Sunday, 8 February 2009

Recall or impeachment?

Come on Alaska, it's a not an easy process, but it can be done! If we could collect signatures for a recall from all over the world, it would be very easy. Unfortunately, only Alaskan voters can get the ball rolling. There are many strings attached, a set window of opportunity, but with some patience a lot of hard work, the Governor could be waving bye bye to Juneau sooner rather than later. Oh well, even if the recall doesn't go ahead, just talking about it can't be very good for her morale or her reputation...

Another word that's sure to have the same effect: impeachment!!!

All civil officers of the State are subject to impeachment by the legislature. Impeachment shall originate in the senate and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of its members. The motion for impeachment shall list fully the basis for the proceeding. Trial on impeachment shall be conducted by the house of representatives. A supreme court justice designated by the court shall preside at the trial. Concurrence of two-thirds of the members of the house is required for a judgment of impeachment. The judgment may not extend beyond removal from office, but shall not prevent proceedings in the courts on the same or related charges.


Dianne said...

Beautiful Alaksa!! Illinois did it - you can to. Call your representatives! It makes a difference. A new day in Illinois and it can happen in Alaska.

ravenstrick said...

Impeachment will never happen with all the fans she still has in the Legislature and their reluctance to make waves.

Recall very complicated.

Let's just gaslight her until she gives up and goes home on her own.

regina said...


I would love to see her recalled or preferably impeached, but like you, I don't think it's going to happen. But there are lots of bloggers talking about it, and if nothing else, it serves to rock her boat a bit.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment in Alaska is unlikely. First the representatives have to vote to impeach, meaning to hold a trial in their senate with the vote either to remove from office or not. The standard in the US Senate (remember Bill Clinton?)was a 2/3 vote to remove from office, and with Republicans being the majority in Alaska, there is little chance of impeachment. I remember when people in California became increasingly unhappy with their Governor, Gray Davis. Each state has a different standard or process to request a recall. In California, if I remember correctly, there was vote and a majority of people voted to recall Davis and hold a new election. It would cost the state alot of money, so people have to think it's worth the effort. If Sarah continues to ignore her citizens (read the list over at Blue Diva), break the law (ethics in troopergate, she has stalled for 6 months regarding handing over government emails, Todd ignored his subpeona, Todd has been cc'd on State of Alaska emails,) and Sarah continues to ignore Alaska business since maintaining Sarah's high profile is more important.
At some point, citizens in Alaska have to become angry at all of this-- and on the other hand, they almost re-elected Ted Stevens to the Senate despite his conviction.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Someone on the 'flats mentioned another possible "gate" yesterday...
Britta Hanson who is Traks GF or possibly dud's old biz partner at 18 yrs old she is elevated to head a state committee!
Also National Enquirer verifies that Barbie will not let Sherry or Sadie see little Trip and is even keeping Levi away from them.
Oh boy, to be a fly on the wall at that house.....!!!!
As far as recalled or impeached...
I think the FEDS need to come and investigate Housegate for starters, that would take her out I'm sure... :-o

trish in SW FL said...

I would dearly LOVE to see her either impeached or recalled! Whichever one works!

Please Alaska, take her DOWN!

Anonymous said...

lol you obots are a bunch of morons

palin 2012

FW said...

Being that the Alaska legislature is full of pussies, they will not impeach Palin. The best thing we can do is contribute to whoever runs against her, if the gates don't bring her down before then.

I have said it before...she will go down like Blago, by the IRS or FBI. There is way too much corrrpution, obfuscation, and cronyism that has gone public. The attorney fees alon for DUD will be enought to draw the attention of the IRS, besides all of that per diem nonsense.