Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Which is more important: protecting the interests of large corporations seeking to explore Alaskan resources, ensuring that groups who hunt for sport have plenty of prey OR keeping an eye on the future of our planet by taking steps to protect these creatures?

Sarah Palin doesn't like her policies regarding the preservation of Alaskan wildlife to be challenged and responds by making herself into the victim. As usual.

Professor Rick Steiner of the University of Alaska wrote an excellent article in which he looks into the Governor's record on environmental issues. It was published back in September 08 but it's still very topical. After all, her record is as abysmal now as it was then.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Not only is she a WOLF KILLER BUT
"Malek would feel right at home in Alaskan politics. But there's one sordid tale in Malek's background that might give Palin the pit bull some pause. As Washington Post columnist Colbert King reported a few years ago, Malek was involved in a gruesome incident in his home state of Illinois, shortly after he graduated from West Point.

In the early morning hours of August of 1959, sheriff deputies outside of Peoria discovered a vehicle covered in blood and a group of drunken young men, also covered in blood, nearby. Some were hiding in the bushes. The men told the deputies that they had accidentally hit a dog. Then their story changed. And then it changed again. Finally, one of them confessed. They had captured the dog and had barbecued it in a nearby park. The deputies returned to the scene and found a skinned and gutted canine on a spit in the park. An empty booze bottle was also nearby. Fred Malek was one of the five young men arrested for the crime, though the charges against him were eventually dropped.

Malek's come a long way since that drunken barbecue and canine slaughter. But the Alaska pit bull had better watch her back."
From HuffPo

Helen said...

That Polar Bear is honestly heartbreaking to me. Also, I'd like to direct your attention to this video about Palin's toxic dumping -

And finally, please stop by and vote in the new POLL asking which 3 of Palin's "-gates" are most upsetting at

Anonymous said...

Muito obrigada, many thanks, Regina! I was sorry to see how quickly Morgan's pictures were attacked. We've seen that Sarah Palin has very thin skin, attacking Peoples Magazine for calling kids (who are not enrolled in their local high school) dropouts. In regard to the wolves and wild life ad, she shot off a response to Ashley Judd, who has obviously gotten under her skin. And, there was quite a word-feud with the Anchorage Daily News. So I say, otimo, great! The more people and places criticizing (not name calling) this woman, the better. She falls for it every time.

sandra said...

The article from the PI should be sent to Ashley Judd. This is so scary to think that SP will use non-science to advocate her personal position.

sandra in oregon