Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sarah Palin's "pressers"

Do you remember this little gem from $arah Palin on Twitter?

Great day w/bear management wildlife biologists; much to see in wild territory incl amazing creatures w/mama bears' gutteral raw instinct to protect & provide for her young; She sees danger? She brazenly rises up on strong hind legs, growls Don't Touch My Cubs & the species survives & mama bear doesn't look 2 anyone else 2 hand her anything; biologists say she works harder than males, is provider/protector for the future.

The last sentence sounds revealing, considering the latest rumours about a $arah/Todd split...

Who knows what's going on? Meg Stapleton denied the whole thing on Facebook, which doesn't mean anything, she's always denying something!

As a spokesperson she leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes she reacts very quickly, as she did when they wanted David Letterman's head on a platter, or when they accused Levi of cashing in on the Palin name and now this divorce thing. But she was very slow to deny reports that $arah Palin was the speaker at the Simi Valley gathering. It was first reported on July 5 on some pro-Palin blogs and picked up by the ADN on July 12, yet she waited until a couple of days ago to say anything about it.

The Palin camp reacts incredibly quickly to things that should be ignored but fail to set the record straight on more damaging stuff, with a lot of dilly-dallying about attendances at political events. They come across as incredibly unprofessional, with a tendency to get involved in slanging matches much better suited to the tabloids.

Now that $arah Palin left office, her "pressers" appear on Facebook instead of the State of Alaska website.

I find it more appropriate, somehow...


Virginia Voter said...

Agreed...Sarah Palin has the emotional maturity of a junior high school girl. Junior high school kids post their whole lives on Facebook, so it's only fitting that Sarah does too. Why does Staplegun even react to a blog if there's no truth to it?

Above the fray, Sarah, above the fray...

Anonymous said...

Seriously, consider this: What if Meg is really on Romney's payroll? Think about it.

Virginia Voter said...

Anon...Meg must be on Romney's payroll because she is a god-awful spokesperson for Sarah. Jeez, could she be more unprofessional.

But, to be honest, I think she and Van Flea get manic emails and phone calls with their marching order directly from Sarah, and just do her bidding without question because they are getting paid $$. I mean Van Flea must have made enough money off Sarah to set him up for life...she is a gold mine for him! Unlimited billable hours from the grifter...they're paid enablers who'll carry out her crazy ass demands because they bill her hourly...Meg as a consultant, and Van Flea as her attorney. It's really genius on their parts....

midnightcajun said...

Notice that Megamouth says the Palins are not "divorcing." No one said they were, only that they were splitting, that Sarah was tired of the marriage. In fact, Gryphen is saying that they will not divorce to keep up appearances (and for monetary reasons--like, say, health insurance?). So Megamouth can technically say they are not divorcing, without really denying what Gryph said.

At any rate, given Sarah's personality (and the Dude's too, when one considers the way he acted with Wooten and the talk of pulling a gun of Levi), I can't see a cold truce lasting for long.

Helen said...

Palin's press releases are on Facebook? How politically stupid can you be? You don't put information you want widely distributed on a membership structured social network site - even if it is free.

People like me who aren't and never will be members of Facebook or MySpace just will never have direct access to Palin's pressers - ohh drats how disappointing.

basheert said...


It is important to clarify that there are 2 issues that are not being addressed here.

As most everyone knows by now (unless you have been living in a vacuum) Gryphen posted that the Palins are splitsville.

He also posted 2 other items:

1) That Todd pulled a gun on Levi last year during an argument before SP was tapped as VP;


2) That SP had interfered with the prosecution of Ms. Johnston (Levi's mother) on drug charges, pushing for the maximum sentence.

Whether the first charge is felony assault with a deadly weapon and the second charge is felony interference with prosecution is up for a heated debate.

As for the divorce/separation, it is unimportant in light of the two other allegations. Frankly, no one really cares if they are still staying married or not.

But did they both break laws and get away with it?

Anonymous said...

If the Palin's so-called divorce has been in the works for a while, I don't see why Todd would drop everything to rush back and be by Sarah's side when she gave that breathless quitting speech 3 weeks ago.

I think that there has been tension between them for a long time. How long can that poor guy stand with the smile plastered on his face, looking adoring at Sarah while she is the center of attention? As long as it benefited both of them (I am thinking money) OK, they could both deal with it.

But something must have snapped in the past few stress-filled weeks. We've seen a picture where it looks as if Sarah is wearing a wig; she has been losing weight. We still don't know the real reason(s) behind that sudden quitter speech. Something big rushed her to those microphones.

As for Todd and Sarah, I think that they just had a big explosive fight, the final straw. It could be her desire for a national presence while he just wants to stay in Alaska. She can't be a national player from that far away state. My guess is that it is in Sarah's character to throw a hissy fit and scream, "That's it, I'm never talking to you again! You can sleep on the sofa for all I care!" This is the same woman who bristled at a joke or a rumor; she has very thin skin.

It is not in their interest to be divorced. Just dealing with the money is going to be a big problem. I doubt that there was a pre-nuptial agreement; they rushed into a marriage when Sarah might have already been pregnant with Track. Todd could have quite a claim against $10.million book advance. He might be entitled to a share of future earings; it's been done before other divorces. Together, they have alot of money. Separated- there isn't so much for each of them.

If Sarah has designs on any public office, the divorce doesn't help. Staying together, praying, seeking counseling, the good of the children, think about a stable environment for Trig, those are family values. Not quitting again.

The rumors of a move to Montana are hard to believe. Sarah would leave behind the little political power that she does have. She would leave behind her family, friends, support system, access to the press. I thought that Sarah was going to fight for Alaska; all she talked about was her love for that state. This is going to look as fickle as walking out on Todd.

I think that this story is not over yet. Sarah wanted to do something, and stamped her foot. This time, Todd didn't comply. Maybe she asked too much. There may also be on-going investigation(s) that have yet to unfold. Will Todd cover for something Sarah did, or was that the final straw?? He surely looked involved in trying to get Wooten fired; what else was he involved in? Meanwhile, we are waiting for another shoe to drop.

Anonymous said...

Oh, about that gun business. Guess what OJ is in prison for. When he pulled a gun on the other people in that hotel room, the judge considered it the same as holding them against their will- kidnapping.
Of course, someone had the brilliant idea to record the episode, which helped show the level of rage that OJ was operating under.

We'll have to see what the story is between Levi and Todd. Was Levi threatened? Was it a joke? Threat of deadly force is a serious issue, even in a 2nd amendment rights house.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 5:41 - it is no joke when someone points a gun at you.

Todd pulling a gun on Levi during a heated exchange concerning his relationship with Bristol – that is serious sh*t. Levi had been sworn to secrecy that Bristol was Trig’s mother but Levi talked about it to his mother, Sherry Johnston. Sherry, not the sharpest tool in the shed, probably tried to talk to Bristol’s parents on a grandparent to grandparent level, believing she was also Trig’s grandmother. However, that only let Sarah and Todd know that Levi had violated the secrecy pact. Would that have been around the time that Sherry provided Bristol with a cell phone? And in turn, just to make sure Sherry was completely silenced, the cell phone was returned to Sherry and the set-up was put into motion to lure Sherry into selling some of her oxycontin pills. Felony drug charges would be a good way to silence her, and discredit anything that “drug pusher” ever claims. Sarah’s fake pregnancy, the brandishing of a gun by Todd and the extreme prosecution of drug charges against Levi’s mother all seem very closely tied. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

The press releases via facebook are nothing new for the Palin camp. They have been using facebook for a while now. Just like Palin used her PAC website to warn people in Alaska about Redoubt instead of using the state website.

It's that mixing of personal and political that she will always have an issue with because she has no grasp on how to keep them separate!

Anonymous said...

@ProChoiceGrandma, 7:06 Where did I get the idea that you live in Alaska, or at least seem to know alot about what is going on there?

Please weigh in with your own opinion about the Splitsville Story from IM. Any other sources for the story? Any other hints about other investigations? Will appreciate hearing what you have to say, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sarah may be having trouble sleeping at night with all her personal problems, gates and pending charges.

Maybe a fund needs to be set up to buy her some Propofol to help her get a good nights rest.

SG said...

Along with some other posters here, I think it's important to look at the wording and note that Meg did not deny "the whole thing."

As Basheert notes, I haven't seen any denial of the core of what would, if true, be a basis for potentially very serious criminal, including obstruction of justice or accessory-after-the-fact charges for anyone who could be proved to have acted to help a principal avoid criminal charges. An accessory-after-the-fact of a crime usually faces the same possible penalties as a principal.

Even for the splitsville business, look at Meg's language: Gryphen didn't say they had filed for divorce, and he certainly didn't say that the Palins (plural) had bought any land. Similarly, as I understand it, the lawyer "categorically" denied only the "divorce," which Gryphen never reported.

It's pretty easy to issue a denial of something you've reframed from what was actually said to something else that's "deniable."

KaJo said...

The statement from Sarah Palin herself in reference to the "breaking up" is purported to be accurate, according to one of her chief Palinbots, Robert Stacy McCain:

"Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I'm not blind!"
Yes, that is her OFFICIAL reponse, which I got via phone at 5:35 this afternoon. Take that to the bank.

ORIGINAL POST (5:35 P.M.): More at the American Spectator. I expect to update here in a few minutes with a very recent photo of the very happily married couple....

UPDATE 7:51 p.m.: Commenters ask if the quote is legit. Yes, absolutely. Authorized and official."


The Palinbots on so many of their sites seem delighted by that statement.

To me, it is worthy only of a woman who chose her mate on the basis of his beefcake quotient and not his intelligence, ability to support a family, or his personality.

You'd think Sarah Palin was pimping her husband... Ugh.

At least she can't call him that trailer-trashy title, "The First Dude", any more. Her "bots still do, though.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Someone is evidently living in the past -- Palin hasn't been a hockey mom for almost 3 years.

basheert said...

All good comments. $arah$hallow obviously thinks Todd is handsome and that is all. What a stupid comment but no less than we all expect.

Someone mentioned the OJ gun case - and they're right. So far no one has denied that Todd pulled a gun on an underage boy (like it or not, if he was under 18, legally he was a boy). Now granted if Levi is the father and I have no question that he is the father of Bristol's baby, it's appropriate for dad to get angry.

But a weapon?

Obviously Todd's brains are in his cojones - not a surprise.

I am holding out for the criminal investigations - frankly I don't care if Todd and $kanky split or not. Although I cannot imagine he'd like sloppy seconds.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Van Phlegm is making empty threats, again:

What an incompetent. But I suppose one would have to be one to represent one.

Anonymous said...

I Agreed...Sarah Palin has the emotional maturity of a junior high school girl....

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