Monday, 3 August 2009

Truths and lies in Sarah Palin's world

$arah Palin is threatening to sue our friend Gryphen for libel over a blog post about the state of her marriage.

The bloggers have written much more serious stuff about her since August 2008.

We spoke about her "pregnancy", and some blogs are entirely dedicated to the subject. Not a squeak out of her attorney.

We wrote about her complete lack of ethics, her cronies, her vindictiveness, her clothes, her hair, tattooed lips and eyebrows. Apart from protesting that questioning her ethics is a frivolous pursuit, nothing.

There were many posts all over the place about how she uses members of her family as props and about the babies being sedated for public appearances.

Again, no denials, no threats of lawsuits.

We questioned her mental health on several occasions. Silence.

Recently there have been threats of lawsuits regarding rumours about investigations, but they didn't come to anything.

The examples above were taken from the more civilized blogs. I wonder if $arah Palin had a look at the less savoury ones...

Let's play the devil's advocate for a moment. Let's say Gryphen was misled and reported something false. $arah Palin and her advisors couldn't let this falsehood stand and are taking decisive action.

If this "falsehood" is the only one that warrants a lawsuit, does that mean everything else is true, including stuff from the less ethical bloggers?

Just asking...


Anonymous said...

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Pillow said...

Yes, I think you are right, especially as regards the Babygate blog posts and the blogs whose sole purpose is to expose the fake pregnancy. Palin cannot challenge those blogs because she cannot prove to a court that they are lying about her faking her pregnancy -to do that, she'd have to provide her baby's birth certificate, her medical records and the doctor's testimony.

Anonymous said...

Sue baby sue!

Sarah, you idiot, you need to find better hired help. Van Flea and Staplegun and going to make you the poster child for dumb people.

and it's all about job creation, too.

Anonymous said...

Whisper: I sincerely hope she keeps the staff she has. They have gained national attention as being utterly incompetent. Even I could not believe she, or her staff, blew off the Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley without anything less than a death in the family.

Anonymous said...

Palin is the "Girl Who Cried "Wolf" and one of these days it's going to bite her back. And that will be justice, considering all that she's done to wolves.

Of course she can't file a lawsuit against Gryphen. The National Enquirer said far worse things about her marriage (NAMING NAMES AND DATES) 10 months ago and she did nothing.

sandra said...

Why weren't the remarks about Todd with the gun and Sherry's court date included in the subpoena? The focus was on the divorce. That's the only part they have any control over.

midnightcajun said...

The babygate rumors were all over the place when she was picked for VP, so it was too late to put those worms back in the can. But her threats actually did a pretty good job of clamping the lid on the rumors of a federal indictment, and I think she's looking to do the same thing here.

Todd is a HUGE part of her image. I honestly think a lot of her followers are women who like to fantasize they're her, and part of that fantasy is having sex with Todd (I know, ick), while the guys like to fantasize they're Macho Todd, doing Sarah. And then of course there's the whole Family Values crap and the big happy perfect all-American family image she has worked so hard to cultivate.

The ironic thing is that Gryphen did not say they are getting divorced (although I think Dennis did), only that the marriage had broken down. A lot of people have been suggesting the same thing simply based on body language.

I'm curious--in this day and age is that even actionable? If it weren't for the false personna she has built up, how would that even effect her "reputation"? Isn't it like saying, She dyes her hair? or She has hair extensions? It's not like saying, She's mentally ill, or He's a communist.

Anonymous said...

Warning, Pandora's (Scarah's) box holds a lot of lies and bad deeds. Do you really want to open it?

last laugh said...

Sarah Palin will never, ever file a lawsuit against a blogger or any other media.

The First Amendment gets in her way as a Public Figure. Good thing we live in America!

And if she did really push a lawsuit Pre-Trial Depositions and Discovery of Sarah Palin will expose many, many of her countless lies.

A lawsuit will ruin her at best and put her in jail at worst.

Bring it on, Palin. You'll go down hard.

Kat said...

I'm not defending her staff, but think that blaming them for her incompetence, vindictiveness, stoopidity, etc., is an easy way out for her.

It's been proven over and over that $carah listens to no one's advice, other than the voices in her head. The staff is merely her weird monkey people carrying out "she-who-must-be-obeyed's" orders. If they don't - under the bus with them. Off with their heads.

Thanks Regina! I heart you!

basheert said...

sandra: you're right, the pretrial depositions would be really interesting.

Especially the part about the incident where allegedly Todd draw a weapon on Levi, and that pesky little abuse of office if she interfered with Sherry Johnston's prosecution.

One thing about narcissists like $P, they do not get better. They get worse and they become more pathology directed. She is seriously mentally ill - and everyone who crosses her will get squashed like a bug.

Except of course for the legal matters. She has a high bar to prove Gryphen reported a rumor with malice. The fact that he has NOT complied with the Big Flea threat says a lot.

I believe that Big Flea has found the motherlode - and yet the C4P's are still sending money. Those little letters are undoubtedly very expensive.