Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sarah Palin's ineptitude

SarahPac has scored very low with the FEC, but it's not thought to involve any actual premeditated wrongdoing, according to TPM: "It appears that this is probably not a matter of corruption. Rather, it may simply involve a level of negligence and ineptitude beyond the norm."

Some things never change. I didn't go into any deep research to remember a few other instances of Sarah Palin's "exemplary efficiency":

Her appointed crony had some computer problems with the PFD applications, stuff had to be recovered manually at a vast cost, all shrouded in the ususal "transparency.

She "forgot" to proclaim the Juneteenth celebrations and is now being sued for refusing to make the proclamation retroactively.

Medicaid and Medicare were grossly mismanaged during her two and a half years in office, costing the lives of 254 people.

The energy crisis in Western Alaska went on for 6 weeks after being reported before she decided to show up with Franklin Graham's Evangelical circus and some cookies.

Her APOC disclosure forms are a work of art, written by several different people, including lachrimose whines about "frivilous" ethics complaints. Not to mention her inability to stick to clear deadlines.

Her staff finds it almost impossible to send an RSVP in a timely fashion, leaving events organizers in the wilderness until the last possible minute, causing great embarassement.

$650,000 for programs to assist the homeless were "lost" from her budget, then found after the end of the session. In Anchorage alone, 12 homeless people have died in the last 6 months.

Her "legal" slush fund trust document is a very shoddy copy & paste patchwork that failed to comply with Alaska's ethics legislation.

When appointing somebody to a vacant Democratic Senate seat, she couldn't tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.

And now her SarahPac shows the same penchant for "negligence and ineptitude".

Well, if you're stupid and surround yourself with old high school cronies and other sycophants at the expense of proper qualifications to do the job, this is the result....

Sarah wants to play with the big kids, but she will make a fool of herself until she throws her third grade playmates under the school bus.

If anybody remembers more examples, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

OMG - That is a quote for the ages - someone needs to make a statue of Sarah with that carved in granite at the bottom: "a level of negligence and ineptitude beyond the norm"

Anonymous said...

I love your work. Dugg your post.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh! I remember. . .what about that time she was Mayor of Wasilla and was so inept and made so many costly mistakes that they had to hire a City Manager to actually run things???

Personally, I loved the part where she 'took a cut in pay' - a few thousand dollars - to demonstrate her 'fiscal responsibility'. . .but failed to tie that to the fact that a whole 'nother position had to be created and paid for to cover her behind and mop up the mistakes she made.

Yeah, that one.

Albert Lewis said...

Yeah, I'm sick of ants.

Anonymous said...

She is a staunch Rethuglican - but does not know whether her party is the one with the donkeys or the elephant (see her Democrats' scarf during election time)
She does not know what a VP does - but CAN see Russia from her front porch...

Dianne said...

I read the FEC link. Her PAC donated to McCain and Murkowski "for the 2009 primary election, which does not exist." That's quite the brain trust working there.

basheert said...

Wow - so how many people have to actually die because of her actions, before people begin to notice?

Or is it either they are sick, homeless, or elderly and the state doesn't need them? So hey, let 'em die...Sarah's rallying cry. KILL THE POOR. KILL THE ELDERLY!! KILL THE HOMELESS. KILL THE SICK!!

Wow, that's some cool policies she got going.

EyeOnYou said...

How about while Mayor of Wasilla the Sports Complex was built before the title to the land was obtained, cost the town much more money in the long run, plus a lenghty legal battle.

Or the Various excuses given for why Monegan was fired, all the while claiming it was not a personal reason for doing so. The stories of the reasons varied depending on when and where she was asked about it. She and her staff are not just disorganized, but incompetent.

Anonymous said...

"It appears that this is probably not a matter of corruption. Rather, it may simply involve a level of negligence and ineptitude beyond the norm."

That quote is NOT attributable to the FEC. It was the OPINION of the blog poster at TPM.

Lambie said...

"Franklin Graham's circus" ?? Look in the mirror, Regina. What did you or your crowd DO about the plight of people caught for six weeks in the energy crisis in western Alaska? You blog while people starve. Some people carp, and some people act. If Franklin Graham taking action to deliver food and supplies was a circus, then I say less blogging and more circuses.

EyeOnYou said...

Lambie said...
"Franklin Graham's circus" ?? Look in the mirror, Regina. What did you or your crowd DO about the plight of people caught for six weeks in the energy crisis in western Alaska?

What did "Regina's" crowd do?

Much more than the Governor who ignored to problem until it was impossible to ignore due to the increasing media attention to her refusal to help those who were starving & freezing.

"Regina's Crowd" got together and had donations coming in from all over in both food and money.

The story began when an Emmonak man described his neighbors' plight in a January letter to rural newspapers. The call for help soon spread to neighboring western Alaska villages, amplified by bloggers who raised money to send a photographer to the village, and then coverage in larger and larger news media, including a CNN report over the weekend that hinged on that same photographer's footage.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lambie pie, did that touch a nerve? What did YOU do to help the Alaskan villages? Regina is not even in the United States, but I consider Regina an honorary U.S. Citizen of the Year! Franklin Graham is just another televangelist looking for a photo op with what used to be a popular politician, what's her name.

Anonymous said...

@lambie" out of touch and lacking in knowledge are you? "Regina's " crowd, sent packages almost the entire winter. Sarah Palin made one quick trip with a damn plate of cookies. Why do you defend her to the point that you make yourself and other Palin worshippers look stupid? None of you can speak out of anything but your behinds.

basheert said...

oh Lambie Pie - if you're looking for your brain, it's in your head and you might be able to locate it if you'd pull it out of your ass ok?

We were all donating and sending supplies LONG before SP piled her plate full of store bought cookies, grabbed some form of religious tablet, and decided to go offend some villagers.

Wanna give it another shot Lambie?

Again, first ... pull head out of ass. It helps you think better.

And I'll bet you sent YOUR money to the Ex GINO right?

Daisydem said...

First, the FEC. Then the I ... R ... S ...!