Monday, 23 February 2009

Poor Bristol Palin...

Ann Coulter was interviewed on CNN by Joy Behar last Thursday. After showing her staggering ignorance about a variety of subjects, Coulter had something to say about Bristol Palin. (Ann Coulter believes single mothers are the root of every evil that plague society today)

JOY BEHAR: And, also, what do you think about Bristol Palin? She's a single mother...

ANN COULTER: I think she should give the child up for adoption or marry the father. I mean I say in that -- I sell -- I think the people who should be revered aren't the baby mommas, they are the people who have shotgun marriages. Apparently a lot of those shotgun marriages worked out because they used to have them a lot and the divorce rate was lower.

I don't know where this woman gets her ideas, but she sells a lot of books. Which reminds of another woman, equally as ignorant and bigoted, who sells books like hot cakes. Not her own, but she's all set to write her truthful autobiography. I bet she will write a chapter about how very proud she is of Bristol for her decision to keep her babies. (oops! baby...)

Everybody has an opinion about Bristol, people are divided in agreeing or disagreeing with her view that abstinence only is unrealistic.

The following are snippets from a blog by somebody who firmly believes that abstinence only works.

"Many people who admired the way that the Palin family handled their family crisis last summer will be rightly disappointed with this new word from Bristol."

"The larger and more important issue is that sexual abstinence until marriage is the biblical expectation and command."

"The debate over whether abstinence is realistic or not misses the more important issue -- abstinence must be made realistic."

"Far too many Christian parents allow their teenagers to be part of the "hooking up" scene of teenage culture."

According to this woman: abstinence only = lock up your daughters; Bristol = sinner

Bristol appears to have so many burdens... No matter which way she turns, she's bound to displease someone.

I can't say whether I agree with Bristol or not. I've heard the uncomfortable, scripted interview with Greta but I doubt that I've heard Bristol's own voice.

The best decision she could make now would be to grab her babies and get as far away as she can from her mother. There are only so many times Bristol can survive being thrown under the bus!

Videos and transcript of Coulter interview



Duncan said...

Coulter should read "The Man Who Died."

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

If you read the transcript from "the queen of mean" she also believes the economic woes happened "just like that, like the dot com failure"
Nothing about TARP funds to Bailout banks...."the fundamentals of the economy are strong" said John McCain in early Sep. right before the $h!t hit the fan. These people watch Faux news, and have their heads in the sand.
I feel bad for Bristol and her babies! Wouldn't it be great if she marched down to the New planned parenthood in Alaska and REALLY Became a advocate for Birth control?

BreakRoomLive said...

Marc Maron's thoughtful analysis on the Bristol Palin interview conducted by FOX News: