Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Here is a snippet from a post in Conservatives4Palin titled

AK Gubernatorial Race, CPAC, and "Putting Alaskans First"

"I rather like this "we're all a big family" quality about Alaskans. Alaskans know their Sarah. Most of them have met her personally or know someone who has. Sarah Palin is their Mother Hen, the Queen of the Last Frontier, their very own Joan of Arc.

And now it seems to them that she's outgrown them. She's hanging with the swells in the Lower 48.

I think this subconscious sense of abandonment might account for some of the bitterness felt by some Alaskans. They should not feel this way though. On the very day that she might have become the nation's vp, she told them, "Forever I'm going to be Sarah from Alaska."

And, as I noted earlier, she promised to always put Alaska first. And she always has."