Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fake e-mail campaign

During a press conference on Wednesday, Gov. Sarah Palin called an e-mail pitch in her name for Planned Parenthood that ran wild on the Internet during the presidential campaign "great theater." But she said it wouldn't change her view that "every life is precious."

"I have boxes of thank-you notes from people associated with Planned Parenthood thanking me for the donations. Same with some anti-hunting groups, they're doing the same thing right now. It's political theater – it's great theater I guess for some," Palin said.

The fast-spreading e-mail directed people to Planned Parenthood's Web site to donate in Palin's name. The money went to the Planned Parenthood branch located in the same ZIP code as the giver. The Alaska branch took in about $5,000. People who donated could then have the organization send Palin a card announcing it.

Lisa Demer has the full story on ADN.