Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The good mother

Sarah Palin is fond of ranting to the world about how her children are off limits, that the media should stay away from them, blah blah.

So how come she orchestrated a whole weekend of Bristol, baby Tripp and all that? Because it was Greta? Or is it because when Sarah herself uses the children as props, in particular the babies, it makes it all legitimate?

Now we have every news site, every blog quoting Bristol about teenage pregnancy! Sarah's little script is all over the place, but in Bristol's mouth.

Do me a favour!

Transcripts of interviews here.



Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the written interview with Greta and Bristol for those who want to go over the details:

Several photos of Bristol with Tripp:

Anonymous said...

I thought your reporting about HouseGate was excellent.

Your posts about Sarah Palin and ethnic cleansing were dead on, also. (sick turn of phrase but Sarah Palin is killing remote Alaskans by inattention and malnutrition).

Greta/Grifter/Bristol - all lies, who cares.

I hope that you send a copy of all your posts to the FBI.

-Fortunate Son

Dianne said...

One thing I found REALLY interesting about watching the Greta/Bristol/Sarah/babies interview last night was how many times Trig's age was brought up. And, if indeed he was born April 18, 2008, NOBODY GOT IT RIGHT! His mother said 9 months (I believe he would be 10 months today) and Greta guessed (asked Bristol) if he was, what - 6 months, 8 months? I mean, I'm pretty sure why they were trying to throw a slant on Trig's age but at least give the baby some credit of being AT LEAST 10 months old and somebody actually knowing how old the little guy is.