Friday, 21 August 2009

Sarah Palin's bad, bad investment

Sarah Palin criticized the "Obama White House" for lending money to Petrobras, a Brazilian state oil company. According to her 2008 financial disclosure, the Palins had some money invested in T.RowePrice Latin American Fund. Among the 10 largest holdings is... Petrobras.

So it's OK for the Palins to expect a return on an investment in Petrobras, but it's wrong for "Obama's White House" to lend money to the same company?

Sarah Palin's returns would have no strings attached, but the "bad" loan is made in a way that promotes the creation of jobs for Americans.

I think she should refuse to touch a single cent from this investment, it's horrible, horrible money.

Isn't it?

Further reading here.

(H/T to Helen and dragaonfly2x)


Anonymous said...

Why does SP make me crazy? I think it's because there is not one logical or trueful thing that comes out of her tatooed mouth!

Pat said...

Seems awful to me that you, from "across the pond" can immediately find info like this and publish it and yet the MSM wouldn't even think about it, much less act on it. We in the USA appreciate your efforts!

dragaonfly2x said...

read this and weep SARAH...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and appreciate your efforts, but this time I am quite happy the MSM is ignoring the latest Facebook entry attributed to Palin. An obvious forgery or plagiarism (I'm not sure which it falls under) but is clearly not her work although her name is signed to it.
I suspect the MSM suspects the same thing and that is why they have not given any attention to this latest post as they have in the past. The Washington Post Op Ed tricked them, although that was clearly not her work either.
Maybe now, they realize she is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT catch!! Can't be said too many times: the crazy lady is a lying hypocrite!!

Irishgirl said...

Well done Regina.

basheert said...

Well done Regina. As was pointed out this morning, this is a BANK lending money to Argentina in return for them buying products from the U.S.

She may be out of office, but she is still as stupid as ever. Banks LEND money, International BANKS lend money Internationally.

What a freaking idiot her ghostwriter is and thanks to the MSM for not printing that incorrect and incoherent drivel. At this point, even the MSM realizes she is yesterday's garbage.

Anonymous said...

At what point and time will the entire world realize that Sarah Palin is nothing but a BIMBO? My cat has more brain cells and common sense than that twit does.

basheert said...

All my cats have more brain cells than she does. They also USE them, unlike her.

She is so history.....toast ... well done. Out with the trash!

basheert said...

From the Wall Street Journal:

Under fire from Sarah Palin and the Wall Street Journal over a proposed $2 billion loan to the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, the U.S. Export Import Bank is circulating a fact sheet [pdf] defending its proposal.

The document makes the point — left out by Palin's demand for more American jobs — that the bank is an export credit agency, designed to finance the purchase of U.S. goods and services.

"Only American made goods and services qualify for Ex-Im Bank loans or guarantees. This is the government doing what it's supposed to do — create jobs and make sure that Americans get a fair shot at selling goods and services and to help American workers compete on a level playing field," said the document, being circulated by Bank officials on Capitol Hill.

basheert said...

Sorry the quote is from the National Journal online.

SP: proving once again that spewing venom without facts makes you look like an incoherent, uneducated buffoon.

nswfm CA said...

basheert, my cat has thrown up furballs with more brains than $P.

basheert said...

Oh I am SO glad to hear that. My girls are currently stalking a rather bold/brazen scorpion across our family room floor -

Not sure if it's brains or just feline brawn/muscle and whack-a-mole but they are pretty inpressive. The furballs are also pretty impressive and you're right - no brains spewed

Helen said...

What's funny is that WE all know she has invested in this company she is trying to attack Obama with, but I would put money down that she STILL doesn't even know it.

1. She didn't write the article to begin with and probably doesn't even really understand what it's about, certainly doesn't care.

2. Her staff doesn't tell her when they make the Big Whoopsees like this I'm sure - why face getting another signature "Palin ream-out"?

3. Palin probably isn't reading the blogs these days or much of anything else - after all she's too busy being a "collaborator" on a book which will allow her to further exercise her jaw, umm, I mean free speech all about her number one area of interest - herself.

4. So I conclude that Buttercup remains blissfully unaware of her newest piece of hypocritical imbecility proudly making no impact on the public discourse but being waved around like a red flag in front of her bully Sarah, back to that tanning bed!

Anonymous said...

I am still stuck on the last post, where anything contrary to Sarah is a frivolous, baseless complaint that requires a lawyer on speed-dial. Whether she is personally attacked for such frivolous things as taking her family along on the state dime (and having to pay them back) or lumping criticism of our health care system into the same frivolous complaint mantra, it's tiresome, always playing the victim.

As for the health care service, often I feel like the victim, and i have very good health insurance. I was asked to get authorization for a procedure. When I called the insurance company, they informed me that the doctor has to make the call in order to answer any medical questions (that would be beyond my scope). Endless phone calls only to find out that it was a wild goose chase, and it was approved.

And, most of the stories have the opposite result. Th poor victim and/or family are in no position is make pre-approval calls in a crisis, only to find out that it wasn't covered because of some technicality.

I resent Sarah playing victim (or her ghostwriter using the victim card again). The only few governors that we ever hear about are guys like Sanford who abandoned his state to hike the Appalachian trail, or Ensign who had an affair with a staffer, and had his family pay off her family to the tune of $96,000. My governor was impeached and removed from office. Sometimes, Bobby Jindal puts his foot in his mouth, but most of the governors seem to do a good job or at least stay under the radar. Maybe it is time for Sarah to figure out why she was such a victim and attracted so many complaints. Could it be anything that she did???? Private email accounts? Dubious commercial contracts? Undeclared unopened gifts? Trying to get a former brother-in-law fired? Firing the guy who wouldn't fire the former brother-in-law? Cashing in on a frozen legal defense fund? Poor Sarah, ever the victim!

And, at the same time there are some 40 million people with no health insurance. In a medical crisis, they will be the real victims-- how dare Sarah abuse the word?

Anonymous said...

I was the poster that first noted this on HuffPo yesterday morning and I am pleased to see it making the rounds. (I linked here from nailinpalin on HuffPo.) I have tried posting this under various names on various sites but hardly get any response.

Even POLITICO and WSJ don't appear to be interested that Sarah doesn't know that she, LIKE GEORGE SOROS, has Petrobras in her portfolio and will profit from this loan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all you Palin haters are so obsessed with her still! You just can't help yourselves, can you? why is that? Is she a threat to you? Keep making your hateful comments because is in effect, you're keeping her in the news.

Helen said...

"keeping her in the news..."

Exactly, you are checking in with people who do not want anyone forget what a ridiculous excuse for a public servant Palin is.

Now, if you are critical of those who keep track of Palin, how does it look for your Anonymous self to be keeping track of the ones keeping track of her?

And just "being in the news" isn't the mark of anyone worthy of public office, past present or future.

By all means, keep coming back and commenting - that way we all know we still have a chance to help you shake off your deluded mindset.

Perhaps next time, instead of just complaining, you'll come here with some kind of intelligent argument.