Sunday, 23 August 2009

Open thread



Anonymous said...

Where's Sarah? My Magic 8 ball says: recovery from plastic surgery or rehab.

Anonymous said...

My Magic 8 ball says:

Working a deal with the Feds!

(Just a rumor Mr. Van Flea.)

Anonymous said...

Sarah who?

Oh, one can dream...

Anonymous said...

Some more explanations for why Sarah has gone missing:
1. The Russians were tired of her looking at them so they kidnapped Sarah.
2. Some of those so-called terrorists kidnapped Sarah so she is now palling around with them.
3. She put on her long distance running shoes and one of those cute outfits from Runners Magazine and decided to run from the 25,000 kilometers from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.
4. She is really writing that book, by hand. (The State of Alaska asked for its Blackberries back).
5. She is parenting her butt off. It's about time.
6. Normal recovery after face lift-2 weeks. Normal stay for general rehab, minimum 30 days. Take your pick.
7.It's no coincidence. Jay Leno has been absent for last month or so, getting ready for his new show. Maybe Sarah also a new show in the 10 o'clock slot.
8. Sarah went shopping for makeup at Bloomingdales on that last NY trip. Now, she's the one spritzing perfume on you when you go shopping there.
9. There have been rumors that she and Bristol got into a big fight. There were no survivors.
10. She is in South Carolina hitting on that swinging governor; they will be walking the Appalachian Trail together soon.

Anonymous said...

Well someone is writing on her Facebook again and webknowbits not her! What I find funny is ever since the death panels thing, the MSM has basically ignored her! They don't talk about what she writs. It's because she made a fool of herself.

She continues to be a fool by having someone wrote things that she couldn't even have a conversation about! Wacko! I hope she is in a mental hospital and has to pay for it herself.

CC from far away said...

I think she had plastic surgery ... she is so vain. And I hope it is botched.

I can't believe I'm even wishing this on someone but when it comes to $arah I just come undone. She has done/is doing so much harm to this country by fomenting that lunatic base of hers with her vitriol that I really hope nothing awful happens because of it.

Enough already ... she is way past her sell by date!

Wasilla .... please speak up!!

teal said...

that woman is off somewhere being programmed....listening to audio books (she can't read), and speaches from past Repubs...having weekly conference calls going over her talking points...

Yeah, she sold her name to someone(s) so that they could use her as a front for the crazy talk on FB

sandra said...

She has really blown it. She was being maintained on meds and now is going off them.

Remember Mao Tse Tung when he was missing. All of a sudden a picture appeared of him in a swimming pool. I keep thinking of that in relation to the Sarah absence.

I have a lot of compassion for people going through detox and needing medication to be functional, but this has been a drama for unscrupulous intentions.

Anonymous said...

Here's a taste of THE GLOBE's story on Sarah Palin's nervous breakdown (Aug. 31, 2009 edition):

Anonymous said...

Teal, I think we are lucky in that Sarah can't be programmer. The reason is because she thinks she knows everything. She is known for not listening or taking advice from anyone. Anyone.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to trust the Globe even though it would be great if it's true.

Anonymous said...

I agree scarah can't be programed the way the GOOps would want. They could try again.

Is the Globe from London? It is ghastly. They could be right or close to it on this one. We will see what is to follow. Perhaps "insiders" are ready to get it on in the press. Gotta start somewhere. At least, it will now fly right over the heads of Cee4Pees and that joke of a sarahpac facebook. They are crippled and can't do damage control now. Meg Stableton is also silenced, was she fired? scarah does like to keep her inept crew around her, Meg might be a handmaiden at her side in the undisclosed location.

LisanTX said...

Where ever she is, she is doing something that she doesn't want people to know about. Her normal mode of operating is to toot her own horn about her "doings." Remember the tweets about the drive to Fairbanks in the camper?

Since she's disappeared off the radar, something is amiss with her. I hope that she is getting help.

Remember the commenter from Alaska who said that narcissists eventually have an ugly breakdown? (my paraphrasing) Maybe that's what happened. If so, I hope she and her family are getting help.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there is truth in the tabloids and sometimes they just make stuff up. I don't know which is which this time. How would Sarah know that she was going to have a nervous breakdown three weeks from the time that she announced that she was quitting. That was one loony-tunes goodbye speech; how did she hold it together for three weeks? Why not just leave then?

Anonymous said...

@7:26, I agree that Sarah Palin's goodbye speech indicated issues of a mental health crisis. She quit and then did a few public rounds (NRA gun show?) & has disappeared. Her Twitter is off, although she promised to Tweet "as the real SP" as soon as she resigned. Her Facebook entries are obviously fake and have become fodder for comedy again. She won't make a public appearance. Seems like it's been one long breakdown to me.

I have no idea if the Globe is correct or not. Maybe Sarah will make an appearance this week to say it's not true. If I were a SarahPacker, I'd be begging her to do so.

Verbose said...

OT (tho this is an open thread): Now, I think I read somewhere (probably here) that Bristol admitted to cheating on Levi, and told him Tripp wasn't his.

Assume this is true. And assume everything we know about "babygate" is also true.

Now, if Levi confirmed the rumors, and asked for a paternity test and (most importantly), Bristol cheated on him, WOULDN'T IT SAY HE WASN'T TRIG'S FATHER? That would be enough to destroy the rumors, even if Bristol was the mother, right? Or would they test her, too?

Anonymous said...

I never heard the bit about Bristol telling Levi hecwasnt hers.

As much as I dislike her, it can't be easy to have millions talking about you. She clearly could not handle it.

This disappearance is just as strange, if not more so, than her suddenly quitting her job.

And why the huge fund marathon.

Helen said...

My take is that S-error is finally succumbing to John P. Coale and Greta Van Suckup's urgings and taking those Scientology courses she promised to do back when it looked like they were her saviours and best allies...

Eileen said...

It is past her 15 minutes of scandal,fame and shame but I wanna know Where Are Her Children? This week was Back To School time in Alaska...Are Willow and Piper in school? Is Trig getting the educational services he needs too?

Some may follow the money, let's follow the kids-who is taking care of them? Farmed out to some relative-again? It is coming on moose hunting time in a little over a week as well. It is well past 10 pm and where's Momma Bear?

mommom said...

Think about.She said she would Tweet her own thoughts after she resigned. Well,thats exactly what she did.

Crickets chirping.

Anonymous said...

Here's the acid test. Her lawyer threatened to sue two Alaska bloggers about rumors. Others have printed the rumors about an impending divorce and/or investigations, but only two were singled out for this stop-it-or-else treatment.

I haven't seen the threat against the Globe. And, we have never seen that same kind of threat against Palin's Deceptions which regularly suggests that Trig is not Sarah's child.

(In a real lawsuit, the person doing the suing has to show that it was a lie, and that the sued person knowingly printed it anyway to harm poor Sarah. She would have to produce Trig's birth certificate or the records for the I-built-the-it-on-weekends-with-my buddies house. Good luck with that).

I think that her own statements show how mentally unstable she was, what with people always picking on Poor Victim Sarah. As Shannyn Moore pointed out on a recent Countdown show, it's never Sarah's fault; she always blames someone else. it probably all caught up with her.

Emily said...

Maybe Palin's looking into getting Glenn Beck's TV spot-- he may be in danger of going off the air because his advertisers are abandoning him, and Newt advised Palin to consider getting a pundit show. However, the thought of becoming part of what she hates(she realized Fox News was still the media) pushed her over the edge to sheer insanity.

sandra said...

It would be very possible that she is going through a difficult menopause. Some women have very strange outcomes of that. I would hope she would have medical attention, but she may have refused it.

basheert said...

sandra: love your comment but people do not decompensate enotionally because of menopause. That could be controlled with hormones - she has that fab-ulous doctor remember????

I'm inclined to think that she has crashed from manic down to the sinkhole of depression. I do believe she is filled with pathology - often there is a name attached but many of the mental disorders are so similar that people can be both manic/depressive (bipolar) and psychotic (sociopath) because a lot of their symptoms are the same.

Sociopaths are known for not having a conscience for example - but most serial killers are sociopaths/psychotics and may also be bipolar which explains their killing patterns.

Like all diseases, symptoms can appear in one DSMIV identified syndrome and that syndrome can also have symptoms of something else.

She's a dream patient - and no I am not saying she is a serial killer. She does however, present evidence of sociopathic tendencies. Especially lack of conscience.