Monday, 23 February 2009

Stop worrying about the media, Sarah

Sarah Palin can stop worrying about the horrible biased media. All the liberal journalists and newscasters can retire and enjoy life at their leisure.

There is one person doing a fine job of proving, beyond reasonable doubt, that Sarah Palin is a complete idiot. He's doing it all by himself.

Yes! John Ziegler has launched his documentary "Media Malpractice, how Obama got elected and Sarah Palin was targeted"

Don't miss Matt Lauer interviewing Ziegler! It's priceless.



Dianne said...

I did watch the interview on the Today Show this morning. This Ziegler is an irrational baboon. Had I been Mr. Lauer I would have been sorely tempted to punch this jerk right in the nose. Ziegler is Sarah without the ponytail.

regina said...

The wonderful thing about this Ziegler character is that every time he tries to make Sarah look good he really makes her look like the total idiot she is.

With friends like him, she doesn't need enemies.

What a moron!