Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sarah Palin, per diem and inconvenient taxes

Gov. Sarah Palin must pay income taxes on thousands of dollars in expense money she received while living at her Wasilla home, under a new determination by state officials.

The governor's office wouldn't say this week how much she owes in back taxes for meal money, or whether she intends to continue to receive the per diem allowance. As of December, she was still charging the state for meals and incidentals.

"The amount of taxes owed is a private matter," Sharon Leighow, Palin's spokeswoman, said in an e-mail. "If the governor collects future per diem, those documents would be a matter of public record."

Well, well... if it's public money, it's not a private matter.

How about charging the state for taking her children everywhere they're not invited, then changing documents to say "First Family cut ribbons... draw separate raffles...etc etc"? Since when is drawing a raffle state business?

Full report: ADN
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Floyd M. Orr said...

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Lady Rose said...

She even charged for food while she worked home - that is just wrong - who was eating that food, I doubt it was just Sarah. Did she do take out or home cooking? (how much does moose chili cost?)

AK Engineer said...

Palin - Clueless again