Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sarah Palin spins

Palin Communications Director Bill McAllister compared Sarah Palin's expenses to those of former Gov. Frank Murkowski during a press conference held in Anchorage.

"She has been unfairly attacked for a comparatively minor amount of per diem." McAllister said.

He presented charts showing that Palin had spent less money on travel than did the former governor, but repeatedly said that what was not an attack on Murkowski.

Did Murkowski take the whole family, right down to the family parrot, on trips to events they were not invited to, then later amended official forms stating that the First Family were invited to draw raffle tickets?

Sarah Palin swept to an easy victory over Murkowski, in part because of the Murkowski administration's controversial purchase of a jet. Sarah campaigned against the jet, and then sold it after she became governor.

Sarah herself was heard telling Franklin Graham that she sold the Murkowski jet because it couldn't land on gravel.

Spin, baby, spin!

Full report on Juneau Empire

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