Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Palinbots Have Finally Proven That Sarah Palin Was Pregnant - We Can All Go Home Now!

Exclusive! The revelation you have all been waiting for!

Our faithful reader and active Trig Truther ProChoiceGrandma has stumbled upon the final evidence - all our efforts were in vain. The Palinbots have found the solution.

If you click here, then this link will lead you to a website which promises to have the ultimate proof. HERE IT IS:

Oops...what happened there? Where is the picture?

Well, there is a link given in the article - THIS ONE. Surely the link will lead us to the right picture, so that we finally can pack our bags and go home! Won't it?

Oh No! Do I really have to continue to be a Trig Truther!? Every day, dwelling about Sarah's pregnancy - there are so many more exciting things to do in life, arent't there? Someone please remind me what those are...

So - what happens if I go to the flickr-account directly? Maybe there are more pictures still available?

It's apparently not my lucky day! This was the account of our good old friend "erik99559", who on August 31, 2008 out of the blue posted two pictures of an apparently pregnant Sarah Palin which were taken on April 13, 2008. These would go down in history as the famous "Gusty-pictures", named after the talented KTVA reporter Andrea Gusty, who later was forced to use all her skills to debunk the "ugly rumors" surrounding the pictures in a special broadcast.

Back in the good old days, the flickr page of "erik99559" showing the "Gusty-pictures" looked like this - preserved for eternity:

Yes, there it is, the big piece of evidence. But "erik99559" apparently didn't enjoy the attention any more and decided to call it a day and left us. Was he not proud of his ultimate piece of evidence any more, which has been used by many websites in order to debunk the fake pregnancy rumors?

We might never find out.

By the way, "99559" is the ZIP-code of Bethel, Andrea Gusty's hometown. On www.factcheck.org however, where the picture was discussed, Andrea Gusty claimed that "she was surprised the photo had made it onto the Internet." So was the ZIP-code just a coincidence?

It seems that the process of "deleting" accounts now becomes fashionable amongst "leading Palinistas".

It was always interesting to read the Twitter-messages of rabid Palinista Ivy Frye. She enjoyed for example conversing with our "friends" from C4P - and sometimes, she enjoyed spreading false information around about an opponent of Sarah Palin.

However, a few days ago, she decided to delete her Twitter account - despite the fact that up until then she had collected the impressive number of 759 followers.

A google cache of Ivy Frye's twitter account can be found here.

Ivy Frye was a former receptionist to Lyda Green who was then catapulted by Sarah Palin into top-government positions - which didn't work out so well. Maybe she found some consolation later in her role as highly-paid "state babysitter". Celtic Diva has more:
"According to legislative sources, the governor has pardoned both Frank Bailey and Ivy Frye and plans on transferring them out of the governor's office over to the Alaska Industrial Development Export Authority (AIDEA).

Both Bailey and Frye have figured large in the operations of the governor's office and both have created more baggage for this administration than Louis Vittone.

Frye has held no fewer than four different positions since she was hired after helping on Palin's campaign back in 2006. Frye was originally in charge of Board's & Commissions until she made a mess out of that job and then she was transferred to the Department of Administration. That job lasted until the commissioner couldn't handle it anymore after Frye reportedly told her that she only reports to the governor. Then, Frye was moved into a position entitled special assistant to the governor, where among other things, Frye worked on ways to get around public disclosure laws by using her Blackberry."

Frank Bailey, Sarah Palin's self-described "hatchet man", is now about to write his tell-all-book which at first sight makes me cautiously optimistic, because I think that Frank Bailey knows that he will only makes the big bucks if he "delivers the dirt".

Until somebody gives me a very good explanation how this is possible, I still have to continue with my Trig Truthing activities. I also would like to see explanations for all the other pictures and facts and mysteries surrounding Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" with Trig which are still unexplained up until today. So we have to continue, I guess. It's a fun ride, after all!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Ivy Frye has deleted her twitter. I wonder what's behind that. I am surprised, to say the least.

gigi said...

The fact that they pulled down the ONE picture of "proof" is very telling. Too "over-the-top?" I think SO, considering SP's own words were "I did not show very much." Ha! How to reconcile the Gutsy photo with that statement and the statement of AK airlines that the state of her pregnancy was not obvious? That picture just went so laughably TOO FAR. That picture made SP's own "tight abs, didn't show much" story seem ridiculous!

Patrick said...

I just discovered


Anonymous said...

Photo scrubbing everywhere! Oh MY! Why would that be? Palin "loves" children and should have been proud of that pregnancy. I think she knows that most of those PG photos show odd things...flat, square, big one day, small the next. I think it is telling that even Chuckie Heath had all his photos of Sarah removed except one. If the pregnancy was on the up and up, no one would care about the photos. They are paranoid and STILL scrubbing almost 2 years after the birth. I think they are protesting too much, which makes it obvious that Sarah did not deliver Trig. It will come out.....it will come out...


Archivist said...

What I would like to know, seriously, is this: Does anyone know for a fact that any investigative reporter has been to Wasila and tried to get the story? This is so big, I can't believe this story hasn't been proven one way or the other.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Superb post, Patrick!

Oh the irony! "a picture that very clearly shows a pregnant Governor Palin in Juneau" and some dumbass deleted it! It just tickled my funnybone. Palinbot's Proof of Palin's Pregnancy ... goes Poof.

I was doing a little exploring HERE and came across this comment on 9-1-08 @ 01:56:10 which led me to the link with the deleted photo:

“Wherever you read these attacks against Palin where obama supporters claim that she did not give birth to her own child- CHALLENGE THE BLOGGERS- CALL THEM ON IT. Feel free to include the following article links which discuss this attack on Gov Palin and provide facts which refute the horrible smear…”

Bwahahahahahaha! (BTW, is that the correct spelling?)

Barb Dwyer said...


The Anchorage Daily News sent their reporter Lisa Demer, in hopes they could calm the rabid Sarah down by establishing some truth to the story. She was essentially run out of town. You can read the editors take on it here


Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer-You have been writing some very informative and interesting comments. It seems you may know a lot more than some of us. I think it is important to remember that we all have a responsibility to bring forth information that would be helpful in exposing Sarah Palin before she takes a run at the presidency in 2012.

This used to be an Alaskan issue, now it may become a National issue. Can you imagine the disaster? I shudder to think of her being anywhere near the White House.

Patrick, we all owe you a big thank you for continuing this battle. The truth is just hanging within reach. We must all "keep on, keeping on."

Archivist said...

One aspect of this whole story that never gets discussed is the irresponsiblity Palin showed by flying from Dallas to Spokane to Anchorage.

Not only the reckelessness toward her baby's well being (and to herself) but to her fellow passengers.

People fly for many reasons: important business meetings, sick/dying loved ones, weddings, funerals etc .. If Sarah in fact DID board a plane, in the early stages of labour with a fifth child, it's not a unreasonable to consider that she could have caused the plane to be diverted/delayed along the way.

This illustrates her self-centered attitude, doesn't it? I mean, to Sarah, the consequences of her actions on others is just not 'important' or 'into consideration' ... it's all about HER desire to have her baby born in AK and to hell with everyone else!

I am just bringing this up as a counter argument to HER story, mind you. I don't believe her story at all. I especially don't believe any doctor would allow her to travel from Dallas to Anchorage then drive to Wasilla ...

Sarah is LYING about something, that is for sure.

Archivist said...

* recklessness oops!

Barb Dwyer said...

There's just so many absurdities with the wild ride.. After all, can you imagine a sitting Governor taking the chance she could be spread eagled in the aisle and giving birth on a plane? It's just preposterous

Barb Dwyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Governor Sarah Palin had absolutely no reason to fear spreading her legs wide and giving birth at 35,000 feet on a crowded flight - she was not pregnant. Period.

Eileen said...

Good reminder above about trolls. Good laugh also. Scrub a dub. The only photo that Palin needs to submit is the one we women sometimes take while pregnant-in a bathing suit or pulling up our shirt to show the satiny skin covering our golden glory before they are welcomed into the world. A true gift of God. And she doesn't have this photo of Trig bulging her belly.

Ha! Palin can bare all. Better her than Levi (what were you thinking masterminds and protectors, Tank and Rex!)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Todd Palin always commented on how the "main stream media" picked up on bloggers' rumors that she faked her pregnancy, and I could never find it in the main stream media. I did, however, find this video recently so maybe this is what she meant...


honestyinGov said...

You had mentioned on some previous threads that you had contacted or been in touch with the Glynnis Macnicol the Editor from Mediaite who posted the Huffpo/Sarah-Oprah story. To get sort of a feel for who she is and how she thinks there was a recent interview with her in a Huffpo story. ( posted Friday or Saturday maybe?)Cenk Unger from TYT posted the interview. It was about 12 min. lond and they were debating the Faux news/White House debate. She has been described as having a ' conservative slant ' but she is reasonable in her thinking. Not like the Sarah- Bots. She was defending Fox partially but even she agreed with Cenk Unger that people should NOT believe the stuff that Beck puts out there.He is not to be believed. Make sure you watch this video clip. It will give you a good idea on how to talk to her about the issues. I am of the opinion that she hates the way people like Beck and Sarah have made conservatives look like a Joke and won't promote that kind of stupidity. Watch the video... judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer... thank you for posting some of your insights and local knowledge of silly Sarah.

Have you had discussions with locals regarding housegate? If I lived in Wasilla and believed that Sarah had received a "free house" I would be more than irate....

Anonymous said...

Eileen, I LOVED your description of the kind of photographs most, if not all, of us have taken when we are gloriously full with child. On my mantel is a framed photo of me vamping, with my arms tightly caressing my first son's bulge, taken a couple of days before he was born. If anyone ever doubted that I'd given birth to him (he looks just like me, not something he liked to hear as a teenager), there's the proof! The friend who took the picture--another lawyer's wife--would swear to it under oath!

Clearly $P has a streak of exhibitionism in her, as the Runner's World layout demonstrates. If $P had been pregnant in '08, there would be photos. Bank on it, given that some of the Palinbots consider her a "fertility goddess" and think that TriG Truthers are shriveled jealous unattractive cat ladies. And we would have seen a gallery of baby-bump photos by now.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

I usually do not comment and have been reading for a long time. These are wonderful posts, by the way. I ran across this link below and had to share because I thought it was kind of coincidental, and made go "hmmmmm, isn't that strange"

"Jackie G" is listed as giving birth on 1/20/08:


Then again on 12/26/08:

Wierd huh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:12 - that is very interesting. How did you think to find this?

not that sarah said...


I just referenced Palingates on Digg on an article I wrote about pro-life policies not actually reducing abortion rates that someone submitted.

Someone asked me about the Palin baby gate situation on this thread. If anyone here has digg or wants to add links re the babygate situation, please do. Digg is easy to sign up for and Regina used to submit her blog posts there, soyou can show support for this blog by digging it up once you sign up.

Many people read Digg, so it's a good way of sharing info.


Bell said...

Good post...The Vanishing Proof of Pregnancy Mystery. There are so many clues to follow.
Also -
The Huffpo post about Levi's Playgirl shoot is getting lots of comments and is on the front page this morning.

Some of the posts are creepy, some are funny and a few are Babygate related.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:45, I just happened to stumble on it as I was going from link to link, not sure where it originated...I think from a comment on another site. I can check my history to see if I can get to it again, which could take a while, lol. (Yes, I am a blog addict, also too!)

Anonymous said...

What about the 2 pics of Sarah Palin on that Audacity Of Hypocrisy link. Scroll down and there is one from Feb and another from March 2008 ???

Anonymous said...

Anyone read Lynn Vincent's diary at Salon? Shooting is "Magnum Therapy" for $P. I'd like to hear what Levi has to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is interesting. I wonder how many "Jackie G."'s live in that area, and if it's the same "Jackie G" then that poor girl had two babies in one year, eleven months apart.

Kinda like we think happened to "Bristol P."

Very Interesting, Anon at 13:12

I also went through the entirety of 2008, and Jan and Feb of 2009, and there are no other repeat names. (There are a few same first names, but different letters for last name.)

Will the real "Jackie G." please stand up?

Anonymous said...

@14:37 - for more on the photos you mentioned on that old link, you can check here, which also shows how far along a normal pregnancy would be at the start of each week:


Check out 2/24/08, 2/25/08 and 2/26/08.

You can see that one day after the one with the speech was taken, she was flat again in another photo taken from the front.

Anonymous said...

@14:37, you can browse the March photos in the same way: http://www.palindeception.com/calendar/march2008.html

Anonymous said...

I have a theory that would explain a lot if Sarah Palin was pregnant.

1. She played basketball with a fractured ankle

2. The wild ride happened is what it is

3. The pictures were scrubbed because someone thought they were unflattering

So even if Sarah Palin was pregnant, we have the evidence that she is a reckless, vain woman with questionable judgement who to rule over us.

wv geoliqua liquid ground

Anonymous said...

@14:55 - that Salon Lynn Vincent diary piece is "fictional," a.k.a. satire. It is labeled as such on the Salon site with the tags:.

"Read more: Fiction, Satire, Humor, Memoirs, Diaries, Life, Sarah Palin"

Anonymous said...

Given that Jackie G's two births just happen to have occurred when many of us believe Trig and Tripp were ACTUALLY born...I'd say this bears looking into. A lot.

Anonymous said...

It's not the photos that show her maybe pregnant, it's the photos that show her without a belly that have to be explained. Where's Trig?

No one gets bigger then smaller then bigger.....etc.

Anonymous said...

I think Frye deleted her twitter because they are all gearing up for STFU, I mean, SUFON!!!

BIG launch of Miss Wasilla's third party where she can be queen and not have to do debates or win a primary or give a real interview.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Miss Wasilla have Lisa Demmer, a friendly reporter from a friendly newspaper (and remember, her favorability was high then) over to the house and show her what I have in my baby album: the hospital bracelets that I and my baby wore, a birth certificate and photos of me with my baby right after the C-Section and photos of me hooked up to the monitor, waiting for my turn in the OR??

So easy, problem solved.

Why NOT?

Anonymous said...

15:37, I agree with you that if Sarah runs as a 3rd party candidate, she may not have to do real interviews, BUT... that is just one of many reasons why she will NEVER win the election. Her support is already limited to a small portion of the Repub "base" (oh, and the MSM, who are pretending she's credible so they can discuss her endlessly). So although it will suck hardcore to have her run in 2012, she won't get anywhere. I'm just hoping that she won't even run because she'll have already been disgraced.....

wayofpeace said...

i'm scratching my head over the reason the GUTSY pic has been deleted. why now? what does it gain doing it now after it has been downloaded and screen-grabbed ad infinitum? what are we missing?

i know, i know, we're talking with terminally irrational people but still?

NakedTruth said...

I agree, if Sarah was actually pregnant it would be more pictures out there showing off her pregnant belly. To only have the one 'Gusty' photo showing a pregnant Sarah on April 13th and other photos only a week before showing a non-pregnant Sarah is quite telling IMO. You would think that Sarah would just release a picture of her holding Trig coming out of the hospital in a wheelchair or some other hospital photo to show her presence at Trig's birth. Why has no one in her administration released a picture showing a very pregnant photo? Also isn't it strange that no one has come forward to say that they remember Sarah leaving the office or being away for doctor's visits quite often or that they actually saw Palin at the OBGYN for a check up? Lot's of people were having babies in Wasilla and no one saw her at a doctor? With her knowingly having a special needs child, I am sure she had quite a few doctor's appointments. This story is just too big for NO ONE to say a DAMN thing! Sarah was not pregnant.

Anon. poster above I do find it strange that a 'Jackie G' had a baby at the Palmer hospital on 1/20/2008 and another baby at Palmer on 12/26/2008. I wonder if we can find out if a Jackie G actually lives in Palmer/Wasilla. You know ProChoiceGrandma has always said that she thought Trig was born around 1/20/2008 and according to the Palin's, Tripp was born 12/27/2008. Definitely some very close dates to think about here.

Anonymous said...

wayofpeace, because it so different from the other pictures, so it feeds the doubt. Also it is the picture in Audrey's equation.

wayofpeace said...

anon @ 16:00,

if so, that means that they are more attentive to (and even scare shitless about) our debunking efforts.

Anonymous said...

To 16:09, oh yes. There's just no way, despite their fake confidence, that they don't know it's strange that there are no pictures of Palin visibly pregnant. Mrs. Choose Life would've had pics of herself preg with Trig splashed all over the McCain campaign IF they had actually existed. Video, too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a fact! They would have had pictures of her pregnant while signing bills, making speeches, doing meetings, making moose stew, minding the kids, snowmobiling, shooting, fishing ... because that would have built her up. But, no, nothing there.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

WOP. You ask -

+++i'm scratching my head over the reason the GUTSY pic has been deleted. why now? what does it gain doing it now after it has been downloaded and screen-grabbed ad infinitum? what are we missing?

i know, i know, we're talking with terminally irrational people but still?+++

I think that Patrick has already suggested a reason for the deletion of that account from Flickr.

The reason is because the connection between Gusty and the account has been found - the user name includes her zipcode.

This fact was discussed on Palin Deception after Kathleen found the connection and we know that Gusty would have been aware of that fact at some point. Clearly she denied any association to the release of the flickr photo to factcheck and needed to get rid of that connection. So poof! The proof is gone....just like that!

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Sorry that should read her hometown zipcode.

my word verification is herrouse! lol

Anonymous said...

By now, there has been enough time to create forged medical records, birth certificate, even more "pregnancy photos." I remain a skeptic regarding Sara's Pregnancy of Trig.

What kind of proof would satisfy me? It would have to be court ordered DNA, testing Sarah, Todd, Trig, any others who claim relationship to Trig. The only reason that anyone would order DNA testing might be if the real birth father wanted to exercise his claim to the child, arguing that he was young and forced into signing away rights.

We know that would not happen. Raising Trig and paying his medical expenses would be much too costly for a young kid (I don't care how good looking he is). I agree with another poster who wrote that Levi THINKS he is the father (could be Trig and/or Tripp). But, given the difficult circumstances of his own family, I don't think that he is in any position to press a claim- even towards Tripp.

And, frankly even though Levi has a lawyer and body guard, before he pays child support, I would hope that he makes sure that is his own child that he is supporting. No insult meant to Bristol; it's her mother's actions that are suspect.

By now, the photos that can be clearly dated, showing Sarah in her last "trimester" with the best tightest abs in the world is a good indication that she was not pregnant when she claimed.

I just scrolled down and saw my wv. It's padslyza. In case you can't figure this one out, it spells: pads and lyza (lies). Sorry, Sarah, wv is on ESP today.

Anonymous said...

You know, all this talk about Gusty made me think that "gusty" is a word and, sure enough, it is. Here is meaning #4 (maybe you all know this already, but I think it's funny):

4. full of meaningless, pretentious talk: gusty speechmaking.

#3 is kinda funny, too:

3. occurring or characterized by sudden bursts or outbursts, as sound or laughter.

Usage: That was one gusty word salad we heard there!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jackie G???? We need to find out.

Patrick said...

Anon 13:12

That's an excellent find with the "Jackie G" birth announcements. These are in fact almost exactly the dates when we thought Trig and Tripp might have been born (well, it's only 26th Dec 2008 instead of 27th Dec for Tripp). Can this be a coincidence? I really don't know. Some facts point strongly to a birthdate for Trig in January. We have to look into this.

midnightcajun said...

Anon at 13:12, a very interesting find, indeed! Perhaps we now have Trig's real birthdate--12 January. And remember all the strange "he was born on the 26th--No, it was the 27th" tap dancing that went on surrounding Tripp's birth? This may explain it--they were trying to avoid in any way associating Bristol with "Jackie G" and so moved Trip's birthdate by a day.

Remember Mercede complaining that all of Bristol's friends were at the hospital for Trip's birth? Ever since that interview, I've believed that Trip really was born in December. (The pictures we have seen of B and T2 in the hospital show a very small, premature baby, which I think is the reason for the delay in a major magazine photoshoot, since a tiny, premature-looking baby would undercut the "B couldn't have had Trig" lie). There was never an official announcement of the birth--just a "leak" from a great aunt in Washington, which is weird unless one is deliberately trying to confuse dates. Bristol's friends would take the wrong date published in the press as just another example of media incompetence. Anyone who has ever been interviewed by journalists knows that they ALWAYS get some details wrong.

So now, all you schedule sleuths, what do we have going on 12 January and immediately after in the Palin travel/schedule evidence? If Trig really was due in mid-April but was born mid January, he'd have been 3 months premature. Spent 3 months in the NICU (transfered to Anchorage?) before being "presented" as Sarah's on April 18.

At first, perhaps, they expected him to die. It was only in February, when it began to look as if he would live, that Sarah hatched the plan to present him as her own. What's more embarrassing then having your 16 yr old daughter pregnant? Having your teenager deliver a premature baby whose birth you hid because you expected it to die, so you thought you could get away with it.

ginny said...

Has anyone seen or already posted this before?

No more birth announcements at Mat-Su, as of this past Jan. (Is this becoming a common thing with hospitals, to protect from infant abductions?).
But here are links for the "Jackie" birth announcements:

I think these have nothing to do with the Palin Babygate, just coincidences.

Anonymous said...

If I knew Johnny C. and needed to make up a name I might come up with Jackie G.

ginny said...

PS, lots of unusual names there in Mat-Su valley, also, too. Nevaeh seems to be the popular middle name for baby girls!

Patrick said...


You certainly meant 20th January 2008, not 12th.

We have the strong suspicion that Trig then was transferred to the NICU in Fairbanks, which Sarah had visited in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Jackie G. While it could be a co-incidence, who is listed as the father?

trish in SW FL said...

the name "Nevaeh"---that's 'Heaven" spelled backwards. Only reason I caught that, is I've seen that around my area.

Anonymous said...

The Jackie G information is interesting but let's not get too excited!

After all Jackie G in December 2008 could be Jackie Green and Jackie G in January 2009 could be Jackie Grey.

I'm not dismissing the information.....and please keep anything that you have coming....I'm just trying to be realistic.

NakedTruth said...

The birth announcement that Ginny posted for Jackie at Mat-Su says the mother is Jackie D. not Jackie G. The father shows as a Donald Thomas. Why do they show the father's full name and not the mothers and why the two different initials for her last name?

ginny said...

I think the G instead of the D is simply a mistake on someone's part. The D is for Dean, you can see in the 12-26-08 birth announcement that the father's last name is Dean. Those babies look like sisters, too.
My sis and I are Irish twins. We are 13 days apart. But we look NOTHING alike, LOL!

NakedTruth said...

Kathleen said:

"After all Jackie G in December 2008 could be Jackie Green and Jackie G in January 2009 could be Jackie Grey."

Well could we just use the site that Ginny used to see if the father's name is the same for Jackie G.'s baby born in December? The website Ginny used appears to show the full father's name for the January birth.

ginny said...

Oops, I take it back. Jackie D is Jackie D Garrick, here is the birth announcement for the 2nd birth in the Frontiersman:

NakedTruth said...

O.K., Ginny, I am confused the baby's father on the post you provided shows as Donald Thomas, not Donald Dean. Apparently, there are mistakes everywhere in these birth announcements. I do find that strange.

ginny said...

Interesting, the dad considers himself a "maverick.":

ginny said...

Naked truth, his full name is Donald Thomas Dean Potteiger. I know. Too many names.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the double middle names there in AK?

NakedTruth said...

Got it Ginny, thanks. No different than Trig's and Tripp's multiple names. Oh yes, Donald Dean is definitely a maverick, a busy maverick at that. Two births in a year. You go Boy!

ginny said...

LOL! Just out of curiosity, I did a google on his first and last name only (in quotations) and came across an online gaming page that shows he's been using the "maverick" terms since at least 2005, so he's one up on $P, LOL!
Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled conspiracy....

Anonymous said...

MidnightCajun - even more embarrassing would be if the baby was premature because it survived a botched abortion attempt.

ginny said...

Found this interesting (just another tiny piece of evidence about the disbelief that no one noticed $P was 7 months pregnant when she announced):
from: http://wonkette.com/364454/mccain-wont-get-sarah-palin-for-veep-either-shes-pregnant

"How did nobody in the Alaskan Press Corps notice that she’s seven months pregnant? If we were paid to look at Sarah Palin all the time …."

Anonymous said...

Sarah should be afraid.

Sooner or later the sarah sleuths will find out the true facts.

For one thing she is dangerous to the country. And another thing, it is fun to sleuth and poke when you know for sure in your heart that the woman is a liar.

Anonymous said...

That is all too coincidental.
Who is "DD"? Kiki? Donald Dean?

NakedTruth said...

Ginny, I feel what Wonkette is saying. How could anyone not know that this lady was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child at 44 years old, 5'3" tall, 120 lbs at the most and the Governor of the State of Alaska? It's just not possible.

Sarah was not pregnant and someone needs to come out and tell the damn truth. I have got this weird feeling that Sarah has told the truth in her book and will reveal it on Oprah the day before. Could you imagine how many more books she would sell with this revelation? Also, too, she could have a story that would make people feel very sorry for her.

Just to throw something out there. Could Bristol's pregnancy with Trig be Troopergate related? Why did Todd and Sarah hate Trooper Wooten so very much?

ginny said...

You know, even if she gets some kind of sympathy by saying that she made a rash decision to protect her daughter, it will still ruin her politically, and that's all I care about.
Her fundies can love her all they want.

Anonymous said...

I too feel like she might be coming forward with the truth...the real truth, that is. That Trig is her child by adoption. And think of all the ways she can spin it in her favor. People forgive a lot of things, and I think if she came forward, many would be sympathetic. Not me of course! Just others. ; )

BuffaloGal said...

OT but there's a short piece on ADN about Palin's financial disclosure :


Anonymous said...

Her base will never give her up. They grew up dropping out, stealing cars, getting high, adopting-out babies and faking pregnancies. They say "she's just like us."

Barb Dwyer said...

Naked Truth:

Sp gets tremendous satisfaction from being able to throw her weight around. She exhibited that tendency from day 1 when she was elected to the Wasilla City Council and it grew into a monster from there. Wooten was married to Sarahs sister and filed for divorce, which turned very ugly thanks in most part to Sarah and Todd getting involved.

Wooten was no saint but in the overall scheme of what happened that wasn't the point. It was the way they went about trying to ruin him that turned everything topsy turvy. The person who actually did get fired over the whole mess Moneghan, really is pond scum. The fact is he NEVER should have been appointed by SP in the first place. He's been tossing his considerable weight around this state for decades.

Most recently Moneghan's daughter (Frosty) was arrested/tried and found guilty here of one of the most despicable crimes I can think of. She placed an infant (that belonged to her boyfriend) who wouldn't stop crying in scalding water in the bathtub and held him there until he passed out from the pain. They had to airlift him down to the burn center in Seattle for months of painful treatment and his injuries included the loss of his genitals.

Thanks to her daddy Moneghan, she served a few months in a halfway house and is now back in town with her boyfriend and those same kids. His son also causes MEGA trouble around here because he knows his daddy will get him out of it. So Sarah, in a way, did the state a favor by getting rid of him. Although she IS the one that appointed him. The problem is in the way she went about it. She too thinks she is above the law in all situations and that's just one of the many things that makes her dangerous

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan posted two Palin-related items on The Daily Dish this morning. (Good news on both fronts, I'd say.)

In "Will Oprah Ask?" Sullivan write: "One has to wonder if Oprah will indeed ask Sarah Palin about the bizarre stories she has told about her fifth pregnancy. I mean: why not ask her to recount that astonishing intercontinental, multiple day labor experience across several time zones and past nearby children's hospitals? Why not ask her if Levi was telling the truth when he claimed that Sarah kept nagging him to allow Tripp to be adopted by his nearly-mother-in-law?

My guess is that Oprah will punt, like everyone else. But we don't know what's in Lynn Vincent's 'book' yet, do we?"

Then in "The Levi Forecast" Sullivanquotes a Gawker report: "In other Levi news, Jones said that he's working on a book about the Palin family. 'There's a whole lot of material he hasn't talked about because he wanted to protect the family,' Jones says. But since the Palin's have been talking trash about him, Levi isn't keeping quiet anymore. 'The gloves are off, everything is going to come out.' While we don't want a body double for this shoot, we certainly hope there is going to be a ghostwriter for this book!"

EyeOnYou said...


Interesting information on Monegan. AKM & Shannyn seem to think that he is wonderful and a great person.

How come we have never heard about these stories previously? I hate to think I defended someone who is so disgusting.

Barb Dwyer said...

Eye on You:

I also saw a post that Gryphen did where he was "proud" to call him Walt. I lost a lot of respect for Gryphen over that post. With that being said, these things didn't happen in Anchorage and wasn't widely reported there (if at all). My guess is they saw him as someone that went to battle against SP and held him up for that. They didn't check into his background and I'm pretty sure they know nothing about what his kids have been up to here, some 300 miles away

wayofpeace said...

wow, BARB!

thanks for filling up the blanks. SP's story seems to be bottomless when it comes to the despicable!

seems to me YOU know enough and have the skills to write a TELL ALL book.

Frank LI NY said...

EyeOnYou, my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

A couple of facts surrounding the Gusty pictures should be kept in mind. Factcheck claims that Gusty sent them a picture with a resolution of 1024x768. Gusty has sworn that she sent the picture to Factcheck straight out of her camera. The camera is a Fujifilm S9000. It doesn't have a 1024x768 mode and the exif data embedded in the picture gave a resolution of 3488x2616. Either Gusty or Factcheck isn't telling the truth about this photo.

NakedTruth said...

Thanks Barb for your comments. I get it. So much corruption. But it's everywhere, not just in Alaska.

LIZ said...

Probably a "dumb" question and a bit off topic, but can anyone tell me if there is a way to date images from google???

Probably not or we'd have alot more "proof" by now... I've tried the right click action and reading properties... no date is mentioned in properties... am looking at flickr now, but so many Palin pics have been pulled off the net one can't be sure about "this photo was taken" on flickr either...

The podcast vid for example... a buddy seemed to have been traveling w Scott Sloane the first 2 weeks of Feb, has a shot from the vid on his flickr page dated Feb 13, 08... when we feel fairly sure that the vid was shot on or just before or just after April 8, 08... wouldn't make sense that another still in her office wearing the same outfit would have been shot on 2/13/08.

And another OT question... I asked before but don't recall seeing an answer... can we upload screenshots or photos in comments? Or do they need to go to Regina and Patrick?

I found an early shot of SP probably just before or maybe just after she and Todd married, where she definitely looks pregnant...

I found out today that searching her fan base videos and pics offers up stuff they haven't a clue about whether it's damaging or flattering to her...

SO, for any of you who enjoy sleuthing... look to her fans vids and pics, there's some good stuff to find...

Will be emailing Patrick a little later today...

Barb Dwyer said...

Corruption is everywhere, but I'm pretty sure Alaska holds the record for Legislators currently sitting in Federal Prisons. Ted Stevens should also be in prison and Don Young is headed there. Lisa Murkowski was appointed by her daddy, in such a blatant way the Legislature had to close that loophole. Everywhere you look up here things are a mess and it seems everyone is on the take.

Blame the oil companies, big money and the stooges drawn to politics, that type of environment creates

Anonymous said...

The Fujifilm S9000 information is easy for Factcheck to check. If they are basing conclusions on someone who is lying what can anyone believe about their work?

Has someone contacted Factcheck with new information and asked them to revisit their piece on this?

I don't see how they can think all the facts are in. If so why are they being scrubbed in Flicker?

Patrick said...

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LIZ said...

Another kinda off topic subject... I emailed Candies to find out what Bristol is up to these days...

cuz she sure didn't do MUCH so far...

here's the response I got:

"Bristol Palin is the ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, she is not under the Candie’s umbrella.

We don’t general share campaign plans or ad date details until after they have been released.

Thank you for your interest in The Candie’s Foundation.


and sounds like she has little intention of pushing abstience through Candies and their sexy clothing line...

I mean COME ON Palin's do you follow through on ANYTHING?????

Does Candies or do the Palins REALLY think we as a whole are that STUPID??? I guess they do...

Sarah interjects herself after the knocked up and just gave birth daughter tells Greta that abstinence just isn't realistic...

So Bristol gets roped into ~selling abstinence~ for a clothing and shoe company that actively promotes sexual images to teens... and does a coupe of appearances...

we've seen nothing since have we???

Did she QUIT??? or what? Seems to be a family trait... but Candies isn't saying anything as yet... scratching head...

WTF??? I think Bristol should have stuck with it, or maybe she is waiting on the bux that Levi earns from interviews and mag spreads to sue him for child support???

Wassila Hillbillies at it some more....

Patrick said...

Here are some breaking news:

ADN reports that Sarah Palin got $1.25 million retainer fee for the bookdeal

anniebgood said...

To Barb, that story about the baby makes me nauseous. I agree about Gryphen. If he knows about that I wonder at his defending Monegan. Not everyone has to be the victim of Sarah. God knows she put many morons in positions of power. That she had fallings out with some of them does not make the morons her victims, necessarily. Two bad guys are capable of fighting.

Please continue to share all you know. I feel like you're the first Alaskan to come forward with information in a looooong time.

ginny said...

Not to be the party-pooper, Barb, but do you have any links to news stories or court records of Monegan's daughter's crime? I just think it's important that we provide references for these types of serious accusations. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

they could be considered libelous if they aren't true.

When it comes to something as serious as scalding a baby in boiling water?

Did you tell Gryphon??

EyeOnYou said...

I noticed that the updated ADN article states that Palin took out a home loan (no amount given) from Wells Fargo for "legal fees to fight false allegations while governor".


Lets see:

Palin Salary:$73,000.00
Palin Per Diem:$6,370.00
Todd BP:$34,086.00
Todd Fishing:$32,260.00
Plus Book Deal: $1,250,000.00

Final Total: $1,395,716.00

So she had to take out a loan to pay off legal fees because having an income for 7 months that totals nearly One and a half million dollars isn't enough?

Come on! Tell us something we will believe like the moon is made out of candy apples or something.

It is also reported that Sarah got ticket to that Baseball game totalling $4,250.00 so if she got 3 tickets (one each for her, Todd & Willow) that makes each ticket $1,416.666666666666666! WHAT???

or you could say that each ticket was $2,125.00 each (for 2 tickets one for her and one for Todd) which would indicate that Willow was NOT at the game!
Hmmmmm....will have to look into that one I guess.

Anonymous said...

Why the big concern about what Barb says when no one turns a hair when someone suggests that Trig is Bristol and Todd's child? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer and Gryphen seem to enjoy hanging the carrot in front of our noses...

just sayin... if ya know stuff why not spill it???

anyone have a good reason for the on-going tease-a-thon????

Anonymous said...

Naked Truth: I just do not think Sarah is going to spill the beans on the Oprah show. Her mental illnes(es) won't allow her too. She has gotten away with so much so far, her NPD won't let her call herself out. I wonder if she might be a multiple???That could explain why sometimes she looked pregnant and sometimes she didn't?? Depending on who was rowing the boat that day would determine if she stuffed herself or not. One personality may by now have undergone a complete hysterical conversion where she really believes she gave birth to Trig. Interesting possibility I just thoght of - as I dismiss nothing when it comes to SP.
If she does somehow spill the beans, I can't wait for all the bloggers who worked so hard to be vindicated. Her crazy follower freak friends will have more to love, but the rest of the critical thinking country will sing her a sayonara. She's gone WAY to far to possible spin it in a positive non mentally ill way. IMHO

wv: potra
president of the rogue arena

ginny said...

I have seen people protest about *speculation* of incest. But in any case, Barb is not speculating that something may have happened based on various types of circumstantial evidence (as we are doing when speculating about Sarah's 5ht pregnancy claims). Barb is saying something definitely happened, a crime was definitely committed, and therefore, it should be in the court records or there should be news articles or something.
I'm not saying Barb is lying, just that we need to backup our claims as much as possible.

Barb Dwyer said...

I can assure you I am NOT being libelous. I'm looking for the info now and just called the local newspaper who admitted they don't have their archives up yet. The problem is I don't remember Frosty's last name, which is making it difficult to search. The newspaper just told me they were on a deadline right now and would look it up and get back to me.

If you would like to check with the local newspaper yourself before casting aspersions towards me the # is 907-835-2405

EyeOnYou said...

Oh Sarah better watch out! Levi is on the warpath!

"Sounds like you really resent her now," she asks Levi during the interview, which was taped in advance.

"Well now I've heard all the things she's said. You know, the Sarah Palin I knew before, it was -- it was her putting on a front, it was her being fake to me and now that everything's slowly coming out and I'm hearing more things, you know, and things she's said and done, you know, I see the real Palin," Levi responds, before stepping through the looking glass:

Maggie: Are you hurt by all this?

Levi: I was yeah, and now its just kind of like, alright, well now its my turn.

Maggie: What do you mean by that?

Levi: Well its like Vanity Fair. I'm gonna go out, I told a little bit of stuff and you know, I'm just not going to take it anymore.

Maggie: But you really sound like somebody whose dead set on hurting these people the way they hurt you.

Levi: No, I'm not really in it to hurt them though.

Maggie: That's what it sounds like...somebody whose bent on revenge and getting even, 'now it's my turn'.

Levi: Well that's part of it, I guess, but at the same time, you know, if she's going to go out there and say things to me, about me, I'm going to leak some things on her. I mean that's just how it is.

Yes, a super-rare instance of a source "outing" himself on national television. Nicely played, Johnston!


Lynn said...

I think a possible reason for deleting the photo is that we have finally begun to get some traction on the issue that the photo illustrates--no one can be that big and also not showing. They've decided to go with the one story (not showing) and try to eliminate the other story (see how big I am) It's easiest to eliminate that one photo instead of all the others. I think it's a sign there's a higher intelligence than Sarah calling the shots on this one.

Anonymous said...

19:56, hopefully what he has to say is pretty good, because so far the slant seems to be the usual, which is that "Levi has an axe to grind and wants fame and fortune". Amazing how the media took Stapletongue's smear of Levi and ran with it.

ginny said...

Barb, I am not trying to put you on defense at all. It's just always best to provide references for these types of things. That way, no one can accuse you of lying! And no one can say we make unsubstantiated accusations here. That's all. Please don't be offended, it wasn't my intent.

Patrick said...


Interesting!! "Leaking some things"...that's what we like to hear!! Go Levi!

Barb Dwyer said...


That's understood. ADN to my knowledge never carried the story due to who her dad was. A resulting search of ADN for the keywords seems to confirm this. I am actively making phone calls to find out her last name now (maiden name was Moneghan) and as I say, the local paper will verify the story.

I will find the information as post it as soon as I can locate it. It will be posted on court view if nowhere else, once I can figure out the last name

Dianne said...

@Barb Dwyer - Quite accurate ref: Frostine Monegan, to say the least. Alaska Court records follow here -http://tinyurl.com/yfo8a37

I'm much better at tiny url than the other link I haven't learned yet.

Anonymous said...

But you see, the focus here is not on Monehegan or his daughter, or if Gryphon heard about it.

The focus of this blog is Palin and her shenanagans.

It is a horrendous story whoever did it, but does it really have a place here?

I don't think palin got rid of him for that reason.

Dianne said...

Bary Dwyer - Missed your last comment - last name now seems to be Hamilton. Have a look at the tinyurl link above.

Dianne said...

Anon 20:23 - Monegan may not have anything directly to do with Sarah, per se but he is another example of her selfish and poor decision making capability.

Anonymous said...

John Hinkley's parents aren't blamed for shooting Brady and Reagan.

The Monehegan story when verified is relevant as far as it demonstrates the corruption and how common place cover up is in the area.

Like the difference in how Diana Palin and Sherry Johnston were treated.

Barb Dwyer said...


"In Valdez, Frostine Monegan Hamilton pled no
contest to assault in the second degree for
seriously burning her step-son by placing him in a tub of very hot water. As part of the
agreement, Hamilton admitted three aggravators
and will have to serve at least three years in
prison (the judge can sentence her to more than
three years). This case was handled by ADA
Richard Allen."

Interesting I can find nothing in ADN about this and she did NOT serve 3 years. She was released from a halfway house after only a few months

Barb Dwyer said...


Thank you for digging up those names. I've always known her as "frosty", I never thought of "Frostine"

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~She was released from a halfway house after only a few months

Wasn't that similar to how it went with Diana Palin?

Different for Sherry Johnston and her medical condition.

There is a pattern. The local media is a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I think that Barb is pointing out the fact that the system in Alaska is very corrupt and that it still is. If the msm in Alaska did not report this then it is quite complicit in covering up that corruption.

I'm 100 per cent certain that Gryphen has not heard this story about Monegan's daughter...and even still I'm sure that the crime belongs to the daughter not the father unless he went out of his way to cover up her crime or used his influence to get her sentence reduced.

Anonymous said...

Levi has plenty to leak on the quitter. He may not touch the babies. Who knows?

Whatever it is I hope it is good. Might be of interest to Oprah.

I don't know who speaks for ghosts of Palin on Pac. Did Meg, Pam or Van Fleece confirm she will meet with Oprah?

I am not even going with her showing up if confirmed.

Unless she has a revelation she wants to put out or she is desperate to trash Levi.

Since it is said she is writing about Levi, does that mean his lawyers have seen an advance of Sarah' book and they are talking with her lawyers?

Anonymous said...

20:43 - That is how I see it. The cover up and influence peddling is a huge part of this.

Remember the Gusty photo is not the only thing that convinced so many people that there was no hoax. How could a Governor fake a pregnancy? It could never happen, was often heard. It is not only the media in the area, the authorities and legal system is corrupt.

That is why the church fire must be brought up again. I don't trust the police or the fire investigators.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect Levi to give up all he has tomorrow. More likely some tidbits to fuel speculation, like the VF article.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Palin owns a business called Pie Spy. AnIRC bot that moniters a set of IRC channels. It uses heuristics to infer relationships between pairs of users.

It is in her financial disclosure documents.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:06

"Pie Spy" is not the IRC business.

The ADN has given the link to the corporate database:


Anonymous said...

OK - What does this company have to do with Pie Spy

Rebound Sports & Orthopeddic Physical Therapt and in what way are they connected to Meg Stapleton?

Clearly the Physical therapy has something to do with Trig.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I forgot to include this pdf link


sandra said...

Somewhere it was mentioned that Stapleton's husband is a physical therapist.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the book advance was so much LESS than was leaked. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Meg Stapleton's husband have something to do with that Rebound Sports?

Dianne said...

"Meghan, an Anchorage resident for the past eight years, has worked for two of those years as Palin's press secretary, flying back and forth between Juneau, the capital, and her home. In addition, she was employed by Alaska Communication Systems as Director of Corporate Communications before resigning in November.

Taken from Auburnpub.com ref Meg's husband.

"She is married to another native Auburnian, Eric Steenburgh, the son of Patricia and the late Thomas Steenburgh, who was a dean and science professor at Cayuga Community College.

Eric owns and runs Rebound Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy and its two clinics in Anchorage."

The Palin's must have invested.

Anonymous said...

In reference to a comment quite a way back, someone was wondering who is DD? Kiki? etc and linked to grypens comments. Kiki, the poster, I believe, was referring to Donny Deutsch. I recall Deutsch making some comments about Palin in that vein. I was still intrigued enough by Kiki's other statements to ask for more details ;)

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

The Frostine story is appalling, but good people have bad kids, and vice versa. I sure wouldn't want to be held accountable for some of the things my parents did.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

Thanks sandra - you are correct he is a physical therapist

Here is the link to Rebound staff


Eric Steenburgh is mentioned on the staff list there.

Anonymous said...

Donny Deutsch comment


Anonymous said...

With the APOC report in and now learning of this new Pie Spy company......Is the IRS involved? Something just smells fishy.

Barb Dwyer said...

Mrs. TBB:

The point of what happened with Frosty is not that the sins of the children should be held against the parents. I don't believe in that either. The point is we don't have a lot of kids being boiled up here. You would think the story would have shown up somewhere on ADN even as Frostine Hamilton, keeping her famous relative unknown. I have continued to search ADN with her married name and I still can't find any mention of it.

The story was apparently never reported because of who her father is. She was given a slap on the wrist for a horrific crime because of who her father is. She is also NOW back with those same kids, which I seriously doubt would happen anywhere else, except of course for who her father is. Take a court view search of "Scout Monegan" who is Walts son that likes to terrorize this town. You'll see he's a gem too, that also has no fear of law enforcement because of who his father is

It just goes to show the level of deceit, corruption and cover ups that continue at all levels of our Government and media up here

Anonymous said...

A more detailed story on the horrific Frostine incident (Google cache; I'm not sure if the original link is permanently dead or only temporarily):

seems to be a copy of something that had been published in the "Valdez Star".

I hesitate to even repeat the title of the article.

>>the VPD claims to have had two prior contacts with the family regarding allegations of physical abuse of the boy and his 5-year-old brother.<<

>>“Currently the children are being protected,” said Sandoval.<<

That was March 2006. What about today?

Anonymous said...

“Currently the children are being protected,”

Wasn't that about all they said about Diana Palin's daughter?

It is a common place pattern in the area. If your name is Johnston you are on the other side and you get all the attention.

These are only a few we know about.

Anonymous said...

I clicked Ginny's link to Wonkette about the announcement of the pregnancy and I found another article dated April 28, 2008 that announced the birth with this quote:Ding ding ding, the bun’s out of the oven! “America’s Hottest Governor” and the one and only GILF of Alaska, Sarah Palin, has delivered her fifth child and second son! Um excuse me ----GILF?? Did Wonkette know about Bristol's pregnancy in April of 2008??

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the link: http://wonkette.com/381671/breaking-hot-dish-sarah-palin-gives-birth-kid-has-weird-name/

Anonymous said...

The spotlike is on Palin not those of former associates that she threw under the bus. That has nothing to do with the current issues being discussed however dishy.

We all know about Alaskas problems.

It is the political poseur, actress Sarah Palin that we are concerned with, and her pernicious effect on national issues.

Walt and his kids not the issue.

No offense intended.

Anonymous said...

From the Valdez Star, 3/2/06:

Stepmother arrested after allegations of Severe Physical Abuse

By Lee Revis
Editor, Valdez Star

Frostine Hamilton, a 31 year old Valdez woman, was arrested in Anchorage late Tuesday afternoon and charged with Assault in the First Degree after her four year old stepson was hospitalized in critical condition suffering from serious scalding burns on the lower extremities of his body.

Sources close to the boy’s bedside in Washington, where he was sent after being airlifted to from Valdez after his health began to deteriorate while in route to Anchorage, have stated that the child is burned from six inches below his knees to his toes on both legs and from his belly button on down, while the child’s knees appear to be free from injury, apparently indicating that the child sat in scalding water on his buttocks and feet while his knees were kept out of the water.

A cloud of suspicion has surround the child’s stepmother, who is the daughter of Anchorage Police Chief Walter Monegan, since the child’s injuries first came to the attention of personnel at the Providence Valdez Medical Center in the early evening of Monday, February 20.

Tammy Sandoval, the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Children’s Services, the statewide agency responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse in the state of Alaska acknowledged that the Valdez OCS received a protective services report alleging severe physical abuse to a child and that the boy and an older brother are both under the protective custody of the State of Alaska.

“Currently the children are being protected,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval refused to comment on whether or not the child’s family has had any previous contact with OCS, including any information regarding any previous reports or allegations of abuse regarding the children before this incident. However, in the complaint filed with the District Attorney’s Office by the Valdez Police Department, which led to the arrest of Hamilton, the VPD claims to have had two prior contacts with the family regarding allegations of physical abuse of the boy and his 5-year-old brother.

Sources close to the victim say the victim weighed only 28 pounds at the age of 4 and has lived with his father in Valdez, along with the boy’s older brother, since the children’s parents divorced almost two years ago. The same sources say that the boys had not seen their biological mother or her family since that time until the 4 year old arrived at the hospital in Seattle.

According to the complaint filed against Ms. Hamilton by police, the boy was so severely injured that his skin began to loosen off of his body when Hamilton went to towel him off. Police also allege that the step-mother never called 911 regarding the child’s injuries and that she waited at least a half hour before seeking medical treatment for him....

Anonymous said...

I'm saying this because I've seen statements similar to 22:29's several times here. There is really only so much to say on what's known about Sarah Palin right now. What is the problem with talking about issues that are not unrelated but not directly connected to babygate, especially when they come from someone who is obviously familiar with Wasilla - something that not many here are. I think that if we stuck strictly to babygate, there'd be a lot of dead air here.

Anonymous said...

..The complaint further states that Ms. Hamilton gave three different stories to police, during interviews in Valdez, Seattle and in Anchorage, regarding how the child received the injuries. In all three statements to police, the accused told varying stories about the child accidentally getting scalded in a tub of running water. However, experts in pediatric abuse consulted by the VPD in Seattle concluded that it was impossible for a person to become so severely burned voluntarily by the maximum water temperature found in the family’s Valdez home, 138 degrees Fahrenheit. Hamilton also could not explain why a person would voluntarily sit and burn in scalding hot water when he was physically capable of getting out of the tub without assistance.

“This was no accident,” asserted one relative of the child who contacted the Valdez Star regarding the investigation, but who also indicated that they were worried about the possibility of community backlash against other relatives of the child, and whom they feel have no culpability in the case.

As of Tuesday night the victim was said to be in stable but critical condition, with many corrective surgeries needed after his health stabilizes.

Anyone who suspects child abuse or neglect of any child is urged to call 1-800-478-4444 to make a report according to Deputy Commissioner Sandoval.

“I think that’s what we really need to focus on,” she said.

A brief written statement issued by Sandoval said that parents who might be feeling stressed and need someone to talk to should call 1-800-643-5437 for help."

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

I hardly think this place is dead air.

Eileen said...

Over at today's ADN is story about her million plus book retainer and story in Arts section about author Dana Stabenow who just agreed to have Evergreen in Anchorage produce a possible tv series based on her popular Alaska based mystery novel series featuring Aleut heroine Kate Shugak.

Go comment and urge Dana to have Kate solve this Babygate mystery. I think we need inventive minds who can try to re-create this warped, convoluted Palin world for the big screen.
And I used to call Alaska Wallyworld when Hickel was governor! But Sarah Palin takes the cake for zig zag logic thinking. She dug the pit and can swim in the murky waters of her gilded cage.

Anonymous said...

I read the latest ADN article about Sarah's finances. I also remember John Coale bragging about setting up Palin's PAC and legal defense funds. According to Coale, the bragging was about how much money he raised in the first week or two that he created the funds and put them on the internet.

At the same time, people did the math, finding that Sarah reported legal fees amounting to $600,000. and the fees were closer to $200,000-$250,000. Coale reported that all of her fees had been paid with the fund. The fund should have been frozen because although Coale, a lawyer, had set it up "according to the law" he set it up according to the law in Washington DC, not in Alaska. The advertising for the sake of raising money traded on Sarah's position as governor, and the fees were incurred as a result of her being the governor. Being the governor with some legal expenses turned out to be a financial windfall.

Now, we read that there was a loan against their house to pay for legal fees, with $600,000. in a legal defense fund. I love when Judge Judy says, "If it doesn't make sense, it isn't true." Meg and Sarah can say anything they want. I see a greedy woman (Sarah) who stood to make more money out of office than in office and cashed in.I also see a woman who will say and do anything as long as it generates more money.

When the rumors about Murdoch paying $7.million or more as an advance, it seemed unbelievable. (Remember Judge Judy). Even with a million dollar advance,a new house, nanny, car, goodness knows what else, I am willing to bet that Sarah will manage to spend more than is coming in, that the PAC, any new organizations are in place to keep the stream of money flowing in. And, according to Levi, being the governor was hard work. That's a good enough reason to quit! (Be sure to tell that to Oprah).

Anonymous said...

I've been away from a computer all day, and then saw the financial disclosure forms that Sarah released for January - July 2009. She says she has 3 dependent children. Hmm. I can't see how Bristol would not count as a dependent during that time, when she was reportedly living at home and finishing high school. Here's another nail for sealing up the coffin, Patrick et.al.

Anonymous said...

Just going to comment on the 3 dependent children. Whaaaat? Bristol doesn't count all of a sudden? Is there a rule in Alaska stating you can't be a dependent child if you are a parent? Sorry if that's a dumb question but it's the only reason for it I can think of.

Anonymous said...

She was earning money from photo shoots, Candies etc.

Anonymous said...

The only way I can see Bristol not being a dependent is if she was married......

Anonymous said...

She earned some big bucks. O.K? Sarah nixed one 30,000 payoff by a magazine for photos of tripp newborn. But she has gotten money for Candies, and other photo ops.

You don't have an 18 year old as dependent when they are earning big bucks, even if it is only for photos.

Anonymous said...

Bristol might be raking in the dough.

Anonymous said...

Bristol can claim Tripp as her dependent, to offset some of her income.

I'm sure they had legal advice on what is best for them to do.

When it comes to money, that crowd knows its onions.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the financial ya'll are talking about... does it name names of her dependants?

cuz if not. maybe it's TrIG she's not claiming as hers...

Anonymous said...

The child abuse story is semi relevant inthat it demonstrates the types of monstrous crimes one can get away with in Alaska, if you have friends in the right places. I am, right now, physically I'll from thinking of the suffering of that child. I can tell you if this happened with a minority mom in my state, this person would in jail for attempted murder. It's disgusting. I always thought imight want to live in Alaska . I've visited twice. Forget it. It's a freaking twilight zone, seemingly.

Anonymous said...

anyone have a link to that financial that doesn't just bring me back here? like most urls do...

and is it possible for the admins to change the comments to read from newest to oldest so we don't have to scroll through all the comments we've already read????

Anonymous said...

If Bristol had to nix the six figure baby photo deal there was probably another deal in the works to make it worthwhile. Wasn't the photo deal when she was with Levi? They would have shared that as a couple? She could be working for SpyPie as a CEO. They also say she goes to school, has anyone been able to confirm that?

The Palinbots say Bristol has 2 jobs. That may be separate from her Candies payoff.
Where all has she been speaking and what all does she do as an Ambassador and to promote abstinence only?

Bristol also gets the Alaskan fund for both herself and Tripp. It looks like she will have her own place, don't know if she has to pay rent or not.

Anonymous said...

Both Track and Bristol have income to claim. The 3 dependents would be dependent.

Anonymous said...

Palin and her minions are so darn "weird" ...
why my interest remains peaked

Yahoo for Ole Levi boy.. hoping to get his side out and leak some juicy tidbits...

See, he wants to be heard
And after the VF article... he has to know he was seen as the nutcase bent on revenge and cashing in on his short lived fame..and Palin girl was seen as the warm, devoted mom who didn't deserve such hatred

With that... fingers and toes crossed that he will realize.. the whole he said/she said thing won't work to his favor... perhaps THIS time he will produce some sort of backing up evidence.. something substantial that can't be reduced to Oh that is just Levi being his cold soul..

Oprah... S.P. will NOT be in her comfort zone. Oprah openly supports not only Obama but adores Michelle... Palin was a true prick on the campaign trail and continues to try to undermine our President by not only saying snarky creepy things but won't even address him as President Obama.. he is reduced to Obama or the Obama administration
Oprah has to know this

and Palin, again will not be in her comfort zone.. her audience is a room full of Obama lovin' anti hate women

The Katie interview.. Palin looked so stressed and defensive... Katie would as a question and Palin had her shoulders hunched to her neck and her eyes were zipping up and down Katie.. scanning her.. trying to find one ounce of weakness..., there was none. Strong women scare Palin as much as she likes to Facebook about all the strong women basket ball players

(from Bree's recent posting)
push comes to shove.. Palin prefers to surround herself with MEN.. a few dabs of lipstick, a little calves action and some sexy shoes.. lick her lips a few times.. in her pocket... she is now the one in control....

I think she went on the Katie interview thinking... oh we are both working moms, both have attained admirable positions .. we are both a role model for women.. ha! NO.. Katie wanted to pick her brain.. and no amount of lip licking or crossing her bare legs with pumps up to yin yang were going to throw a damper on things
she was stuck.. like a deer with headlights

Oprah will be the same
This aughta be fun!
And now with Levi wanting to get his voice heard... and aware of how the he said/she said doesn't fly....

I am in a ball of anticipated glee :D come on November

This girl is that yo yo.. just when you think she is the defeated dangly string.. she makes a come back.. I can't wait until she is just hanging there ... I'm so bad!

NakedTruth said...

Yes, she's not counting Trig as a dependent for the same reason she didn't take a maternity leave after supposedly giving birth to him 5 weeks premature. Sarah Palin knows that she didn't give birth to Trig and she doesn't want to leave a trail that could possible get her into Legal trouble. I would bet that she didn't use the State's insurance plan for Trig as well. Just my thoughts and opinion.

Anonymous said...

funny thing. Greta practically salivated all over Todd and Sarah with all those faked folksy interviews.

Now the biggie bone goes to Oprah.

Poor Greta,

Amy1 said...

I've never before heard of a "retainer" as part of a writer's book contract. To me, it sounds like a fancy word for "extra." With the contract and its $ still undisclosed. I bet they did this because they knew when writing the contract that SP would have to disclose anything rec'd for this year, but not so next year. Does anyone know more about this? I still think the total contract is for way more. Otherwise, after 20% agent fees and taxes (?) and ghostwriter's fee, there's hardly anything left over. Cerainly not enough for payola on the scale she is sure to need.

B said...

That Levi says he will tell more, but doesn't just go on and tell more, means he will tell the info in a book. The question is, will a publishing company pay for it, or will Sarah pay him not to publish? I still fear the latter.

Anonymous said...

Three dependents? What exactly does Track do for a living, and where does he live? Ditto for Bristol? I can't believe that Candies is dumb enough to keep paying for Bristol when she is not the best poster child for abstinence. (She has a child; it didn't work). If Bristol is no longer a dependent, I wonder if she pays rent. Ditto for Track. Oh to be the accountant working on the IRS statement for that family!

Anonymous said...

Anon 0:01, if you feel so inclined, look at the (current end of the) previous comment thread here on Palingates, where I've made some comments around #235-245(?). I think SP is seriously mentally ill. What you note about her body language certainly supports that, IMO.

EyeOnYou said...

Financial Disclosure Link:

Financial Disclosure Filing

Floyd M. Orr said...

Babygate issues are getting past the censors on the story about Levi on CBS tomorrow at Huffington Post. Ya'll go join in the fun!


Anonymous said...

FYI: Babygate comments are going through on this Huffington Post article about Levi's CBS interview.

Anonymous said...

Jinx, Floyd!

Anonymous said...

I think the 1+ million was the best she could get, so she jumped at the offer. She will probably not see another dime unless the book makes money and more than what she received. The book hasn't been on the NY Times best seller list; if it is, they will inform us about bulk buys. With the price dropping and rush to press, Murdoch is cutting his losses.


Anonymous said...

Track is employed by the US Army. He makes around $30,000 a yr? If he doesn't pay rent and has perks that is a good allowance. He would also get the fund money from Alaska? It looks like the tax payers are taking care of him.

They can all live on the compound and do separate taxes.

Anonymous said...

I can believe the book deal is NOT the 7 mil. They may have wanted her to have an incentive to sell it. Pay her enough and let the sales depend on anymore. That way she may show up for O if that is how to sell a book.

She has been twitter suppressed and not been able to go after her foes. The book is important to her to have her say. And Maggie of CBS is asking Levi about revenge?

No one wants more he of the said/she said but it may be that until after both books are released. Has Levi signed to do a book yet?

Anonymous said...

I think he said/she said is great. Bring it on. Levi has no reason to lie.

winkwinkWA said...

$arah can't claim her as a dependent if Bristol provided more than 1/2 of her own support for the yr. IRS probably has some kind of regulations on how much a dependent can make and the amount it cost to support a dependent.
Naked Truth--could have used Alaska Native Health for Trig's birth, that way it could be under cover, especially if Bristol used a fake name and no one would recognize her. Has any one checked the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for births during the time frame? In Anchorage it would be at the Alaska Native Health Center.

honestyinGov said...

Just a little heads up...
I already gave Bree the message on her thread and she posted on the Huffpo story as well with a link. The Levi story on Huffpo apparently had no moderation... or very little. Maybe they are tired of protecting her ' story '.I say key words like ' faux pregnancy' on the thread so I cut and pasted the link to Bree's Picassa Slideshow to see if it would get though. It did and it it never even went 'pending'. Posted under the other comment at 5:59... the comment is " A picture is worth a 1000 words ". Has Huffpo relaxed or eased up?
Go ahead and post a comment there. Bree's comment at 6:55 as well.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Why didn't Miss Wasilla have Lisa Demmer, a friendly reporter from a friendly newspaper (and remember, her favorability was high then) over to the house and show her what I have in my baby album: the hospital bracelets that I and my baby wore, a birth certificate and photos of me with my baby right after the C-Section and photos of me hooked up to the monitor, waiting for my turn in the OR??
...Why NOT?"

She can't, because they don't exist. (Well, some of those things do, but they sure don't say 'Sarah Palin'. And you can bet Trig's birth mom wasn't allowed to keep any mementos.)

FEDUP!!! said...

I believe Bristol is filing her own IRS returns. Since she is a private citizen, they will not be scrutinized by the public (us), and thus she can claim Trig as her dependent...

(Interesting, because i thought you have to give the dependent's name and/or soc sec # on the IRS declaration...

Anonymous said...

I see her going the free of taxes being a Minister route.

The church of Queen Esther, or something equally tacky.

She or Todd are probably taking a mail order course right now.

Charging for her right to life talks, and asking her followers to mail in money to help with her 100,000 speaking fees????

She is almost beyond belief. Swaggert, the Bakers, that whole crowd, Sarah Palin is one of them.

Anonymous said...

So many articles, pictures and videos have been scrubbed.

For instance, an archived blog on Stupid Celebrities dated Aug 30, 2008 promises an embedded video of the famous Hike Around Juneau by Scott Slone of Alaska Outdoors HDTV. . .wherein Palin was supposedly 6 to 7 months pregnant (Jan 18, 2008) but scampering around the streets of Juneau flat tummied in high heeled boots.

Guess what video is NOW embedded on this link? A substitute video of HALIBUT FISHING in Alaska.

Yes, how do these things 'happen'? I wrote to SC but have not received a reply.

And an article by Slone answering the question Did you notice Palin was pregnant during the shoot? (wherein he answers 'no') has also been 'disappeared.'

Perhaps the fact that Slone now has a cushy deal with Fox 4 KTBY to carry his outdoor videos has something to do with it. . .or Slone has simply taken it upon himself to scrub these entries from the web.

How much you want to be that someday ALL web entries of that skip around Juneau will be gone?

Anonymous said...

@13:06 - somewhere, someone doing opposition research for other GOP candidates has most likely saved that famous "hike around Juneau" footage. I remember viewing it both last year & earlier this year, and I'm not even involved in politics. So I'm pretty sure the professionals would keep copies of it.

Amy1 said...

So that's TWO.

Remember the speculation about a Mrs Robinson hint when the the last VF article was entitled "Me and Mrs Palin"? I disregarded it.

But now the latest British article about Levi is entitled "Mad about the Boy," which American readers, esp young ones, might not recognise as a Noel Coward song about an unsuitable pairing -- an older woman who has a young lover (or, if sung by a man like Coward himself, it refers obviously to an older man who loves a boy). Yeah, it's about someone liking a movie star, but also clearly about and older person with a crush on a very young one.

Is there something these journalists know that we don't know? I thought it was all the other way.

But you know what -- I really don't care about all these details and permutations. I just want us to add the fact of the Palin Hoax (SHE WAS NOT PREGNANT and LIED!) to the Blumenthal info.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:12, re: Jackie G.:

Through some glitch in the Mat-Su RMC website I found a way to get to the actual birth announcements you identified, complete with baby photo, parents' names and physician names.

It is pure coincidence. According to the registries, these babies were born to different families. Neither family had the name Palin, and neither baby looked like Trigg or Trip. One of the babies was a girl.