Saturday, 28 February 2009

Invite Sarah Palin (and the First Family)

spacer Invite Governor to an Event
State of Alaska > Governor > Invite the Governor to Meeting or Event

Please fill out the form below if you would like to invite Governor Sarah Palin to attend or participate in an event. If you have any questions regarding our scheduling process, please contact the Governor’s scheduler at (907) 465-3500.

The Governor’s scheduling office will contact you to follow up per your request. You will be notified of the Governor’s availability for the requested date.

After filling out details about who you are, what the event is about, etc, you arrive at these sections:

Is the First Family invited?: *
spacer Yes
spacer No

Will the media be invited?: *
spacer Yes
spacer No

Will there be a podium and/or microphone?:
spacer Yes
spacer No

Wow! Sarah has covered all bases. She can have her blessed loving family, a photo-op and a microphone to amplify her word salad speeches all rolled into one!

Provided the people making the invitation tick the "Yes" boxes, of course...

In which case her little problem with the children's expenses will be a thing of the past. She'll never be caught out again.

All Sarah has to do is pray a lot so the IRS witches are kept away from her expenses claims forms.

To see the form in full, click here.


Ratfish said...

They need a new box.

If my kids come, will you report this to the IRS?
The IRS has a whistleblower program, with rewards of up to 15% to people “who provide specific and credible information to the IRS if the information results in the collection of taxes, penalties, interest or other amounts from the noncompliant taxpayer.”,,id=180171,00.html

It should be easy money for anyone interested.

Anonymous said...

Look at poor Piper in this picture--wearing a sundress to the cold winter ball. Poor thing must take care of herself since no one has time to thoughtfully purchase appropriate clothing before these big events. I believe this is the event Piper was wearing flip flop sandals along with that sundress.

Now she's switching to her Juneau school for a few months (during the legislative session), then back to Wasilla schools, if it is like the past two years.