Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sarah Palin, as toxic as ever

Sarah Palin's view of the world is very limited. In her eyes, Alaska exists only to be exploited and serve the interests of the big oil and mining companies, regardless of the cost to the environment or the people who depend on the environment for their survival. She does not see any relation between the actions of man and the resulting disastrous changes affecting the whole planet. Why worry about the future when she can can provide fat profits for her masters now?

Sarah Palin doesn't see the big picture at all. She doesn't see the smaller picture either. Even if we put global impacts to one side and concentrate on Alaska alone, on what is already happening there, it still doesn't matter to her. If the people of the great state of Alaska eat contaminated fish, so what? If their children are born with defects and have health problems for the rest of their lives, so what? If the ground becomes barren or poisonous, so what? If entire species of animals disappear forever, so what?

Did she really take on Big Oil? The taxes they pay are small fry compared to the profits they stand to make. The tough Governor looks good on paper, but in reality she bends at their bidding. With her at the helm, the whole of Alaska is theirs to do as they please. Cook Inlet, Bristol Bay, ANWR are all there to be exploited or to be used as dumping grounds for the by-products of their toxic industries.

People, environment, wildlife... they all stand in the way of progress. They all stand between Sarah Palin's pals and the big fat dollars they lust after.

Sarah Palin is dangerous on so many levels! Alaska is not safe in her hands.

Nothing is safe in Alaska as long as she is in power.

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DEO said...

Well, if Palin were impeached that would finish the hydra hag, but...
I think Malek is going to have her lay low for a long while and then re-package her.

Let´s SEE how long Sarah CAN lie low before she goes ROGUE again...

Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012! yay