Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Circus act

The price of oil continues to decline leaving Sarah Palin's budget in disarray. The taxes on big oil account for 90% of Alaska's revenue and in her first two years as Governor she could afford to be generous. Last year she spent $740 million giving a one-off $1,200 energy rebate on top of the Permanent Fund Dividend cheque every qualifying Alaska resident gets paid every year.

Next time there's an energy crisis in rural Alaska Sarah won't be able to ask "What have you done with my $1,200 gift?"

The best gift Sarah Palin could give Alaska would be to go away somewhere warm, run away with the circus or go meditate in Tibet, anything but insist on governing Alaska!

She's way out of her depth and has ran out of money to buy popularity.

Just quit while you think you're on top, Sarah.


Dianne said...

You are so kind to want to want her to go to a warmer climate - perhaps a climate that is REALLY, REALLY warm with no ice water! I think she should move to one of the villages in Southwest Alaska and go back to commercial fishing for a living. If she's really lucky she'll make enough to keep from starving and/or freezing to death.

regina said...

Any suggestions about where she should go are most welcome...

Floyd M. Orr said...

She can go to:

A school for the blind, where no one can see how she looks, but everyone can hear how she sounds.

An inside, close-up look at the larger animals at the zoo at feeding time.

Harlem or Watts at midnight with a copy of one of her VP speeches, a microphone, and a compulsion to talk.

To a turkey farm dressed as a turkey just prior to Thanksgiving.

To a Klan rally in her birthday suit.

regina said...

Oh Floyd, take pity on the deaf! LOL

Sundie said...

I can think of another place that's hotter still...