Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The pitbull and the bloggers

A pitbull was in his backyard, doing his pitbull stuff... until a porcupine invaded his territory. The brave, but stupid pitbull, immediately challenged the porcupine!

Bad decision...the porcupine won this short contest.

A vet sedated the dog, and then removed a total of 1,347 quills. The pitbull survived, and hopefully learned a valuable lesson.

Pitbull=A certain quitter governor
Porcupine=The internet

Ms Pitbull should learn to ignore the porcupine...


Anonymous said...

Having seen numerous dogs come to the vet clinic where I work in this condition...more than once...they don't learn this lesson. I don't imagine pit bulls with their strong prey drive and stubborn natures would be MORE likely to learn not to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results each time.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

as a loving PB owner that picture is a bit disturbing...just sayin'

regina said...


I felt sorry for the dog, but couldn't resist the parallel with the other PB (with lipstick)


Anonymous said...

Most of the quills would have missed the target if Meg and Sarah just kept silent.

Meg has the rare ability to get a story into the MSM. Meg, thank you for getting local blogs far more exposure and helping to spread the dirt on Sarah.

Meg must be getting tons of job offers to do PR and spokesmen work... not.

Anonymous said...

Poor doggie. I'm glad he got the care he needed.

Anon 14:33 caused me to laugh. However, I thank god daily for the incompetence of her minions. Of course, I think ExGino just decides the night before what she wants to do the next day, but Meg and Van F add their own special craziness to the mix. Maybe they are secretly on the payroll of "Mittens" Romney.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ouch!!! Poor Dog! I love dogs so I feel bad when they end up in a situation like that, however it was a great analogy Regina!
The PBw/lipstick (more like a Chihuahua IMO)

midnightcajun said...

I actually think Meg and Sarah do this deliberately. They WANT the media attention. Every time talk about Sarah starts to die down in the media, they pull something like this. She doesn't understand the difference between a celebrity and a politician.

Incidentally, I saw an article about Louisiana's Dominionist governor, Jindal. He recently raised $3 million, just for his state reelection campaign. Sorta makes Sarah's nationwide $1 pale in comparison. Frankly, he's the one who's scary. He's smart, and educated, and he keeps his loony witchhunt religion quiet. Course, he's also funny looking and very noncharismatic. Thank God the Fates didn't combine the two.

Teutonic13 said...

This must be what gryphen looks and feels like after this last weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Gryphen. Hopefully he gets his vicious azz sued and learns a lesson...course he's a lib so that'll never happen.

KaJo said...

Count the buzz words in Anonymous @ 19:15's rant...

Anonymous said...

Her tactic is so worn out and "yesterday," yet people keep falling for it over and over again. (Think Lucy swiping the football from Good Old Charlie Brown). They set up some terrible assault on Sarah, real or perceived, then whine about the attacks on her, and the $$$$$ keeps rolling in. How can she defend herself against all of these frivolous complaints if she doesn't have your money, your support, more money. All of it, the threat of legal action (more money for the defense fund), the insults and jokes, any rumor at all go in to fund the "Keep Sarah's name in the media, no matter what." And, just like a story about a pretty blond girl who goes missing, or the latest on Michael Jackson, the media doesn't have to work hard or check facts to carry another outrage against poor Sarah. She didn't leave office because of the insults. She left because it was getting hard to cash in on the insults.

basheert said...

anon@19:49: Sorry I disagree. No one NEW is falling for her or her idiot claims.

In all honesty, her base is stagnant (in more ways than one) and certainly they are vocal but it's always the same yapping. New people are not flocking her way.

She's all about money people. Who do you think pays the Flea? HER?

Let's touch on those pesky ethics complaints ok? If she wasn't unethical about 99% of the time, she wouldn't get the complaints. And in spite of the SeaSpin, the majority of individuals who filed complaints were (gasp) REPUBLICANS who didn't like her methods.

If you don't do things unethical, people won't complain.

But wait - she has now QUIT. There ... that will show ALL of us because she is taking her toys and going home. So there!!!

Nyah Nyah Nyah!

Gryphen is standing on his own - and he has a ton of support. A funny thing about most bloggers - they generally print what they believe is true, because it is risky to lie. So far, Gryphen has not lied knowingly. I'm simply waiting patiently - time will tell if his blogpost is honest or not.

Like many others, I'm giving him the chance.

Anonymous said...

The pitbull is ignoring any number of porcupines very effectively.

Here are some things Ms Stapleton has not denied on Facebook

The fact that ATF funds can be used for anything Ms Palin wants (not limited to legal fees).

Ms Palin's affair with her husband's business partner.

The outstanding ethics complaint related to the ATF.

Any number of issues related to the numerous "gates" in your sidebar.

I'm sure there are others. My point being that I wouldn't be at all surprised if the current uproar is a distraction that is very welcomed by the pitbull and her handlers.

"Oh look, shiney object!" "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

Anonymous said...

I have a pit bull who is a heck of lot cuter than she is, and for sure 100 times nicer to people. To me she looks like a transvestite.

basheert said...

Please do not forget:

The potential influence exerted over the prosecutor of the Sherry Johnston case to ensure maximum penalty. Misuse of office

Todd drawing a gun on Levi during an argument.

They don't deny but they don't want it talked about.

Helen said...

OMG! I claim one of the quills sticking out of the ear - there I am! In a metaphorical way of course - analogies are just words and pictures.

Palin is a proudly self proclaimed pit-bull - no doubt this poor guy will learn something from his hard lesson - Saranoid never does.

This campaign is so worth just sending $10 to, it is the one that got those poor experiment gorillas that were caged for 40 years into a retirement zoo. Give when/if you can.


Anonymous said...

That is not a pit bull but a bulldog, so that just negates your whole post.

A pit bull does not have ears like that nor such a long snout.

Look, Gov. Palin (here in the Colonies they still keep their political title as a sign of respect, just an aside before you start foaming at the mouth) is no longer Governor, so why do you still have to malign, libel and/or slander her? I am REALLY going to believe that the left is really scared of her if you continue to do that. If she is so inconsequential, then let her go her own way.

jo said...

Anony 4:13

It's a metaphor, we have states now not colonies, is the title deserved when abandoned for no reason half way through? She has not earned any respect. Aside? Scared of all she represents there is so much wrong with this person and the people who support her, it is scary. The country would soon go to hell with her in office. As long as she and her cult followers believe she is electable we will try to protect our Country from her and all the evil she stands for. We are not blind to it, like you are. Or maybe you are just as evil I don't know. Talk about an argument to provide better and higher education in this Country. We are no longer the greatest nation because some of the rich have taken over and could care less about other people. Palin is not poor and will soon be much richer, she is not one of us, like she would like you to believe.