Monday, 9 February 2009

Get the popcorn!

Ready for some fun? We can't be serious ALL the time!

Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame are not over! A movie about America’s favourite Vice Presidential candidate is reportedly in the works. Two of Hollywood’s top screenwriters are both in a fight to write the script! And these aren’t just any old writers. They’re Dustin Lance Black who wrote Oscar-nominated Milk, and The Visitor scribe Todd McCarty. But the two have very different visions for the movie. Black wants to focus on the humorous aspect of Sarah Palin, while McCarty wants the movie to center around Bristol Palin and her boyfriend, and their surprise pregnancy.

Well, well... We can have a field day choosing the movie title and actors to play all the main characters!

Send in your suggestions on who should play Sarah (young Sarah and now), same for Todd, Bristol, Levi, Willow, Piper, Chuck and Sally Heath and anybody else you think should be in this blockbuster. Ah, think of a movie title as well. "A Bridge to Nowhere", perhaps?

Once we have a shortlist, there will be another poll. Go on, let's have a laugh while we can!