Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sherry Johnston was sentenced to 5 years in prison, 2 suspended. A bit harsh for a first time offender, wouldn't you say?

When I wrote the Prisongate posts, a person called Berry Jack came up. He was convicted and sentenced to seven years for theft. That was after he tried to sue Sarah Palin and the state of Alaska because he was repeatedly raped while awaiting trial, then denied counselling. They lost him in the system during the lawsuit, but conveniently found him to face charges and a disproportionate sentence.

Does anybody see a pattern?


ella said...

I hope my imagination is not being too over-active, but here goes:
Joe Schmidt (Palin's high school friend of course) in charge of prison, yes? Schmidt was supposed to be Lt. Gov. and backed out at last minute - so he will oversee Sherry in prison? I say this: Play hardball Levi. If Sherry is harmed or threatened, take it to the media. They will listen and investigate! WHY? Because Levi is now a celebrity! Levi gets the ear of the media, federal law enforcement agencies, and decent citizens world-wide. Be fearless Levi.

Anonymous said...

What happened to first dude's sister? Did she get 5-10yrs. for breaking and entering? Plus all that "Gooood" prison LOVE as a bonus........Or was some string pull-in done by your ex-gov Todd. just a dumb plumber from Oregon

Janet in Texas said...

Sarah Palin should be behind bars for at least 5 years based on her lies and fraudulent activity. I still don't understand why her son, Track, is not locked up. That boy got away with a major crime because of his mother's stance. What goes around, comes around. Can't wait to see missy Sarah behind bars where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is the one who should be behind bars.

Celia Harrison said...

The media will not investigate abuse in the prisons in Alaska. I tried to get them to investigate after I was abused and witnessed a lot of others being mistreated, esp the mentally ill. They told me point blank the story was not worth printing. If people knew what was really going on they would be up in arms. Joe Schmidt has no business running the prison system. They violate their own policies. They destroy grievances inmates file. They retaliate against those who file grievances or try to contact someone on the outside for help. Only certain people go to prison here and if they want to retaliate against someone or shut them up they will set them up or find some reason to arrest them. They even had me arrested for something it was clear I did not do.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's weird that Levi looks so much like Todd and Sarah Palin harbors so much of a grudge against Sherry Johnston.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone should go undercover in the prison system and bring all of these offenses to light. Schmidt needs to go!
Kallie in Texas

Drew said...

drew in lil ol texas said...

todd's sister's case had some "major strings" attached..

and we all know Trigg's grandmother Sarah and her string fetish!

5 years huh? maybe they will pass each other in the hall around that time!

One of sarah's smarter moves may wind up being stacking the prison system with high school buddies.

The guy running the place could end up once again being sarah's "primary squeeze"

who woulda thunk it?!

GinaM said...

OT but worth the read...our very own sandra is featured.

Anonymous said...

It is very convenient that Sarah is not the governor now that Sherri has gotten the bad news. If Sarah was still in office, there could have been pressure to pardon the other grandmother of her grandson, Tripp.

Some people felt that Sherri was set up. Could it have been Palin payback for all of the trouble that Levi caused Sarah? He put her (and Bristol)in a tough spot when Sarah was chosen for VP-- unmarried daughter of a candidate with good family values. In fact, some would also say that Trig might have been Bristol and Levi's son. In that case, Levi was caused Sarah one big headache at a time when she was hoping that McCain would choose her.

And finally, just in case Levi is thinking of talking, someone has put Sherri in a very dangerous place where her life is not her own. A little control here. I smell a great big fish.

SG said...


While I agree that there are horrific issues in the Alaska prison system, I think based on what's been made public (some of it conflicting) that this may be apples and oranges. I would not be the least bit surprised if Ms. Johnston doesn't serve a day in a state prison after her three-month pre-sentencing commitment (minimum-security facility).

I tried (I think unsuccessfully) to post an explanation at Gryphen's blog. In essence, I think he may have been right on the money in that earlier controversial post about why no deal seems to have occurred until August: the key is that the "state prison" sentence has not been imposed yet, and in fact sentencing has been put off for months beyond acceptance of the guilty plea. This is unusual.

Reading between the lines, I suspect Ms. Johnston's very savvy attorney in fact secured her a tremendous deal. There is an agreed-on sentencing recommendation, so there has to be some reason the sentencing judge is waiting until November actually to impose sentence (which in turn would start the classification process as to where the sentence actually might be served; a "state prison" sentence on paper doesn't necessarily mean a given prisoner will be classified within the correctional system to state prison).

One of many scenarios that wouldn't surprise me is if there are some conditions the defendant can fulfill between now and November (could be successfull substance abuse treatment and/or many other things) to trigger some additional event, like perhaps an agreement to suspend further execution of any term of commitment (and maybe extend the period of probation) and only then remand her to custody if she commits another crime or violates some other condition of release?

I suspect that this case actually will not end up fitting "the pattern" that may have existed while someone else held such power.

Just a theory, of course.

jo said...

Karma is coming $arah, be afraid, be very afraid. God will bring your darkness to light.