Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sarah Palin and the art of interacting with young children

A reader suggested a comparison between how Sarah Palin handles Trig and how different people hold Trig or other babies. Body language is a great thing!

How other people hold Trig:

Interacting with other people's children:

A different approach:

Can you believe President Obama wants to kill Trig?

Apart from the footage of Sarah Palin bringing Tripp to Bristol in that "surprise" interview with Greta Van Susteren, I couldn't find any photos of Sarah Palin proudly holding her first official grandchild in a tender embrace...


Anonymous said...

These pictures are worth a million words!

midnightcajun said...

This is slightly off topic, but I'm looking at that room where Sarah filmed her Special Olympics video. It's a bedroom with a double bed and lots of big stuffed animals on a round table in the corner. Obviously it isn't Sarah and Todd's room. So is it Piper's? A guest bedroom? Either one, that's kinda weird. Or is it Bristol's bedroom with Trig and Trip's cribs out of sight?

regina said...


I think that's a single bed...

Stace said...

I notice the huge difference between the way Palin and Pres. Obama interact with children - In every picture of Obama, he is looking at the baby, connecting with them, seeming to not even notice that he is being filmed or photographed. Palin hardly ever looks away from the camera. It's very telling.

Anonymous said...

Really off topic, but, in looking at some of AKM's reports from Netroots Nation, I am thinking that maybe next year, if you can swing it, Regina, you need to network in person to get your blog recognized by the big shots. It doesn't have to be about All Sarah All the Time. You write so well, and you seem to care about important social issues. I think that if you broaden your topics a little, attract a wider range of readers, and, if it's possible for next year, consider some kind of newworking to get yourself into the on-line community. You would be a welcome voice in the Big Blogs. Just thinking out loud, and wishing you the best opportunities.

mel said...

Powerful photo essay.

BuffaloGal said...

If Palin's team is still watching this blog, I'll betcha ten bucks that when she's released again into the wild of the media world, we'll see a change in her interaction with the kids. I'm absolutely convinced they watch the strongest "Palin watcher" sites and make adjustments accordingly. A note about "come off as more engaged with your children - interact more warmly with the babies" will go right behind, " Limit the use of Twitter" and "post nothing without approval" and "policy issues will be written by your new media advisor".

Oh - and I'll also bet they're working on purging her church chatter , at least somewhat.

And I agree with Anon at 18:02 - I think yours is one of the best of the Palin sites but I also enjoy your insights on other topics. You write very well and your research is truly impressive. I cite your site (hee) often on forums and in comments when I'm reading online news. I'd love to have more folks turned on to what you do.

basheert said...

BuffaloGal: I don't think it is possible for SP to change her interaction with humans, babies or otherwise.

She is a mentally ill person, with advancing NPD and a sociopath. She does not connect with people. She looks through them, around them, above them, or at their nose. She is unable to make eye contact - she NEVER looks directly into anyone's eyes.

Aside from the fact that people who can't look you in the eyes are often lying, it is a sign also that she is "off". She has serious, deep personality problems.

It isn't just ignorance and stupidity. She is truly in need of intervention of some type. She really doesn't affect us - she's a nothing now.

But she is still sitting off in the woods in a dirt pile, shrieking like a 2 year old with a tantrum. Her issues run deep, as does her pathology.

I pity anyone who has to deal with her on a personal level.

Anonymous said...

Even more reason why I believe the "rumors" that the Palin family is anything but "happy"
If she were the epitome of the Wonderful, Strong, Christian mother
.. with a Solid, Rugged, Loving Husband

It's been a year folks.. where are the snap shots of a family "anything"
We got the fishing trip with all the news invited..
Right after she said she wanted to spend more time with her family
(I interpreted that as quiet quality private time)

We got Piper's Lemonade Stand
More of a lesson thing.. how to make money.. how to make mommy look fun and engaging

We got..
ooops think that is it

-Interview on having a special needs baby in the home
(she did a "commercial")
-Family hugging and smiling and joking around..
-Todd grabbing Sarah for a friendly hug or peck on the cheek
(have they ever kissed on camera???)
-One kid at least giving their mom a random hug or being playful
(think how little Sasha acts around her parents)

Nope it's all an act
They are all stiff as a board

Kyra said...

Great article Regina, as usual. Glad to see someone picking up on something I've been trying to say for awhile. Body language says a lot. She's made very racist comments that have come back to haunt her in regards Juneteenth Day, and typically, people with racist attitudes are uncomfortable with any kind of visible disability. Once they become familiar with the individual, if they allow themselves to, the discomfort disappears and they are able to interact normally which is why you see people with negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities, other races, women, etc., perfectly comfortable one on one (John McCain comes to mind, Todd with Trigg, etc.).

SP has marked histrionic and narcissistic personality characteristics which make it impossible for her to relate to others in a normal fashion. As noted, her children and husband become props and her discomfort with a special needs child is evident. She doesn't know how to interact any other way, so while the discomfort with Trigg disappears with others, she is unable to find a way to mirror an appropriate relationship with him.

Were she to spend time with a mother with a child with Down Syndrome, eventually she would learn how to mirror that behavior, but as she has never learned how to mirror appropriate behavior in other areas beyond the most basic, I doubt that she has the insight or understanding to do so in this case.

Anonymous said...

Great montages, Regina. There really is something off with Sarah's interactions. Sarah reminds me so much of a relative I have who over-acts with affection when she thinks others are watching but behaves in a completely different way when no one is paying attention. I get that same vibe from SP. For instance, the Bristol interview with Greta when SP pops in "spontaneously" with Tripp calling him "this precious gift" - all of that seemed so fake.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I cannot look at any photos of Palin holding Trig without disgust, disdain and an incredible amount of sympathy for this little child. It is as if she can’t distance herself far enough away from Trig and could care less about his comfort or well-being.

This “mother” shows no signs of love, affection or caring for Trig. I doubt she has made any effort to actually attend to his needs and make certain he has all the care and nurturing that is necessary and available for him.

She is responsible for his well-being, but I think she could care less. She has more important things to care about. Well, only one really--and that is herself, first, last and always. What a selfish, uncaring_________ (fill in the blank liberally and with abandon).

Celia Harrison said...

basheert wrote,"She is a mentally ill person, with advancing NPD and a sociopath. She does not connect with people. She looks through them, around them, above them, or at their nose. She is unable to make eye contact - she NEVER looks directly into anyone's eyes."

I agree with you, but just to clarify, autistic people often do not look into other people's eyes and a lot of native cultures view looking into other's eyes as negative. In Palin's case it is probably a sign of sociopathy, but in some it is how they are neurologically put together or their culture.

sandra said...

SP's problem may relate to her eye problems rather than emotions. I'm thinking perhaps her surgeries may involve laser treatment for her visual problems.

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture that was taken during the campaign showed Sarah uncomfortably holding Trig while juggling her blackberries, pecking madly away as some message.

OT, but has anyone actually seen Sarah lately? We've read Facebook reports, but anyone can post them. So, is Sarah getting some wrinkles taken care of? Getting her family life in order? Some kind of treatment? She's not one to hide from the spotlight.

kathy said...

Go back and look at the shot when Sarah 'surprises' Bristol when she brings Tripp in. Bristol folds her arms across her chest and literally backs away from her mother. THAT speaks volumes and volumes!

Eileen said...

Barack bonds with the children, he is looking eye to eye-smiling, hugs,chatting, holding child comfortably and safely and oblivious to a neighbor or relative- not a politician who secretly is saying "Ick,one more snotty kid to pick up for a vote." We have all noticed this.
Palin doesn't interact well with her family -warmly,touching, personal genuine looks. Odd. Just all the dragging them on campaign trail, no schooling, public humiliation...
Barack and Michelle are one of the warmest couples to be in White House and they appear to relate great to their children. They are epitome of a balanced, healthy relationship and family. They respect the girls and as much as my kids would like to see lots of Sasha and Malia-they don't use them, they protect them.

Sarah holds Trig away from her body, many times without touching her center/heart/chest like one would with a leaky diaper baby who is unrelated to one. She has Trig's face look into the crowd or over her shoulder,not into her face.
We have all seen LOTS of Trig and Sarah shots for year now and many of us came up with the same two phrases-she holds him like a sack of potatoes and coldly as a prop. Unwanted? Not of her body? Not a Perfect 10 despite her words, her pointing to him always for political points. Come on-look at how Sarah values outward appearances, her looks...even if she chooses regional AK style.

Maybe Todd chose the perennial prom queen/lead cheerleader/team captain/beauty queen as a home boy trophy wife instead of for her inner warm beauty.
Family dynamics don't reflect empathy (that word again!) unconditional love and acceptance. The fly on the wall sees whatever Bristol has had to go through just because she sought out a little warmth from sweet Levi-maybe once, maybe twice.
Mercedes,Levi and baby photo is very telling.

One Rep. role model: Must say that Mrs. Sanford is one class act on how she is treating herself and her four sons. I value this Republican politician's wife and would like to see her style emulated. I hope her life will be fulfilled in love and career as she was very successful before she gave the ungrateful lout of a husband her best years. He has not managed to put one dent in her dignity despite his many bizarre, unconscious attempts and actions. And she doesn't come off as aloof like Mrs. McCain does and others of that persuasion. I bet she was respected as a good First Lady before her husband's scandal.

BuffaloGal said...

Maybe Sarah could use some of the Alaska Fund Trust money to buy a few Peekarus:

She could carry Trigg up front, Piper on the back and still have her hands free for the blackberries!

Lynn said...

I would like to mention another one of Sarah's stock behaviors. I noticed it particularly when she had her whole family up on the stage at the RNC. She would sort of stand in front of the person and keep herself turned towards the crowd and "lovingly" caress someone's jaw. I think I've seen her do it a number of times and I think it's usually with men. It was like her saying, "look how cute MY _____ is?" Perhaps the weird thing is she is doing what a person might do face to face in a private moment and changing it to a pose for the camera. So it reduces the person to a prop.

I read a book about analyzing handwriting and the book suggested physically going through the motions of making marks the way the writer had done. When you do you can get in touch with their personality and mood. When I try to imagine doing what she did, it feels creepy..

wv= conglos as in the con is glowing?

basheert said...

OK - think back. Do you remember the episode of Frasier where Niles wore a 10 pound sack of flour "practicing" what it would be like to have a baby? Aside from him setting it on fire and dropping it, he had the same look on his face that she has when she holds Trig.

On Niles it was hilarious. On Sarah Palin it is just sick. She never bonded with her child. And it's too late now.