Monday, 3 August 2009

Sarah Palin reappears

Sarah Palin made a weekend public appearance after keeping a low profile since she resigned as Alaska governor July 26.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate gave a speech on Second Amendment rights Saturday night at a banquet in Anchorage.

Internet fans have been eagerly awaiting an update from Palin, who has been laying low since she resigned with 16 months left in her first term.

So $arah is not in hiding anymore. And she attended the banquet with Todd! (that's all she needed to do to dispel certain rumours instead of issuing pressers on Facebook and threatening people with lawsuits, drawing attention to the "falsehood")

Yes, we're eagerly awaiting the twit

Although we're not exactly fans.


Anonymous said...

After returning from hiking trails in Argentina, Sarah makes a cameo appearance for the NRA.

Anonymous said...

I hope she's in Twitter Rehab. I told her to "Re-tweet."

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Sarah set in motion the story about the split HERSELF just to discredit whoever wrote about it????????????

Anonymous said...

Awwww looks like she's left those fans high and dry. No new face book messeges or tweets to her adoring masses? :wink:wink:

She got their money, now she doesn't need them any longer...well that is until she runs out of money know that PAC money won't last forever and she'll be damned if she's gonna use her own cash to pay for anything...not while she has a bunch of suckers who are willing to fork over their hard earned cash (well at least the ones who aren't sucking off the government teat like Palin has been doing)

Anonymous said...

The Simi Valley Republican Women claim to have sold 900 tickets @ $100. each. Sorry, no show. 130 gun enthusiasts give $arah free memberships and she's there. What kind of a banquet was it anyway-- they didn't even give her a corsage.

sandra said...

It has been reported that she and Todd plus 2 kids are headed to Sturgis. Wow! guns and motorcyles. What a way to "progress" Alaska and the US. Quite a contrast to Simi Valley Republican Women.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

That is her crowd, you guys. She can relax around the gun people, just like the right to life people, because they ADORE her. She's a narcissist, and the most important thing for narcissists is to be fed their crack-- adoration. She literally can not take not being the center of attention, not being loved and adored, and having anyone dare to criticize her.

The SImi Valley Republicans are a group of very classy women (as Republicans go) -- very old school Republican. Manners, etc. Sarah would never fit in with them, just as she would never fit in with any of the East coast country Club Republicans. And indeed, did not fit in even in Alaska within the legislatures because she had NO class. Remember when she yelled at the aide? You just don't do things like that in certain circles.

She doesn't "get" them and they don't "get" her -- so she'd rather run around with the WAR gay-hating gun crowd trash, among whom she is comfortable. Disclosure: I own a gun -- and I shoot for fun -- but I am specifically referring to the T-SHirts of the gun crowd in Alaska; those red t-shirts that said "racist" on them? along with "gun lover" and a bunch of other Sarahisms about the bible. .

Anonymous said...

I just went to the pee pee group out of curiosity. I never go there because it's really disturbing how dense the people are but I was wondering what they said about Gryphen. It never fails to shock me. The live in a make believe conspiracy world. They really thunk President Obama is behind the bloggers which cracks me up. Where do they get these ideas! Don't they realize how busy a president is today with current problems. He isn scared of Sarah. He laughs at her like we do. Also they really truly have built up Sarah into this imaginary person with integrity and leadership skills! That is what is frightening. She is scamming them and they are blind and clueless. Now that is what is scary! I almost feel sorry for them but they are so harmful and antiAmerican that I can't. They treat and talk about President Obama in very sick ways. They are awful and not patriotic or decent people.if they hate our country and majority elected president so much (it's called a Democracu-majority rules) then they should leave. They are horrible human beings-and stupid about Sarah. Sarah is a white trash con woman-one day I hope they are able to see the truth about her.

Lilybart said...

SEE4PEE should do some research on Sturgis. It is a disgusting display of biker misogyny complete with wet t-shirt contests (Is she going to let Willow compete or try to win the title herself?)

Nice Christian lady at Sturgis.

FUNNY, my verification word is hanglo, Hang Low!!

Anonymous said...

maybe thats why she did that Amer Chopper show
I thought she has millions of invites from around the world..
and she choses that and then this latest gun show.. and now a motorcycle mama rally?

She only goes where she is seen as fresh meat .. though it's not as fresh as it used to be

Can't show up somewhere that requires her brain or to give a little.. hence the Reagan Lady thing ditch

Oh she did do the anti abortion/and special needs kid thing
Had to at least show up to ONE of those things to keep that base rockin'

Wonder if she has her long wig on for this.. all them biker chicks and bikini contests for Todd to gaze upon.. those divorcey rumors bettah not be true! I see her in black leather tryin' so hard
oh i'll stop!

Anonymous said...

She's going to gun shows and biker events. to try to stir up the militia crowd.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin 2.0 = Guns and Poses.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Remember how John McCain offered up his own wife as a competitor for Miss Buffalo Chip to the crowd at Sturgis last summer? Doesn't that seem like a long time ago?

Lynn said...

I do remember that. John McCain offering his wife as a contestant in Miss Buffalo Chip--I looked briefly at a you tube clip from that contest and it was so obscene that I couldn't believe it. Sarah Palin sure knows her base, I guess. I'm getting the feeling she did a Karl Rove/Dan Rather type set up of Gryphen and is now flaunting her "togetherness" with Todd.

Ennealogic said...

I want to see video of Sarah with her arms behind her back catching and sucking that pickle. (From last year's Sturgis event...)

We could make a great commercial out of it, should she ever run again.

WV- oubgon... Oh you, be gone!

Anonymous said...

Who says she is going to Sturgis? There are people putting our fake sightings. I read something about how smart for Sarah to play games with the media and not let them know what she is doing? Whatever she is doing, it spells a quitter that will no longer be taken serious in politics. Except by militia types and the certifiably insane, the base of her new party.

I recall McCain's Buffalo Chip idiocy event. He is a sick man. Cruel the way he divorced his wife. Nancy Reagan never did forgive him. Don't get on Nancy's bad side.

basheert said...

I must agree, the whole thought of Sarah Palin in a room with the Simi Valley Republican Women gave me a fit of laughter.

Isn't that a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies meeting the Queen?

Ignore the C4P's - if they want to throw their money down Sarah's rathole, let them. It is their loss. They live in fantasyland.

Anonymous said...

you guys are right on
I focus on her appearance because I know how easy it is for a woman to use that chord to its nth degree
When I go out not caring a hoot.. I am treated "normal"
I spruce up a bit and it is odd..people stare, people hold the door

So it's a woman thing.. and I wanna see her outted for it especially since she tries to use that lust, fawn thing whilst proclaiming to be a Christian Goddess

but you guys are right
beyond the facade is a real domineering creepiness
The gun shows, the pro-hunting, making her minions (the few million there are in our beautiful country vs. the billions that vote.. we do have over a billion in the u.s. right?)
afraid of the media, calling the Gov. which should be "respected" after all the Gov. sends out the Troops she praises given every opportunity.. are referred to as "the Feds" .. like some gangstah movie
Obama is never President Obama.. she refuses to utter the words. it's Obama or the Obama Administration
Anti- Authority

She has talons and sticks them in hard.. the stint with Gryphen over at his blog.. her lawyer naming his occupation.. and the threats

If someone diminishes her.. she goes for the juggler
Warrior for God.. I believe her faith is truth... But it is based on a weird, screw the bible and Jesus teachings.. that turn the other cheek doesn't work.. Ego is rearing it's ugly head

I want her taken down.. not that I dislike her personally, she just represents and draws out.. the part of society I do not want my child raised in.. I want these people to die out.. evolution.. youth is good.. eventually they will.. kids are smart cookies

anyways.. sorry for pointing out her "cellulite and bags under the eyes" it is a small (insert appropriate innuendo here)..

basheert said...

anon@2:05: I share your concern with her influence in our society.

I have grandchildren - I fear if people with her ideas and idealogy get into power. I do NOT want my grandchildren harmed by this idiot's ideas.

She is very dangerous, but she is also extremely mentally ill. Her pathology is growing more and more obvious.

If we and our nation are lucky, she will self destruct soon.

ella said...

Whoa - NOBODY said she was going to Sturgis, SD. The alledged "sighting" was to SD - SAN DIEGO, NOT South Dakota. Even San Diego is not confirmed (but her ghost-writer does live there).
At this point, Scarah seems to appear ONLY were she is assured of adoring fans (even Reagan Museum was too "risky," as those Republican women are sophisticated and smart). The gun show and the interview with OC Choppers - no brainers, NO dissent. Narcissist NEEDS adoration, and obviously cannot stand any criticism or questioning of her behavior - not even from small-potato bloggers.
SICK yes, but since she cannot bear any scrutiny, not likely she will get far.

basheert said...

SP has proven she is not capable of "going far".

The BitterTwitterQuitter runs at the first sign of nonsupport.

I don't care WHERE she goes as long as she keeps that screechy mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

I agree Ms Palin could have had the splitville put out their to discredit sounds like something she would do.On the other had if it was true they will not do it now because it would show the bloggs find out the truth and no way would she allow that to happen.It would show her for what she is.As for where she goes as long as it is not a run for national office,since she is no longer the governor of Alaska.I don't care what she does except for the NRA thing she could shure rile people up on that.

lidia said...

Found this link at Blow-Pop Palin's. I can't stop watching it, it cracks me up so much:

Parody using a popular current tune; caution, very rude language. Skip the guy, who is sorta annoying.. but the video itself is inspired.

Don't Trust Me .. 'cuz I'm never leavin'..

Anonymous said...

ouch -- the Palinbots don't like this one:-)

it's long, so read it when you can.

Helen said...

lidia - that's one of my fave videos - he got 2 million hits in 2 weeks which is a lot even for You Tube. But if you skipped the end, then you missed Muffins.

Palin reappears "after keeping a low profile" what rock is that reporter under?

Let's see: ongoing Quitstock appearances for 2 weeks, blowing off the Simi Valley ladies, Tweeting as William Shatner's muse, and kicking off her private citizen status with a lawsuit threat, oh yes, Buttercup has been just oh so demure.

lidia said...

Helen: oh no, I saw muffins.. I just didn't need to see it over and over, but the video, yes.

P.S. I found it at NailinPalinNow not BLowPop (just to be precise).

Anonymous said...

O/T. Things must be really slow at Creeps4Palin. VO has been both at AKM's and Shannyn's blog. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Seems like Alaska narrowly missed out on a doozie for AG: "NRA director Wayne Anthony Ross, president of the gun collectors’ group,..." (from the first link in the post)

OTOH: PRESIDENT Obama has been getting 30 death threats EVERY DAY - a 400% increase over what gw (sic) got... :(
... And you can bet the farm on just WHO the people want to follow that do these death threats!


FEDUP!!! said...

YIKES! Has anyone checked her bio?

She claims to still be the governor -

"Governor State of Alaska
(Government Agency; Government Administration industry)

2006 — Present (3 years)".

She also claims to have been VP candidate for "less than a year" - which is, if you take it literally, correct.
However, for sake of reality, she should more likely say "for 2 months +5 days".
Also, too, she claims only ONE college for her education, not the FIVE or SIX she actually had to attend in order to FINALLY get that darned degree...

Talking about PADDING your resume!

FEDUP!!! said...

One more curiosity I found: It seems the defense fund is still open and accepting donations??? What's up with that?

( From her facebook at :
Linda Basile: I put my "CHANGE" in Sarah Palin's pocket!
Donation to SarahPAC = Money well spent $$$$$
Donation to Palin Legal Expense Fund = Helping to defend the injustices against Sarah Palin

*** Sarah Palin for President in 2012 *** YOU BETCHA!!!)

Helen said...

YAY LIDIA glad you enjoyed it - I put a few new ones up too this week that are pretty good if you haven't been back. Esp the last one.

Confession: I had to watch Muffins more than a few times to get that cat out of my system. So cute.