Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Let's make a difference

I have received an e-mail from regarding a campaign to contact some companies that advertise on the Glenn Beck show:

Dear Regina,

Over 150,000 of you have called on Glenn Beck's advertisers to stop supporting his show, and more than 20 major companies have now said "NO" to Beck. It's an amazing response.

Some advertisers pulled their ads; others didn't realize they were on Beck but have now taken steps to make sure their ads don't run during his show. And the effort is making headlines.

I can't ring from France very easily, but those of you in the US can!

Here are some of the companies, CEO's names and phone numbers. If you click on the name of any of the companies, the link will take you to a page on the Color of Change website where there is a "script" to help when making the call.

Lowe's - CEO: Robert Niblock, telephone number: 704-758-2084

Clorox - CEO: Don Knauss, telephone number: 510-271-7000

Red Lobster - CEO: Clarence Otis, telephone number: 407-245-4000

Vonage - Contact: Jeffrey Citron, telephone number: 732-528-2600

Glenn Beck's lies and inflammatory racist rhetoric shouldn't remain unchallenged.

This video links Beck to Sarah Palin, who gave him an interview in January on his debut at Fox News. Both have been spewing lies and making inflammatory statements since then.



debinOH said...

I went to a site supporting Glenn Beck & they have all the "turncoats" listed. I kid you not that is what they are calling those companies that have withdrawn their support. They also have listed his proud sponsors.

They have all the e-mail links listed on this site so I e-mailed all the turncoats to thank them & made the other proud sponsors aware that his 9-12 site (as well as his newscasting) hurts our country & that I would no longer buy their products until they stop sponsoring him.

I am not really crazy about boycotts for several reasons (the worst is that the employees are usually the ones to suffer) but I still think they need to know that what he is spewing is unadulterated hatred & fear mongering. He should be held responsible for his 9-12ers when they go off the deep end and kill innocent people or the president.

The site is: DefendGlenn(dot)com

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, check out the newest post at The Immoral Minority. Sherry Johnston has been sent to prison!