Monday, 2 February 2009

Babies, pixels...

There was a very good blog dedicated to having a closer look at photos of Sarah Palin, her daughter Bristol and baby Trig in order to make sense of a very badly told story about Sarah Palin's "pregnancy".

Alas, the blog is no longer there... The author had to abandon her research due to threats to herself and her family. MK was getting nearer to the truth one pixel at a time, which was the subtitle of her website, also discontinued.

Do not despair! You can read the next chapter here.

All is not lost, and for each blogger intimidated into shutting down, there are plenty of others prepared to step in and continue to search for the truth.


mdlw56 said...

Hi, Regina...I did not know you had this blog...I have seen your name around...I have been, too. Although I like using the name "anonymous blogger" much better because it bothers someone.

I was floored when I went to MK's blog yesterday...we all knew she was having threatening comments, the last one must have been horrific for her to shut down. And I can understand her situation, but I thrilled I found you and ennealogic (I know I am spelling that wrong) today!!!! The work must go on!!! LOL

mdlw56 said...

I can't tell from the picture which daughter is holding Trig, but I do see Palin's father standing in front of Trig in the purple shirt.

witsendnj said...

Delighted to bookmark your blog! I almost went into a panic when palinpics4truth went offline, and I'm very grateful you have stepped into the fray.

Littl' Me said...

I agree with everybody elase here about MKs blog, but I also agree with MK to take it down. The threat that she posted on MF was a bit too close for comfort.
Glad that everybody is keeping up with the SP topic, though. Kinda neat that the palinists are trying/succeeding to shut one down, and several more come up! I wish I knew enough about Internet and blogging, (and had enough time, LOL!) - I would open another one, just to spite them!

regina said...


Having a blog is sooo easy! I thought it would be really complicated, but it's a walk in the park... And a lot of fun!

It's really tempting to start a not favourable blog about SP just to annoy her.

witsendnj said...

Littl' Me:

What exactly was the threat she posted on MK that was a bit too close for comfort? I missed that!

regina said...


This was MK's last post on her blog:

Hello all,

I have received one too many threatening comments about this blog. As much as I am committed to this case being resolved once and for all, it is not fair to my family for me to possibly put them at risk. I think, and am hopeful that threats are idle and there is no real intention behind them...but I of course cannot put my family's safety in doubt by thinking, betting on, or hoping that there is not someone out there who was made a little too angry by this blog.

The web site will also be taken down and the e-mail account closed. It truly breaks my heart to do it- I could not explain how much. I sincerely hope the best for all of the wonderful people I corresponded with and hope that eventually there will be a climate change and I will be able to speak freely without fear worry of my family's safety.

My best to you all!

That's all we know and we have to respect her decision... But that doesn't mean we can't start other blogs and continue to ask questions!