Thursday, 19 February 2009

Revised budget

The Governor has announced a $445 million cut in next year's proposed budget. Sarah had based the original budget on totally unrealistic oil prices. The new projected price is still too high and we could reasonably expect further revisions to the revised budget based on another revised projected oil price. Are you following it?

When Republican Representative and co-chair of the House Finance Committee, Mike Hawker, saw the budget she first proposed, he sent her a letter expressing concern. Sarah's response went something like this: “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it”.

Under the new proposal, the state would have to draw approximately $1.2 billion from savings accounts to balance the budget. Ouch! All these complicated sums are too much for Sarah's pretty little head!

"Given current market conditions and oil prices, we have made reductions in the proposed spending plan for next year," Sarah said in a prepared statement. "We are continuing our efforts to provide important public services, while cutting back on areas that can certainly wait until we see improvement in our revenue stream."

We can think of some areas that can certainly wait! Cutting back Sarah's expenses would be a good start.

More about the cuts: ADN
Image: Roy Lichtenstein

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