Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Senate President Gary Stevens, a Kodiak Republican, said the Senate passed the contempt resolution to make it clear the matter was closed, not to come down on the governor. He said he was meeting with Palin today to make that clear.

Stevens said today that he was surprised at Colberg's resignation.

"When you think of Talis, ethics pops to mind. I've been really pleased to work with him and sorry to see him go," Stevens said.

Sarah Palin said she supports how Colberg handled the issue of the subpoenas and did not have concerns with how he was doing his job.

Now, how did the matter regarding Troppergate and all that's attached to it happen to be closed? Apparently via a nice (and secret) quid pro quo: Sen Stevens and Rep Mike Chenault will kill any further attempts by the Legislature to get to the bottom of the Troopergate affair and in return the Governor won't veto any projects from their districts. Very neat and tidy!

So the way Colberg handled the "optional" subpoenas was OK with the Governor, uh? Now that the guy has taken the fall after saving her neck during the Branchflower investigation into Troopergate, it turns out that Colberg's ethics didn't stand a chance!

On the subject of ethics, Stevens and Chenault could at least look up the word in the dictionary...