Monday, 24 August 2009

So, Sarah Palin?

Will this be a natural transition? Sarah Palin has been absent for a while now and I can only hope she stays that way until the second button becomes a reality.

Then I could blog about other stuff, widen my horizons a bit. That would be really nice...


Anonymous said...

I would love $arah Palin to stay away for awhile now, also, too.

Regina, I have read your writing on other subjects, and it is very compelling. So please keep writing for us here, no matter what happens to $P.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Well, given the grim stats about not only the homeless but also the folks not supervised by Medicaid who died on $P's "watch," at least she's only responsible now for her immediate family. This doesn't sound good either, but it lessens the sphere of irresponsibility.

Lisabeth said...

HI Regina, wouldn't it be great if she left politics?? There are many other "gates" to write about-serious problems are facing our world. We have crooked politicians everywhere and people who stick their heads in the sand. There are crazy religious zealots and many greedy people. So we hope you please keep writing.

Also even if Sarah does leave politics, what about all these gates? Lying to and taking money from her base plus all the other things she is accused of. I just don't think she should have a free pass, do all of you?

Also to whoever said we delight in thevidea of Sarah having a breakdown, I do not think that is true. For myself, I have tried to feel empathy for her but I just can't muster up much. I think she lied to her loyal fans about many many things, I think she acted unprofessionally to our elected president out of jealousy and racism, and I think she misused her position. I have NO respect for her but I do not wish her or her family harm. Not at all. I wish she could have used her brain and heart to help Alaska and her consevative causes. And if she couldn't do that, she could have resigned with class. Instead she left a mess and did a begathon from her fans-so far it looks like she took the money and split. If she is in a hospital, I hope she gets good help and recovers for her family. I really do.

never stop said...

Sarah Palin is a psychopath.

Never give in. Never, never, never.

She must be stopped from pursuing a public life which affects others. Period.

Anonymous said...

Everyone check out this article. It talks about an ad directed at Sarahs followers telling them to tell Sarah to stop lying.

You can even write Sarah a letter which I plan to do.

I guess the group may not know Sarah isn't the one writing there but it's still good

jo said...

Here is a good read by Frank Rich on right wing crazies.

Frank Schaeffer was right history will hold McCain/Palin responsible for all to come.

I think that goes double to the evil diva of darkness, she has continued her hate talks to this day.

Anonymous said...

FYI...those two crazy websites that went after Gryphen are now trying to "out" Audrey @ Palindeception.
Here are their links:

Anonymous said...

Both of those sites are connected to other right wing kooks. They lie and stir up nonsense among their limited flock. I don't know they can do any harm. Nuisance. They are possibly getting ready for Levi's book. They want to discredit any thing that could support what he would say.

They only need their flock to believe them to keep the money going to Sarah.

It is good to keep an eye on them, I suppose. I think when Gryphen got their attention it came out how connected to people with Con4palin and Van Flein. Stapleton, Manseur and those two work in sync. It might be Sarah knows what might be coming and they want to try and discredit before hand.

Doctor who said...

The guys that run those blogs are crazy but should be taken seriously by Audrey. The men do have some connections but behind their backs some in the media call them dumber than bricks and laugh at them. No one listens to them but their scary stupid thugs

if there wasn't truth to babygate, they wouldn't say a thing! The fact they are coming out now speaks volumes. Babygate is going to break soon and the world will finally know that Sarah did not give birth to Trig Palin.
Those nutty kooks know this already. It's another example of how stupid they are too. They will only bring more attention to the matter in the media so it's actually good.

If people have the emails of Audrey, Patrick let them know! This is actually a great opportunity to bring the truth to everyone.

I feel sorry for all the Palin kids. Imagine having a piece of work mother like Sarah! They are doomed for life without lit and lots of therapy and more.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest comment from that Dan Riehl guy about Audrey.

As best I can tell, she's a rank amateur and perhaps something of a lone troubled type. If it's as I suspect, I had her whole family in less than 2 hours. But I also don't think she's much on the radar, or significant enough to burn down especially with any collateral damage.

Don't get me wrong. If she had a megaphone like *Gryphen did, I'd likely feel differently. But unless something changes, it might be fully appropriate for Stacy to highlight her blog and blogging however he chooses going forward.

But other than perhaps linking it, I'm not sure I want to pile on here. When I take someone down it tends to be severe, for now I'm not convinced it would be unlike hitting a fly with a sledgehammer. And that might not be warranted here. Guess we'll see. It's an open file for now. I twittered her and asked me to email me but she hasn't.

Might be best if she just goes away, or is mostly ignored, other than her inconsistencies being pointed out. If so, I'll likely leave that to Stacy pretty much.

Posted by: Dan Riehl | Monday, August 24, 2009 at 11:33 PM

*name changed by me

Lisabeth said...

The REAL truth is Sarah knows what is coming and the stupid woman does not learn. The baby gate story will now (thanks to Scarah and her goon squad be even more in the media. Remember what Steve Schmidt said about Sarah when she wanted him to "get out in front" of the Todd is a member of the AIP story. He insisted that they should not lie and also to not bring more media attention to it.
Apparently Scarah still hasn't gotten it yet.
How timely for them to go after Audrey. She should be very careful.

Stupid stupid Scarah. Just watch. The goons shouldn't be placing more pressure on her-God she I DUGB

Anonymous said...

Doctor who said...
If people have the emails of Audrey, Patrick let them know! This is actually a great opportunity to bring the truth to everyone.

Audrey's email address is:

Eileen said...

Oh goody, went to the Dan R and Other McCain blogs... but not worth the effort. Bring it on,boys. The facts are on the side of the real truth about Trig. Whether he'll ever know or understand...The more Americans who see the info at the better for our country. The focus on one blogger is a mistake too. Audrey is the host and the brave voice that pointed out that Empress GINO's lack of transparency and honesty. She has common sense, photo track record, and many others who back her up with evidence, feedback and inspiration. Alaskans interact on this site as well. Thanks for the publicity folks, please mention it on FOX too.

Eileen said...

Oh goody, went to the Dan R and Other McCain blogs... but not worth the effort. Bring it on,boys. The facts are on the side of the real truth about Trig. Whether he'll ever know or understand...The more Americans who see the info at the better for our country. The focus on one blogger is a mistake too. Audrey is the host and the brave voice that pointed out that Empress GINO's lack of transparency and honesty. She has common sense, photo track record, and many others who back her up with evidence, feedback and inspiration. Alaskans interact on this site as well. Thanks for the publicity folks, please mention it on FOX too.

Celia Harrison said...

When I first heard about babygate I thought,"those people are a bunch of nuts." Then I read about the time lines, Sarah's wild ride, and most damning saw the photos. I believe it is true that Sarah did not give birth to Trig. If there was not so much evidence that spells out the story they would not go after Audrey. They deal in lies to begin with. They are not capable of seeing the truth.

Todd said...

Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to Trig Palin.

Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Riehl's real job is supposedly with a Fortune 500 company. Which one? Don't know. But he sure must have a lot of time on his hands or maybe the company is directing him to do something.

The other dude lives on the 7day Ad campus near Hagerstown MD where his wife has a day care center for the 7day academy. He does most of his work for the Moonie paper in DC.

Riehl needs to get a real life and do something better in this world. He followed the Halloway case and apparently put a lot of supposition out there that was never proven, but may have hurt people. He's in the marketing game, make things up and push to the limits of truth. Could not really hold a candle to a lot of really, really good crime writers, so he pursues small aspects and blows them out of proportion.

I think both Riehl and the other McCain are jealous of anything the bloggers may have revealed about SP. Kind stealing their stories. If everything is proven true, they will probably be using the info and claiming as their own. Just a rumor, not claiming as valid.

Both are jerks and should stay home and paint the house or something. Take care of their own families.

You have a great blog Regina. So does Audrey. Why someone is so hateful to go after a family is beyond me. Kind of a Mafia mode of threatening.

But keep up the good work.


Patrick said...

Please have a look at my hilarious discussion with Robert Stacey McCain, who made a blogpost about me:

I haven't had so much fun in ages.

Please feel free to weigh in.


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Todd @ 11:55, thanks, but we already know that Sarah is not Trig's birth mother. Now, if you were the REAL Todd Palin, I would ask why you let Sarah continue with the charade and let her throw your oldest daughter under the bus and continue to run her over and over. Was that Sarah's method of teaching Bristol a lesson? Where were you on this - in agreement or afraid to confront Sarah? It's a little late to come forward now, but you could at least pull Bristol out from under Sarah's bus and tell the truth. Just sayin' if you were the REAL Todd Palin.

Kathleen said...


Many of us are eagerly looking forward to a life beyond Palin - I jokingly refer to it as "my welcoming dissociative amnesia".

Personally speaking I'm happy to watch from the sidelines unless Palin decides to run for President 2012 or beyond. It's actually nice out here and I'm looking forward to reading your future posts whatever the subject matter.

debinOH said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up on the Audrey situation with the two nuts. I read their blogs a couple of times during the Gryphen escapade & personally I think they are super jealous. The most responses either of them have has been dismal at best. Must really chap their rearends that the Alaskan bloggers (plus a few others that report on Palin) are so well read.

If you do some research on Riehl's site he has come out & said that he is reporting on something WITHOUT verification which is exactly what he was accusing Gryph of. Both of their blogs are absolutely vile & none of the blogs I read even come close to the hatred that they seem to have for the libs and people they just don't like.

As far as I am concerned anyone who would read their blogs are people who have some sort of mental problems.

I look forward to more posts with or without regard to SP:)

Anonymous said...

I know both of them and they are mentally ill egotistical liars who are full of hate. I feel sorry for their familes-they are both kind of losers, so in this, attacking people who are differerent politically and bringing down people, they have found their calling. Pathetic.

Patrick and Audrey can take care of themselves. These "boys" have miserable lives and have to do someting with their unsatisfied testesterone levels.

Anonymous said...

She stays out of the loop a bit more and another "Sarah" will come along.. she will only be referred to as Sarah Palin ex-governor
No longer.. our girl Sarah!

I remember when Fergie was the nickname (Im old) of Sarah Ferguson ..the dutchess lady
Now its .. well we know

If FERGIE were replaced so easily and that is an odd ball nickname.. Sarah is doomed

Anonymous said...

Went over to the first of the blogs mentioned above, and this RSMcCain guy writing it is getting his clock cleaned in the comments and he doesn't even know it. He may well come to regret sending people to Audrey's blog, as I know a number of people who have realized the fraud SP committed after seeing the evidence.

I agree, this guy is jealous, and more importantly, hoping for more web hits by covering this stuff. But again, something else the author might regret - he is really rather vulgar, and some of the people coming to leave pro-Palin comments are even worse. The vulgarity of that one supposed doctor in particular, and the disgusting language and level of hatred he directs at another person in the commenting thread is truly disturbing.

McCain the blogger sure seems to have a fixation on sex, pedophilia, pornography, etc. How wonderful that his "research" gives him such a good excuse to look at that stuff. McCain's attacks on those pointing out the truth about Palin are starting to take on a striking similarity:

1) the poster is not using their real name, this supposedly reveals that they are a liar!!!! McCain also seems to think he's incredibly clever figuring out that people use internet handles that may be different from their legal name... WOW! It's genius, I tells ya!!!

2) Let the name calling and accusations of sexual perversion begin! Excuses to look at pornographic material or just generally discuss sexual material really seem to give this guy a charge!

Oh, and I think these RSMcCain and his fellow travellers are not reading PD closely enough or perhaps doesn't have good enough comprehension skills, because actually the Gusty photo is NOT claimed to be altered, as mentioned on the page I was reading. It is actually considered a genuine photo but mysteriously shows Palin far more pregnant looking than days before or mere days after. If RSMcCain is such a good journalist he ought to at least get his facts straight on what is being claimed.

But really, in a way, all of that is beside the point. RSMcCain is engaged in a vigorous defense of Palin NOW, after her crazy "Letterman is a pervert" attacks (hmmm, maybe RSMcCain gave her THAT great idea, sounds like his style), after the crazy witch screech Matt Lauer interview in the wake of the Letterman attacks, after the crazy quitter speech, after the crazy tweets, the after the sudden complete disappearance from public view, after the only communication from SP comes in the form of clearly ghostwritten Facebook posts.

SP just up and quit the governship for no coherent reason, promised to be tweeting and working for the good of Alaskans, etc etc. And now she is in hiding, for whatever the reason.

All of these things are the recent facts. What does RSMcCain have to say about that? Probably not a whole lot he can say that makes any of that sound better. So instead take aim at people who are revealing the truth about Palin, go back to the Trig parentage issue, which seems to be the thing that really drives these Palinistas wild. Fail to address the real issues. Maybe everyone will forget how crazy Palin demonstrably seemed the past few months if RSMcCain can just keep people focused on his crude allegations.

I just hope no children read his blog. It's really got some of the most disgusting language on it that I have seen anywhere on the internet, and you can tell he really gets off on that.