Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sarah Palin explains...

Thank you so much Sarah Palin. You finally explained why the villagers in the Yukon Delta went through a major crisis this winter. They are lazy. They have no leaders. They don't help themselves. They don't act like your husband, a prime example of a true native, they just sit on their butts and wait for the government to solve all their problems.

[A richer, more powerful group of people arrive in the United States, take away everything you value, tell you that you have to live in a different way, that you have to abandon your way of life. You have no power to fight back. There are too many of them. These powerful people do all this while patting you on the head, saying that your culture is really interesting, your trinkets are very attractive, your clothes exquisite. They even go as far as dressing like you on occasions, they like to show they support your culture. They are really really nice to you. Just as long as you toe the line and embrace their new lifestyle. Why, of course you would enthusiastically grab all the opportunities they place in front of you! If they offer you and your people jobs, you take them, even if these jobs are very far away from your home. You could visit the valley, your nice, warm home in Wasilla from time to time and keep in touch with your old life. You could do that as long as they don't find something under your house that would progress their great new nation. You wouldn't mind if they started digging there, would you? You wouldn't stand in the way of progress and making the most of the natural resources! Maybe you would feel nostalgic for your old ways, feel that these people don't quite understand what you had to leave behind. But hey, they know better and only have your best interests at heart. You would have to help yourself because it's not their job to help you in any way. They gave you opportunities to have a great life and you should be very grateful. Like a true American (they were kind enough to let you keep that) you're going to jump on board and do whatever it takes to make the new nation a great nation.]

Back to the villagers.

Why oh why do they have to moan so much? There are so many opportunies open to them, why are they so lazy and ungrateful? You are showing them that you care, you're even taking a priest to see them, you've been sending food to them all these weeks, you organized so many appeals! (Oh, you haven't?) In a goverment kind of way, of course. You mobilised an army of volunteers from the private sector, the church, you personally collected money so they could buy fuel (You haven't??). You're not heartless, you do your bit for people in need, like an angel (You didn't???). Just not as the Governor, because that's not what Governors do. You know your job, you believe in small government and you stick to your guns on that. In fact, your government is so small it's hard to detect it.

Sarah, you are an insult to Native Alaskans. You don't understand anything about their way of life, you don't respect their culture, you don't like them.

Your attitude and your policies sabotage any of their efforts to preserve all that is precious to them, all that gives them a sense of identity and worth and belonging.

Being married to a token native doesn't give you any authority to tell true natives, who cherish their heritage, how to live their lives.

They have roots, they can only exist as one with nature, with their environment, which you're doing your best to destroy in your thirsty lust for oil.

You are not an Alaskan and never will be. Go back to Idaho, please.

Watch video of interview as Sarah Palin prepared to board a plane to Western Alaska.


majii said...

Thank you. You get it. I get it. Others get it. Her supporters DON'T get it. She is truly a charismatic figure to them, but for those with eyes wide open, she's pure political shyster.

KayInMaine said...

Sarah Palin, just like most members of the American Taliban (the GOP), believes everyone sucks except those in their own families. They do not understand the outside world because they don't care about anyone but themselves.


Karma is a good thing and at some point her Karma will arrive and who will be there to feel sorry for her? Her family and no one else. She will wish she had been a better person in her life.

Until then, we will expose her for what she truly is: A FAKE AND A FRAUD WHO ROBS PEOPLE BLIND TO FEED HERSELF, HER EGO, AND HER POLITICAL PARTY, because to her, those are the only thing that matters!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Awesome Post Regina!!! You Rock!
When thinking of GINO and "scripture" this handy one from proverbs comes to mind:
Proverbs 10:10
He who winks the eye causes trouble, And a babbling fool will be ruined.

As she goes babbling and winking around talking Repub Moose Pucky Reganomics at the Natives, we are not fooled. Maybe her wingnut fan base is....White Witch, but We patiently wait for Alaska's Aslan to show...
This whole "Dog and Pony show" was a farce, Rev. Graham has ties to Scientology GVS and her husband, her husband is falling all over the white witch and possibly is behind SARHPAC....rev. graham lost bbb status for charitable org. in Jan. He backed her bid for VP.
Follow the money.
This had nothing to do with First peoples. Money and Power.
Where's Alaska's Aslan?
The First People and Alaska needs him now!

Kelly Mahan Jaramillo said...

Dear Regina -
I, too, am infuriated by Palin, and commented on Mudflats latest post of Sarah's visit, and saw your link.

I am glad you posted this, as I was ready to tear into her today, however, a few days ago, I watched the tapes of the press conference that Shannyn Moore put up, and wrote on that - Palin is wearing me out - I despise her in a way I never thought possible.

I am not Alaskan, I am a human being, and I do not understand how this complete LOON of a person has any authority at all.

Believe me, if any of her kids are going to be okay, it will be "in spite of" not "because of" her parenting. Bristol already talks more sense than her idiot mother.

GAAA - well I now have you bookmarked, and will be back - please feel free to visit me at:

By the way - do I have your permission anytime I write about her to use your link?

midnightcajun said...

Have you ever noticed that every time she makes a breathtakingly racist statement, she always then brings up Todd? He's her get-out-of-being-called-a-racist-free card, just like her "African American press secretary". I have just as much Native American in me as Todd, and didn't even know it until I was grown. And, like Todd, no one would ever guess it by looking at me. Ditto her "AA" press secretary. When is someone going to call her on this?! She is so slimy she makes my skin crawl.

Pat in Branson said...


regina said...

Kelly Mahan Jaramillo,

I had a quick look at your site and blogs. There's a lot there! I'll visit again and have a good, long look around.

Feel free to use links to any post from palingates when you tear into our "friend".

That's what we need, more and more voices telling the world about this woman!

Anonymous said...

I watched that video on ADN -She is still claiming Todd is native.

Legally, a native isnt recognized unless they are 1/4. According to ANSCA, anyone born prior to 1971. They did set up a seperate stock for the "left outs" in which you can claim descendency.

Even so, not all programs are accessible to all natives. Some require education, that isnt attainable to all natives.

I am full blooded native and I dont recognize him as native.

When she talked about having the natives work, she should figure out a way to get more jobs. It gets to be very complex with some of the communities copying state politics.

As for token native, how can they prove he is native, THEY WONT, because he isnt !