Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Trig is there. But where is Tripp? UPDATED

The baby in Willow's arms looks very much like a child with Down's Syndrome, so we can safely assume it's Trig. The consensus among the people who saw this photo is that Bristol is wearing a red/orange shirt and Willow is in the white shirt. Sarah Palin's dad, Chuck Heat, is in front of them, in purple.

This is the first sighting of Bristol (at least we believe it's indeed Bristol) in months, but we still haven't seen Tripp.

If we could confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the girl in red (clearer in the previous photo) is Bristol, then the plot thickens... Where is Tripp?

UPDATE (at 01:14)

I had a better look at this photo and I don't think the girl in red is Bristol. The nose is all wrong, the eyebrows are wrong... A decoy?

Actually, the question is: can anybody's identity be established? We have a baby who appears to have Down's Syndrome, a girl who looks like Willow and a girl with the same hairstyle and body language as Bristol, but who looks nothing like Bristol.

Well, well, it could be a perfectly innocent group of people, but then again, it could be a great big red herring to get the anonymous bloggers very excited about nothing!


KaJo said...

Suggestion, Regina: Consider date/timing your updates...

And sorry! I disagree! :) I think the forehead and nose on the girl in the orange/red top looks just like Bristol -- comparing to the profile shot of Bristol holding Trig at the RNC.

That's OK, all we can do is offer up possibilities, until someone who was/is there can tell us what gives.

BTW, did you know that these soldiers were especially invited to this video ad taping? They and their families are all pro-Palin.

regina said...


I did compare this picture to the ones taken at the RNC and found that the nose is much bigger and straighter in the Superbowl one.

I saved the pic to my computer then enlarged it a lot. I can't see Bristol in that face... The one who looks like Willow, yes, Trig, yes, but Bristol...?

The thing is: I don't have very sophisticated programs to play around with photos, so I'm not really doing any profound analyses like MK did. All I have is a gut feeling.

The important thing is for all of us to continue to discuss and challenge the behaviour of Sarah Palin regarding just about everything (your list is very impressive!) and eventually we'll get somewhere.

I'm just a mouthpiece, the hard work is really in the hands of the long suffering Alaskans... If we all help a little bit, their burden will seem lighter. I hope!

Littl' Me said...

Yes, I agree with your take, Regina: The nose on 'Bristol' is wayyyy too pointy. Unless B. had a nosejob, even losing some weight would not make her nose that pointy (check out other pics of 'the real Bristol' during the RNC times...). Also, her lips are too straight.
(Remember: Girls' hair-length or -color has NO place in identifying someone - Teens *love* to color their hair, and once in a while everyone *does* get a haircut...)

Rachel said...

I don't think it's Bristol either. She looks more like the "cousin" that sold the infamous Naughty Monkeys on ebay.

Personally, I think Bristol is a beautiful girl. The girl in that superbowl pic is not nearly as attractive.

I would almost guess that the girl in white is Willow though. It's just a guess because you can barely see her face. But looking at Willow's small forehead and hairline, you can see it matches the girl in the white.