Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jeremy vs Sarah

Jeremy Paxman is an English journalist, author and television presenter. He has worked for the BBC since 1977. Best known for his abrasive and forthright style of interviewing on the BBC's Newsnight programme, he has been praised as tough and incisive and criticised as aggressive, condescending and irreverent. As a consequence, tough questioning is sometimes referred to in the United Kingdom as Paxmanesque.

I would love to watch Jeremy Paxman interviewing Sarah Palin!


Dianne said...

If she was given an invitation for a Jeremy Paxman interview, would she accept? I think not. She only accepts the "fair and balanced" interviews by Greta from Faux News.

What would be priceless would be an interview between Jeremy and Sarah, Greta and Ann Coulter. Oh.....perhaps that would be too many barracudas at one time for Jeremy. Or, perhaps not.

regina said...

Jeremy was very restrained in these interviews. He could easily taken on the 3 barracudas and more...

Just the other night he chaired a debate between a panel of businessmen and members of the public who had lost their jobs because of the recession. It got very heated, of course. Jeremy didn't let the fat cats get off the hook when they tried to wriggle out of giving full answers. It was beautiful to watch!