Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sarah Palin's tight abs

Sarah Palin thinks we are all idiots. I spent quite a considerable time looking at photos of pregnant women today. They come in all shapes and sizes, some look very pregnant early into the pregnancy, others not so much. But I noticed one thing: from 6 months onwards, they ALL looked at least a little bit pregnant. You see, the belly grows because there's a baby, placenta and amniotic fluid inside there. I selected a small sample of photos of pregnant bellies, trying to match Sarah Palin's build.

Have a look at them, and if not convinced, please search google images specifying pregnant 6 months, then 7, then 8 months and you'll be able to see thousands of pregnant ladies!

One petite, one average at 6 months

Two petite women, 7 months

One petite, one average at 8 months

Sarah at 6 months, 7 months and 5 days before Trig's birth (8 m)

Oops! It looks like Sarah forgot to strap on the fake belly until April 13, five days before Trig's birth...

She says the pregnancy didn't show because she has amazing tight abs. If she was pregnant in the first two photos, she doesn't have tight abs, she's a freak of nature!

For timeline and loads of photos, click here.


teal said...

freak is right!

...of nature....not so much!

Tight abs...OK, but the baby don't give a freak about abs...the baby just wants room to grow, and abs will not prevent prevent your showing...

Truth is I don't think GINO cares what we say about this...which is why we need to dig a little deeper than 'pictures'

regina said...


At this stage of the game I don't really think pictures prove anything, but I like to keep the topic alive.

Also, too, I know Sarah doesn't like people talking about it, so it's double the fun to do this kind of post!

Littl' Me said...

Remember, the '8months pregnent' picture did not show up until August 31, four months AFTER she supposedly 'delivered'...

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I saw my Acupuncturist for the first time, and at first didn't notice she was preggers (she was wearing a black knit dress under her lab coat) when she mentioned it I made sure to look b/c of SP. She looked like she swallowed a watermelon! Just like a couple of the petite women's pics you posted. You will notice SP looks padded, all over.
What a joke she is!

Dianne said...

Sarah's tight abs story just doesn't hold water. That boot has a hole in it. Skinny women with tight abs, 1st pregnancy or 5th pregnancy, by the time they are 7 months are REALLY going to show. I have a really thin friend, who (FIRST pregnancy BTW) didn't show until 6 months, and then she looked like she'd swallowed a basketball. Chubby women, or women with not so tight abs, show less. Again, Sarah Palin is a liar.

Dianne said...

And, the 8 months picture......where is the compensation made by the back!!!!! In comparison to the other pictures, even if not comparing it to common sense and to Any woman who has EVER been pregnant - her back is not compensating for an 8-month pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I personally know both Sarah and Todd. I can say with a 100 percent certainty that Trig is Sarah's son.

Have you ever even considered what hte possible motive of her faking a pregnancy. Obviously it would not be medically possible for Trig to be Bristol's baby. So what is the motive?

Go back to looking for UFO's and BigFoot.

Anonymous said...

It is possible if Trig was born BEFORE April 18, 2008 and if Trigg was born AFTER December 27, 2008. Remember not one photo of Trigg and Bristol until February of 2009. In a family who LOVES cameras, I find it really odd that there were no photos. Think about it... Trig was supposedly born April 18...a special needs child with a heart issue......and Palin has him at work with her on April 20th? I don't think so. I remember seeing the photos of Trig on Mercedes Johnston's My Space page...he looked very, very tiny there....compared to the photo of Palin's parents holding Trig after his birth looking very big. I truly beleive Trig is a month or two older than professed. Anyone can look at all these photos and know Palin was padding herself and doing a bad job of it. I don't think she thought these photos would be scrutinized as much as they have been. The story WILL come out.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Anon 21:41, I don't doubt that TriG is Todd and $arah's son... now. His birth certificate will say so regardless of who his biological mom is. I know people who refused to put their adopted children's birth announcements in the synagogue nursery school's newsletter because they didn't want people who were not close friends to know that the child was adopted. So I don't know how close you claim to be to Todd and $arah, but I doubt that she strapped on that empathy belly more than once.

Who needs Bigfoot when Alaska already has one, right in front of our noses? I am writing this from a mountaintop in Costa Rica, and $P was the first image we saw when we turned on the television last night!