Sunday, 15 February 2009

Rex Butler

I received a comment on the Sherry Johnston post which pointed out that her new attorney, Rex Butler, is not very popular with Sarah Palin.

Needless to say, Sarah is not popular with Rex or the African American community of Alaska.

I found a very detailed article where the author closely examines Sarah Palin's record on race and civil rights. It contains references to several examples of the Governor's disregard for ethnic communities, from African Americans to Alaska Natives.

It is very long and and provides excerpts of 11 other articles, each with a link to the original source. It's a must read!

Having learned more about Rex Butler, I must add a 4th alternative to the three offered in the original post: the attorney is aware of Sarah Palin's petty and vindictive nature and decided to side with the underdog, giving Mrs Johnston a chance to have proper representation.

This option gets my vote.

Full article on LLFCC site.