Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sarah Palin: "Leave my kids alone!"

$arah Palin keeps telling the media to leave her family alone. It's ironic that she should insert one or more members of her family into her own political discourse at any given opportunity.

Todd has many roles as a prop: Todd the Native, Todd the Iron Dog champion, Todd the builder, Todd the fishpicker, Todd the North Slope worker, Todd the caregiver and Todd the hunk.

Track is fighting for freedom of speech in Iraq. He also provided Sarah with her hockey mom credentials. Hell yeah!

Bristol was presented to the world as a pregnant teenager, 5 months gone, to dispel vicious rumours about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig. Bristol later became an ambassador for sexual abstinence with the Candies Foundation. Bristol's ex-fiance was also part of the happy family during the campaign. Tripp belongs in this multi-prop set up, appearing out cold on national TV.

Willow used to be an example of the wisdom of children. According to Sarah Palin, Willow was the first to notice that Trig had Down's Syndrome. Then Willow was mentioned in an interview with Glenn Beck regarding the unfairness of President Obama's plans for tax cuts, where 95% of workers would benefit. Willow wanted to know about the other 5%, so Sarah explained that those were the ones who had worked hard to make America great, but they were rich. "Why should they be punished for their success?", said Willow. More recently, Willow became the victim of a statutory rape joke and the target of a pedophile, perverted 62 year old late night comedian. At least that's the Palins interpretation of the events, which they disseminated to the media through interviews and press releases..

Piper is the cute one. Of all the members of the family, Piper was the busiest state official, clocking more airmiles in the service of the state than all the others. Piper gives interviews to the likes of Bob and Mark, Eddie Burke, signs autographs, looks after Trig, wears high heels and at one point ran a lemonade stand in Juneau.

Trig is fast becoming $arah's most valuable prop. He provides her with impeccable anti-abortion credentials, great photo opportunities, goes running with with her when she thrashes her guts and works her thighs into a sweating, throbbing state. His iconic image was desecrated in a photoshop incident. Now he's going to face "Obama's death panel" along with Sarah's parents.

Other members of the family occasionally play minor roles. There's the autistic nephew who came in very handy during a recent visit to the state of New York. Sarah's science teacher dad is mentioned when she wants to prove she's not a creationist. She has been known to quote her parents' fridge magnets.

By the way, none of the things described above is made up. Everything is well documented and a lot of it came from Sarah Palin's very own mouth.

Now, please, stop mentioning her family!


Anonymous said...

Good compilation, Regina!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Regina! I noticed during the Wasilla Farewell Picnic her father was seated with the military officers and other dignitaries participating in the official program - I didn't realize that Alaska had an official position for the Governor Father a la the Queen Mother!

lynnrockets said...

Great post. Never were truer words spoken. In honor of the troops, why won't she stop exploiting her children?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Trig, Bristol and Levi..they look like a real family. That IS Trig Levi is kissing, right? And why does $P always carry her baby away from her body? Her face looks like she is holding something icky.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

"Exploit" is the word $P uses when other people notice that she employs the younger members of her own family as human shields:

. Bristol (pro-life creds, abstinence, consequences of non-abstinence, her pregnancy with TriPP means she couldn't possibly have been pregnant with TriG, who was born in Janu...April)

. Willow (projecting the unspoken "intent" of a late-night comic, arguing for the rights of the richest 5%)

. Piper (Teh Cute, whether in radio or television interviews, or intended as a deterrent to booing at a hockey game)

. Track (USA! USA! Hockey mom!)

. TriG (Look, this baby has Down syndrome! Obama would kill him after B--I mean, I, went through all of the embarrassment and inconvenience to bring him nearly to term somehow!)

Two of my kids exhibited the kind of spooky precocity that might have worked very well on Letterman, preschoolers who could recite all of the U.S. Presidents in proper order, name the capitals of any country, and in one case, immediate identification of every make and model of car on the road. My kids were furious, in mid-childhood, that their dad and I didn't parade them in public or put them on TV. But we didn't. And we're glad we didn't.

$P evidently does not realize or care that she's seriously f*cking with the heads of the children still under her control. I'll bet Track would rather be facing live ammunition than being back home acting out one of XGINO's scripts.

midnightcajun said...

Yes, it's typical Sarah Hypocrisy. I can talk about my family all I want and use them to advance my agenda, but YOU can't talk about them. But I think she might have overdone it with the death panel line; some journalists are finally pointing out her clever little ruse.

And I agree with the commenter above, about how her face always says "ick!" whenever she's caught in a candid photo holding Trig. Her body language and facial expressions were what I noticed first--I kept saying, "I've never seen a mother hold her child like that. And he simply does not relax into her the way an infant normally does with its mother." You see, I was away from American news sources during the week or so that the talk about Trig not being Sarah's were flying, so I remained oblivious to the rumors until late October. My first reaction when I finally heard the rumor (as an example of how awful those liberals were being to poor Sarah), was to sit up and say, "Of course! Now it makes sense!" and run to my computer to hit Google.

Anonymous said...

i carried my big baby boy face first like she did.. in the red jacket photo
BUT always had him up closer to my neck area.. I could rub my chin on his cheek and talk directly in his little ear
She is holding him way low and tight.. the purpose of holding a lil' guy face forward is so he can kick and see the world first hand
He can't even move in that photo
And I hope his pants are elastic band.. if she put some fancy designer pants on him with a button.. with his chubby belly that is cruel

I bet she is holding him away and low so he doesn't dare touch her face or hair and mess up all the work she did to make that bobble head all gussied up

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

This fab Death Panel Ceiling Cat comes to us via Rumproast. I don't know how to make it embed, but perhaps you do, Regina?

Anonymous said...

How old is Tripp supposed to be in the picture with Bristol ? That kid is HUGE !

KaJo said...

That interview with Matt Lauer was in early May, which means Tripp Palin was 4+ months old, approximately the same age the even-more-huge Trig Palin made his public debut on the RNC stage in...Bristol Palin's arms.

Tripp Palin looks like what the medical establishment calls "within normal limits" for his age.

I suspect Trig Palin was fathered by a giant.

wes_ben said...

I heard that this morning on MTP, Gingrich asked Palin, Romney and Huckabee to join him in supporting the next republican grass roots an effort to prove conservatives mean what they say, he wants all seniors and vets to renounce medicare, social security and VA benefits. Gingrich says we have to walk the talk. When a befuddled Stephanopoulis said, really? Gingrich said yes, we have to show the left that we don't need ANY government help. American seniors and vets are strong people, they'll find a way to get along without these socialist services.

Pass the word people!

Anonymous said...

The truly weird thing about Trig's size at the RNC convention was relative to his size just six weeks earlier (sort of like Sarah's six week 'pregnancy').

I was at the Gov's picnic in Fairbanks, i think it was on July 23rd 2008. (Was there this year too !) I spent about ten minutes in the near vicinity of Sarah, Todd and Trig as the picnic broke up and they meandered towards the parking lot. Todd was carrying Trig, who was sleeping (of course) through all the ruckus. He held Trig in a 'football' carry, with Trig's head in the crook of his elbow. The whole baby fit along Todd's lower arm, with his feet at about Todd's fingertips. Not very big at all. When I saw the baby at the RNC it did not seem possible that he had grown that much that fast. There must be lots of casual snapshots of Trig at that picnic, in
fact i think the news-miner published one very small photo. I am not the only one who noticed the size discrepancy, he grew as fast as Sarah's belly !

sandra said...

One of the most telling of taped scenes of SP holding Trig was in the bit recorded for the special Oympics. SP was sitting on a bed holding Trig, and Piper was by her side. They got some really good responses to Sarah from Trig, but the responses were actually to Piper who was there to get them. Brilliant camera work.

indy_girl said...

In a recent Trig photo I saw:

he already looks overweight for his age, with an enormous stomach. While most older persons with Downs' are heavier than average, and often shorter, I was surprised to see him looking this roly poly already. It is critical to keep that excess weight off if possible during childhood, since it can cause major health problems later, including early onset diabetes.

Of course, it could just be that he was born much earlier than the Palins stated and is actually much closer to weight norms for his real age. (!)

Anonymous said...

indy girl
He is pretty stout for a baby.. but if Piper is his main caregiver I'm sure when he makes a squirm a bottle of formula goes in his mouth

They have a nanny? I wish there would be more info on her

Something tells me that kid stays in a "seat" and is just given bottle after bottle

Little guys need to be on the floor using their muscles.. Don't know anything at all, honestly, about DS babies.. but S.P. seems like shes one angry woman .. I bet when she is home she is still pacing the floor.. Trig is the least of her concerns

Anonymous said...

@ cee4pee search "Bristol" there is an eight minute video of the Bristol Palin NBC interview that still works. If that is not a doll THAT BABY IS OUT COLD ALRIGHT! Trig also appeared to be drugged. I would like to hear more medical professionals discuss this. Are they more terrified then caring about what is happening to babies today? It may not be illegal to dope up your baby to control behavior but it is abusive. Celebrities are not the only ones that do this. Since it is a problem that is growing in popularity there needs to be a public discussion. No dead baby has been reported as a victim of this kind of over medication? Michael Jackson and other celebrities bring awareness when they die as adults from prescription medications. What can be done for babies such as Trig and Tripp?

The world watched eight minutes of lifeless Tripp and no one said much. Do people like Matt Lauer have zero education about how drugging a baby works? They can be awake right before something is administered. On cue they are "sleeping." When it is over they can leave right away. Lauer needs to be educated to know what he witnessed. The next mother to do this on TV may not be as lucky. These children can suffer brain damage or die. I can't imagine the effect it would be on Trig.

KaJo said...

@ Anonymous @ 09 August 2009 21:05...

Mix-and-match babies? As in more than one baby?

If Trig was small enough to be carried football-style on Todd's arm at the Gov's Picnic, he probably weighed no more than 12 pounds, or the size of a normal-sized lean adult cat.

The Trig that we saw at the RNC looked (to me, at least) about 20 pounds. Say, the size of a Maine Coon cat.

The CDC Growth Chart for the US shows weight-for-age percentiles for boys, birth to 36 months.

For a 3-month-old (July 23rd) infant boy, the lowest(3rd)-to-highest(97th) percentile range is from 10 pounds to 16.5 pounds, with the 50th percentile at 12 pounds.

For an 4-month-old infant boy, the lowest-to-highest percentile range is from 11.5 pounds to 18.5 pounds, with the 50th percentile at 15 pounds.

Conversely, a lowest-to-highest percentile age range of, say, 20 pounds is between 5 months and 15 months of age. The 50th percentile for 20 pounds is 8-1/2 months of age.

Like I said, maybe Trig was fathered by a giant. Or born before his Sarah-Palin-stated birth date... :)

GinaM said...

"Drugging" babies or overdosing babies is nothing new. Isn't that was is suspected in the Kaylee Anthony girl. The Florida 3 year old who's mom is in jail on charges of murder of this little baby.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about the choices that Bristol & Todd made when they showed up for that Candies Tour Drugged Baby Interview: A smart parent would not subject their child to those bright TV lights, let alone the heightened emotions involved in doing the interview. A thinking parent or grandparent would have suggested that an aide hold sleeping baby backstage; there can always be a quick "let's see how Tripp is doing in the Green Room" shot and then back to the adults. Dragging the drugged child on set was an example of terrible parenting/grandparenting.

As for Trig being roly poly, I doubt that he gets much exercise. I would assume that he began to walk later than most children, but he should be encouraged to be crawling, playing with things, being busy, anything to burn off some of those extra pounds. We don't see much of him, but it doesn't look as if he gets needed therapy, attention, exercise-- but he does get food.

Anonymous said...

How many other Governor's children do we recognize by sight and that we know their names?


I couldn't pick my own Governor's children out of a line-up. Sarah has marched those children across stages all across the country and continues to do so.

Why they never seem to be in school or have any other activities beyond promoting their mother's career is beyond me.

It is frankly, bizarre but I don't think she recognizes that nobody else does this.

indy_girl said...

The kids provide supply for her--when they get attention, she gets attention. This is why she can't help but bring up their names at every opportunity and parade them around in front of the mean ol' gotcha media. It's actually not about the kids at's about what Sarah needs, which is all eyes on her.

I have an ex with the same type of personality issues--almost everything he does with our kids is to get attention for himself or look like a martyr. He has very little concern about their emotional needs as they mature--they are primarily an end to a means. His own needs supercede theirs at all times, and that included when they were infants.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin and the people that idolize her think she is a leader. Future politicians are to follow her. The costs of family entourages campaigning would be astronomical.
John McCain is the biggest A--hole alive today.

When you see a disgusting television show you can turn it off. I was disgusted watching the Republicans last year. I saw it because I spend time with elderly family.
Not all Republicans go for a spectacle like McCain put on. Republicans are still interested in the Conventions and don't like to be a part of observing child abuse. Now I will always wonder who is drugging their children, especially the Republicans. It's too late for Sarah's young ones. Something should be done for politician's children that will be participating in future rigorous events. My Lord! There is no standard for an infant or even little Piper, she was something like seven. She looked about sixteen in a picture I saw of her last month. She will be more aware and I think in many ways the life she must endure will be hardest on her.

Anyone that is a Republican and doesn't loud and clear renounce what Sarah Palin stands for deserves to go down with the party. I know for a fact most of the old ones are on medication. If you can afford to go to a doctor, chances are they will hook you up. It is not only for heart conditions and physical needs. They are addicted to sleeping pills and all manner of depression medicine. It is truly pathetic. No wonder they are so easily manipulated. No matter how rich and how good their insurance they take the government funded medicine when they can. The poor ones are something else but the pharmaceuticals make money on them as well. When you're a Republican and you have money, you don't always notice what it's like for those without.

I can't help but blame John McCain for what happened to those children when he allowed a corrupt politician to take over. His wife is an addict. She couldn't have done it without his help. I read an interesting article about their marriage and her addiction. He was not around, she raised the family with her parents. He was in and out for brief times. Had no clue she was an addict, like the man with the boozed up wife that just killed a lot of children. Someone needs to do a book on McCain and not cover the truth. It helps explain his weird call for Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate.

basheert said...

I could not identify Tripp at all (since he's pretty much hidden all the time).

Trig is easy - he is "obvious" Down's Syndrome. Piper was holding him at SP's "farewell to arns" speech and he was crying. He has the obvious eyefold - flat and rounded facial appearance. He is also a big kid - obviously not a baby.

He is very easily identifiable. Then again, he didn't have his hearing aids or his eyeglasses.

Poor little guy.

basheert said...

The baby 2nd row down, far left - the one with Levi kissing him. That is Trig - obvious Down's. Look at the extra eyefold and the shape of the eyes, also the round soft face.

Their physical characteristics make them fairly easy to identify. I doubt even Sarah would be stupid enough to try and switch them.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

indy_girl, my heart and empathy go out to you. One of my closest friends has an ex that sounds just like yours. Everyone suffered during the split and continues to do so during the aftermath, it seems, except him. Sometimes while hearing about his latest pathological behavior, I sing a few bars of "I Me Mine." Unfortunately, your children will become well aware of their father's self-absorption and call it what it is, if they already haven't. In any case, I'm so sorry. I know what that's like.