. But when she does the club will invite her, said Club President Michael Cook. If she accepts, she would probably speak in May.

When the time comes (and it's a long way away), the day before Sarah Palin is due to speak, Meg Stapleton will say they never heard anything about any speech.


(more about Sarah Palin's avoiding public appearances here)


Teutonic13 said...

For Huffington Post’s “100 most influential People” I voted for Sarah Palin-

Below is my rationale’ :)

“I would like to nominate Sarah Palin as a game changer in the field of high (and low) tech media / communications.

She through her actions, has established the “LOW” end of the bar in terms of establishing and maintaining transparency and forthrightness as she negotiates her way through the murky waters of political cronyism and a self serving agenda.

She has become the the line in the sand that demarcates the difference between unscrupulous versus unwavering. Sometimes it is just as important to become the antithesis of noble, and thus the standard bearer for ruthless. It gives us a moral compass by which to raise our children, and set an example of what NOT to do- or become.

Thank you Sarah Palin for your relentless commitment to this vainglorious effort.

Your use of twitter and myspace in lieu of meaningful person to person exchanges, demonstrates your mastery at exploiting this medium as a tool to spout your loathing and contempt so imperiously to the huddled masses.

Hiding behind a computer is your Wassilla basement is a cowards way out in terms of pointing fingers at others while avoiding well deserved scrutiny.

Thank you Sarah Palin for showing us the road that shouldn’t be traveled. In that way, you have been a beacon that instead of beckoning- warns us away from the Abyss.”

Virginia Voter said...

Wow, I read that article you linked to. It is very revealing. Sarah has been avoiding appearances and tough questions from the media for years...and also lashing out when she is criticized. She loves to dish it out, but she sure can't take it.

It looks like she's been using "progress" as one of her buzzwords for quite a while, also, too!

Anonymous said...

Almost three years later and they still can't get it right...

October 11, 2006 - 9:16pm | ilovelucy

Excuses Excuses

Too bad the Palin campaign can't keep their excuses straight. That's what happens when you lie - you can't remember it later.
They also had dueling excuses when she didn't show up for the Chamber function. Curtis said she personally knew a soldier who was leaving. Sarah said she didn't know anyone, just thought it was more important.

It shows a frightening degree of immaturity and irresponsibility unseemly in a candidate for Governor.

GinaM said...

I'm reposting this from the "Sarah Palin's Dad thread"

Make sure you press the link that takes you to the ADN article that has a copy of the email. The comments are VERY interesting. Here's some examples:

October 15, 2006 - 10:00pm | opal

No doubt you and Sue

are looking into Palin's campain expenditures as closely? Trying to create an issue where is none? A little sleight of hand? Yes, because it deflects attention from meatier topics like Palin's meltdown in Girdwood with some union stewards or her absence meeting with the Native Corp CEO's--all due to unpreparedness? Boy, that gives me confidence in her.

| flag this »

October 16, 2006 - 8:31am | wakeup

What did happen?

Since the Anchorage Daily News has its reporters on far more impactful, important issues such as, um... well... feline ownership spats and the like, there has been precious little reporting on the governor's race (for shame). Pray tell, what did happen in Girdwood at Palin's meeting with union leaders? I've seen this meeting/meltdown referenced on numerous blog entries but don't know what occurred. Does anyone know?

October 16, 2006 - 9:41pm | opal

I heard

Knowles and Palin were guest speakers at the Shop Steward Leadership conference in Girdwood. Once Knowles began speaking Palin realized the event wasn't what she thought it was. Caught off guard and unprepared she was heard bawling out a staffer over the phone. Apparently when it was her time to speak, Palin composed herself and made it through her speech. Anyone else have more details??

October 16, 2006 - 11:17pm | justintime

Meltdown at IBEW

Reportedly Palin expected 15-20 people at a meeting and when she showed up and there were 200 she went into the restroom, screamed at her staff, and burst into tears. My friends in attendence were not impressed at all, and they were undecideds.


Anonymous said...

Reminded me of her quitter speech...

October 13, 2006 - 6:43pm | Peggy_A

I was embarrassed for Sarah Palin, she was out of her league and knew it. Instead of valid answers she offered advice from great grandma, or launched into a narrative that had no relevance to the question. I waited for her to redeem herself but after each question her voice got higher and her speech became more rapid. The crowd responded to her with silence and subdued clapping.
At the end she bolted for the exit as Tony and Andrew met with the crowd.

GinaM said...

Oh Lord here is another link to one of "no shows" during her Gov's race. How was this woman elected??? Anyway does this excuse sound familiar?

Palin spokesman Curtis Smith said Palin's sorry she can't attend.

"I'd like to state for the record that she never agreed to do so," Smith said in an e-mail. "As you can imagine, her schedule is extremely packed. I told her she'll have to get used to visiting the UAF campus to present the Governor's Cup for the next four years."

Here's the link:

sandra said...

She must suffer from panic attacks. Apparently there is a certain amount of exposure she can tolerate, but anticipation of any failure starts the panic mode. This might explain using the children as props. She feels as if she is invisible and can avoid the panic.

Could anyone imagine this m.o. for the President of the US?

GinaM said...

sandra I may have to agree with you on that one...panic attacks sounds about right. Anyway here is another link to a good ADN article this one titled "Nevermind". Make sure you read the comments. Folks are still saying the same thing today.


GinaM said...

I'm sorry I just have to post's just so FUNNY.

October 17, 2006 - 10:12am | mike_l

bad grammar

I want to know if her staff is intentionally allowing her to distribute literature full of basic grammatical errors, or if they are grossly neglecting their duty? Maybe some knucklehead thinks her grammatical errors somehow allow us simple people to identify with her more??? I don't know, but I just can't imagine allowing any candidate to crank out literature full of third-grade-level grammatical problems. If this is "strategy" she is getting taken to the cleaners. How can you lead if you can't spell and use proper grammar? She ain't no Huey P. Long and she ain't no George W. Bush. In the end, it comes across as messy and juvenile. Is this the "new guard" of the R Party??? know what they say. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...

Who's Your Daddy?

October 17, 2006 - 11:17pm | alaskastraightalker

New Energy for Alaska? Transparency too?

Sarah Palin claims to want transparency in government. Yet, if her campaign is any example, Alaska will be back to secret meetings and limited access to public documents as quickly as you could say...Fuhs.

Why do I say that? Palin handed out a document yesterday to the school principals' conference. Unlike Knowles, who distributed position papers on things like K-12 education, preschool education- issues one would expect from a candidate for Governor, Palin copied something posted on her website that was, especially in the context of a principals' conference, a little strange- and slapped it on her letterhead. When its distribution was reported on this blog, what do you think happened?

That's right. The Palin campaign took it off their website. Quickly.

I think it's great that Palin loves her parents. I'm sure the other candidates love theirs as well. The question is: Wasn't the candidate for Governor prepared to hand out her positions on critical issues facing our schools, instead of a document which indicates simmering anger over an event which occurred over 3 years ago? And why did the campaign attempt to cover up the existence of the document? Is the speed in which it was removed from the Palin website what they mean by new energy?

Anonymous said...

$P is on the VVS schedule for September 18th (same time slot as Star Parker). This should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

She is afflicted. Add panic attacks to the list.

The world is filled with unhinged, crazy people. The thing is when the local papers and people get duped into lifting them up into positions they can't handle and overlooking their disasters and the cover up starts to take over. The media must start to treat her like any other relevant nut. Any group that would have Dick Cheney would be sucker enough to toy with Palin. The media needs to let them know she dooms what she touches, it's part of her mental illness.

If there are any reasonable media people left, they must start to see this for what it is and say it. There are examples of her disintegration and the nuts that follow her. The media needs to ask if she will be around after April 12 and warn people not to get dragged down by the suckers who buy into her games. She is mentally ill. It is irresponsible to report as if she can make an announced public appearance by next spring.

Her controllers will have many of these sucker bait gigs to keep her name out there. They need to keep pretending SarahPac is about a candidate. Send money to SarahPac, send money to AFT. Send money.

It is serious that she disappeared. The media must report and find out what is going on. They need to stop acting the fools. Remember what happened to Martha Mitchell? It turned out she wasn't actually the crazy one. She was kidnapped by controlling Republicans. They wanted to shape her into their concept of a political wife.

The way that Meghan Stapleton was so out of control with the last disaster I'm thinking someone is trying to separate them. Sarah could be at the mercy of Chaney for all we know. They tried to control Martha with booze. They could do the same with whatever pills Sarah takes.

The media needs to find out why the whole family is missing. The children could be in serious danger. They can be manipulated by being told they will be home schooled as they go on shopping jaunts or to recreational activities. No one has seen them? Not a word from Todd? Are the ghost writers working? Any messages like watch Glenn Beck?

The two old gramps going to white supremacist centers is absurd. Chuck is an irrelevant nut that is a flashing neon light saying look at how dysfunctional we all are. He is saying "Where is Sarah"?

Next he will be saying "Who is Sarah?"

debinOH said...

Gina, OMG thank you so much for that link. The comments are priceless. I don't know how McCain's people missed this stuff when they vetter her (not).

She is clearly no different now than when she was running for gov. I tried to link the "who's your daddy" pamphlet they were all talking about with the grammatical errors, etc. but it is no longer there (at least if you follow that link). That I would LOVE to see.

GinaM said...

Deb you are is the link for the "Who's Your Daddy"

I recommend that you don't have anything in your mouth while you are reading this...otherwise it will end up ALL over your have been warned.

On another note, Geoffrey Dunne has a new post up on Huffington Post about Sarah.

Here is the link for that:

The picture of her is AWESOME.

Off to "The Google" to look up Martha Mitchell.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

OMG, you all have discovered a veritable goldmine of the incompetence of Sarah Palin! McCain's campaign operatives obviously did not vet her one iota. I am curious what a potential candidate is asked to fill out in the way of a disclosure form describing circumstances that may be problematic. Sarah was only required to fill out the short-form because she was cute and winked. If they had ACTUALLY vetted her, I can visualize a cartoon of a continuous-feed computer printout list that falls to the floor and trails out the door……
I would like to know if William Kristol knew any of this information.

GinaM said...

HAVE MERCY..poor Martha. I think her and Chuck Heath might have a lot in common. According to WIKIPEDIA:

Martha Elizabeth Beall Mitchell (2 September 1918 – 31 May 1976), wife of John Mitchell, United States Attorney General under President Richard Nixon. Martha Mitchell was famous for her phone calls to the press about matters the Nixon-era conspirators wanted kept under wraps. Eclipsing her husband as a household name[citation needed], Martha's portrait appeared on the cover of Time magazine in 1970, and later on the cover of New York magazine in a glamor shot supervised and photographed by Francesco Scavullo.

[edit] Life
Martha Beall was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to cotton-broker George V. Beall and teacher Arie Elizabeth Beall (née A. E. Ferguson). Martha graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1937. Her talkative nature was noted even in her high school days, when the comment beside her picture in the yearbook said:

I love its gentle warble,
I love its gentle flow,
I love to wind my tongue up
And I love to let it go.

GinaM said...

From Wiki...

Dubbed “the Mouth of the South”, Martha Mitchell

What must "THEY" call Sarah?
The Quitta from Wasilla?
The Creature from Lake Lucille?
The Fool who couldn't be Schooled?

The possibilities are endless.

debinOH said...

Gina, Okay I found the whole thing. I don't even know what to say. I had my son read it too & we were dying. It REALLY REALLY explains a lot. It completely makes sense why she fires or gets people fired who cross her in any way. I hope that Mr. Dunne (yes, I did read his article on HuffPo) found these gems to add to his book.

The only thing I am shocked about is why she didn't quit after McCain's adviser told her that he wasn't going to address Todd & his AK secessionist party stuff. It does explain why she started ccing other people to help her though.

She IS seriously even scarier & crazier than I thought.......How in god's name did Alaskans ever vote for this woman? I know three people were running but still. It probably was because of her church base because there is no way any sane person could have voted for her.

GinaM said...

Remember she was BACKED by the Republican Machinery. Who knows maybe the votes were tampered with. Because based on what we all have been reading she HAS NOT CHANGED.

Anonymous said...

I just read most of the ADN stuff, too. Thanks, Gina.

It makes it clear PALIN HAS BEEN CRAZY FOR A LONG TIME. Sarah Palin: Still Crazy After All These Years

And the addition of Palin to the GOP is the most cynical & desperate move I have ever witnessed in my life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have said:
"And the addition of Palin to the 2008 GOP ticket is the most cynical and desperate move I have ever witnessed..."

AKPetMom said...

I fought so hard against her in her run for Gov in 2006....I had to fight many of my friends who are actually fundy xtians that send their kids to xtian school and thought the world revolved around SP.

They laughed when she won gov and told me to basically "suck it up". They crowed when McCain picked her for VP.

I can't help but think that I've finally won a victory now that she's flaked out.

I hope you all read the old ADN article and the comments that accompanied it. She was considered not reliable then and not reliable now.

The sad thing is there were enuf alaksans that thought she was the solution to vote her into the Gov office. Some of those are eating crow now...some not.

The thing is, most Alaskans just considered her "better than Frank Murkowski".

She wasn't better than Tony Knowles (whom I worked long and hard for) or Andrew Halcro.

She was merely the republican that was "better than Frank" and that's how we go to where we are today.

Thanks Alaskans...I live amongst you and sincerely hope you've learned your lesson.

Anonymous said...

Now she was trying to be Presidential material.. well VP to an old geezer

And this is how she reacts ... Sarah first
What happened to Country First? that billboard that followed her during the campaign

We can't have a bipolar or whatever she is pres...she's proven herself time and time again..yet the flock still bow to her? lawdy me

GinaM said...

The TRULY crazy part is that her nutty followers really BELIEVE the woman is going to be PRESIDENT. Yes, President of OUR United States. Now that is truly scary.

And yes AKPet...I read ALL the comments from the ADN. Truly bizarre.

midnightcajun said...

So she was showing signs of mental imbalance even before she was elected governor? Christ. McCain ought to be run out of government on a rail.

OT, but GQ--on the final page of this month's edition--has a one page article ripping her to shreds.

Anonymous said...

When Lindsey Lohan went into rehab, it was a 30 day program. And, it didn't work out so well because I think that she's been back again, or at least does the same crazy stuff that got her there in the first place.

I thought that I would look up the famous Betty Ford Clinic, since I know nothing at all about this subject. Theirs is minimum 90 days. It takes that long to detox plus add all of their other programs. Betty Ford Clinic is in Rancho Mirage, CA, near Palm Springs. Just a thought.

For total contrast, I remember Sarah's appearance on Saturday Night Live. Loren Michels, the producer, was so impressed with Sarah's total confidence and poise. If any phrase would apply, it would be Sarah's "I didn't blink."

That supreme confidence, her ability to address a crowd of thousands, walk through them talking and signing autographs is the total opposite of the insecure, unhinged person who cancels important speaking engagements, rattles off a manic speech to quit, twitters childish notes and disappears. In the old days, people might call it manic-depressive. I think today it's Bipolar, which certainly needs treatment and medication.

It makes no sense at all that her family doesn't know her whereabouts. She is easily recognized, so she is not out in public. As a matter of coincidence, I a currently vacationing in California near San Diego, and there has not been one Sarah Sighting on TV on in the papers. (And, believe me, I am reading the paper and watching TV because the temperature goes over 100 degrees F every day, there has been a drought and the vegetatation is so dry that it could burst into flames with a simple mirror).

If she was said to have been seen in NY with her book agent, you'd think that she'd be in the California equivilant of NY's Michaels, being seen and being written about. She loves publicity. Long story short, I am betting on Betty Ford or a similiar longer term rehab (longer than Lindsey Lohan's). There's no contact with the outside world, and there is total privacy for the people there. Just a guess. Oh, yes, and if she looks a little younger when she gets out, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Anonymous said...

GinaM, ProChoiceGrandma, Virginia Voter, debinOH, AKPetMom, Teutonic13, sandra, midnightcajun and everyone this is a fascinating thread and with good links. Regina is always thorough with her research and unique summations. The comments are a bonus.

I remember about Martha Mitchell because of my Aunt Lola. She would tell stories and laugh so hard. The name always stayed with me. I know they called her crazy and tried to shut her up. The kidnap story was big. She got no respect. She eventually went away. I don't think she was vindicated during her life. Eventually, it was said she was right.

She is not like Palin. What she was trying to talk about was how the Republicans operated, what was happening. Martha actually did stand up to the corrupt bastards. She was trying to expose what she knew. It was the battle of the sexes, too. Wimin don't know what they are talking about, she was to keep quiet and not mess with the man world. She had to go. It is funny that today Dick Chaney is still around. He is pals with Palin and he doesn't like to disclose where he is.

Palin hasn't been kidnapped and gone to a hotel room in California but they are trying to retool her. Someone has her set up in a gilded cage I betcha.

Richard Nixon said to David Frost “If it hadn't been for Martha Mitchell, there'd have been no Watergate.”

GinaM said...

Anon @ 6:02 Sarah was last seen going into the Fox Building in NYC. She may be at the same rehab that ole OXY-RUSH went too. There is no such things as coincidences.

PS. Um... FYI Lindsay Lohan came out of rehab and "discovered"/"admitted" that she was a Lesbian.
You don't mind.

Anonymous said...

GinaM@06:16 Sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone. People are seen to enter Fox, but they never come out. Or do they? Maybe they are changed and get a new GVS face. Or they leave CNN (think Glenn Beck) and turn into a raving loonie.

The fact that Sarah was trying to get her Face Book crowd to watch Glenn Beck speaks to her Fox loyalty connection. Uncle Rupert does own Harper Collins, and one of his boys, Glenn, just lost 36 sponsors.

When I began to look up serious rehab places on line, they are supposed to take months. What am I thinking- using the word "serious" and "Sarah" in the same post?

Duncan said...

I've always thought Martha Mitchell was murdered to shut her up. Walter Reuther too.

Guess I'm just a nut.

GinaM said...

Anon @ 7:21...I would think the Fox Building is more like The Roach Motel, "they check in but the don't check out" :)

Lynn said...

Worked cleanup at the World Trade Center rubble????
That sounds made up for sure. Random people were not allowed to do that work--it was too hazardous. How disgusting to use the WTC site for self promotion.
That makes me wonder about all the other stuff she cited. Where do they get the money for all that travel on school teacher salaries?

sandra said...

Lynn: As I recall, the Heaths helped with animal control at the WTC. Their knowledge of trapping and hunting was needed for the animals that were settling in the rubble. I think some of their exotic trips were paid for in that way.